Worst Commercials of the 2010s

Here, we move on to the 2010s, where if the commercial your company makes is exceedingly bad, it will only earn itself the meme treatment. So let us see when the camera recordings got better, only to see more annoying details.

The Top Ten

1 Nationwide's Dead Boy Advert (Nationwide)

I mean Seriously, Nationwide. This is the SUPER BOWL. The time when companies bust out their biggest creativity and humourous ideas for commercials. What do you do? Depress us trying to prevent home injuries. Why at the super bowl though?

2 Puppy Monkey Baby (Mountain Dew)

If I saw this thing in my house I"m getting my shot gun out, just who the hell in their right mind would come up with this abomination.

Oh my lord, it looks like it came out of a 20th century low-budget horror movie.

This was funnny in my opinion

To say this represents three awesome things in one really needs to think about their sense of what 'Awesome' is

3 Rick Perry's Strong (Rick Perry)

Funnily enough, with all the homophobia and other stuff this guy spouts out, it's worth noting that the jacket he wears looks like the one the protagonist of Brokeback Mountain wears. What's that movie about? Gay cowboys. The theme playing in the background sounds similar to Appalachian Spring by a composer called Aaron Copland, who was openly gay.
None of that can be coincidental, right?

It's the 23rd to most disliked video on youtube. Enough said

4 White People (Health Hotline)

This should definitely be up there I can't believe how lazy you could get with this type of commercial out there, and just recolor basically.

The "animation" in this commercial makes Animal Soccer World look like Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer!

So they just changed up the mouths on some clipart that I swear Wasn't even belonged to Health Hotline!

5 Dogs with human teeth (Dentastix)

Now this... is just one that ends up as creepy. That image explains all.

6 Giffing Out (Kmart)

The internet culture belongs EXCLUSIVELY to the internet. Kmart is not the store that exactly lives up to target's Success. So putting gifs in the media is not a good approach for a better reputation.

It's no wonder why they have been doing very poorly in retail for years...

7 Protegent (Some Trojan Company in India)

This became a meme in august 2017, due to the mascot just being a repainted version of a little kids show character. Specifically, Super Why. If that isn't bad enough, the rapping in the other commercial is lazy, The lips don't even Sync right!

I'm not Super Why, I'm my own original character, Proto!


*Installs Protogent*
*Tries to uninstall Protegent*

8 Back to School (East Hills)

"... Get yourself an Outfit". That's how untalented the actors are.

Yes, this monstrosity.

9 Creepy Happy Meal Boxes (McDonalds)

This was made in the 2010s. This was when "creepy" mascots were also just downright Annoying. Enjoy your creepy meal now!

Pennywise is a happy meal box confirmed.

Have the pit bull to destroy that McCreepy Meal Box

10 Freak Out, Let It Go - Discover Card

I am sick of getting this ad, the 2 women in this are easily the most annoying ad characters I have ever seen, and I mean worse than Flo. It has disabled comments and more dislikes than likes on Youtube.

It even show this today in 2019, in am sick of it, all they do is scream so annoying!

The Contenders

11 Kids Behaving Badly Without Halos (Halos)

This is a series of commercials where Halos takes it Overboard to sell their product. Basically it features little kids threatening and scream at their parents because they don't have oranges. Basically, they try to make little kid's behavior dependent on their product. Now you know what I mean by overboard

12 Box vlog (Progressive)
13 Nissan Juke UrbanProof Engernized

What Is Advert! this is the worst I've seen when I was little when you watch the extended this is abaout a juke driving alone in a urban city at night taking city destruction for the whole advert the story is like made by a 9 year old but the campaign on the nissan website is animated looking at the car 10 minutes is awful but I don't understand the story!

Written BY. Dojan xD

14 Stoner Sloth (New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet)

Stoner Sloth honestly sounds more like the name of a Mega Man X maverick than a slur used to mock cannabis users to me.

15 Whole Wheat Waffles (Progressive)

Progressive is annoying, and now leaves us questioning why they make sentient boxes

16 Toxic Masculinity (Gillette)
17 Peek-A-Boos! (Ty)
18 Toyota GT86 (The Real Deal)
19 Groupon (Tibet)

Too racist too offensive

20 Rewind the Future (Children's Childcare of Atlanta Strong4Life)

This commercial is so depressing. Having autism, seeing the woman shoving chips down a baby's mouth to make him stop crying almost made me cry myself. I watched this researching for an assignment on the Australian Heart Foundation, and this helped me a lot. It helped me see some people don't give a crap about their health. That some people want to make people happy by making the worst decisions.

I reckon the REAL purpose of this so-called "Kid Friendly Commercial" is to scare people into making healthy decisions. Because being nice isn't going to work. I think they went too far on that one. Good thing this isn't shown in any Australian channels.

We all know how to be healthy, how to lose weight, how to swap choices, and what to do to get to that point. There are still hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people eating unhealthy food and sitting on their ass all day, every day, all year round, because they don't have any time for the gym when they have kids and a ...more

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