Worst Commercials of the 21st Century

So now we look at the Modern commercials where things can also get very annoying very fast

The Top Ten

1 HeadOn. Apply Directly to the Forehead (HeadOn Miralus Healthcare)

Best commercial ever, just kidding. - BlazingParasol

It's only a matter of time before someone makes a Bart's megaphone testing of this very repetitive advertisment - SpectralOwl

2 Nationwide's Dead Boy Advert (Nationwide)

Look at the controversy that spread as soon as the super bowl it aired on had been televised. This depressing and sad advertisement may have taken it too far when trying to prevent home injuries by signing up to have this insurance - SpectralOwl

Ridiculous - 445956

3 The Spongemonkeys (Quiznos)

Ah, the original "Cringe-worthy and controversial commercial that decided to put memes in the media" Victim. - SpectralOwl

4 Rick Perry's Strong (Rick Perry)

Wrong, wrong, and infamously viral. - SpectralOwl

5 Puppy Monkey Baby (Mountain Dew)

Thank god that does not exist in the UK with Mountain Dew.

This one was just disturbing and also quite annoying too. - SpectralOwl

6 White People (Health Hotline)

Literally ALL they did was take some clipart (I'm willing to bet it dosen't even belong To the health hotline). Take some mouth forms, and change them up. They don't even move the limbs or seem to blink! - SpectralOwl

7 I Am Autism (Autism Speaks)

I have high function Autism and NO, I am not a corrupted individual who has been falsely described as what some voice actor representing Autism Spectrum Disorder, saying that he turns your child into... something. - SpectralOwl

While a lot of other ones may be either poorly made or terrifying, this one is really manipulative and spreads misinformation. - kempokid

8 Little Baby's Ice Cream Ad (Little Baby's)

Is this that creepy-ass ad on the dark side of youtube? I would not be surprised if the advertisement was either fake or banned in Multiple Nations - SpectralOwl

This is just plain creepy. - Hermione_Granger220

Am I the only one who finds this ridiculously hilarious? - 445956

It’s not so bad - blackflower

9 Life is short (Xbox)

Let me give a spoiler alert here: A baby launches out of Her mother, flies through the window, and in the sky fades to a kid, then Adult, than an elderly person, Then into the cemetery and straight into the grave. This is supposed to persuade people to savor their precious life with the product, but it ended up getting banned in the UK. That's gotta blow off the reputation - SpectralOwl

10 Box vlog (Progressive)

1: Why make a sentient box as your new mascot? 2: I thought this guy was created and meant to portray someone professional, not someone trying to get himself stuck in Early-mid 2016. - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 This Bud's For You (Budweiser)
12 We Believe: The Best Men Can Be (Gillette)

Ignoring the message for a second, this is the worst from an advertising standpoint. Note that, throughout the entire commercial, there is nothing telling the viewer about Gillette razors or why they should buy them. Even the infamous HeadOn at least told viewers SOMETHING about the product-that you apply it directly to the forehead. On the other hand, edit the last few seconds out of the Gillette commercial and you end up with a public service announcement. As for entertainment, HeadOn is so bad that it actually becomes good: Gillette is just plain bad.

They just alienating their customers now. Not all men are jerks.

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