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1 WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

What do you expect? Common sense media is just a bunch of middle aged moms who decided to create a ridiculously biased and inaccurate site to restrict kids from doing stuff

They should feel ashamed for this review. They gave it one star because you have to be a fan to like it. Duh. You have to like a show to like a show. - RalphBob


2 Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! 'Teen Titans Go!' is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network. The show follows a superhero group called the Teen Titans, and shows what happens when they go home and have silly adventures. This show is Cartoon Network's revival of the popular 2003-2006 American animated television more.

They really ignore some key issues of the show. - RalphBob

Those idiots gave it 4 stars! 4! - mayamanga

According to CSM, Teen Titans Go is better than Teen Titans.

3 The Drinky Crow Show

They gave it one star for being inappropriate, which it is supposed to be. - RalphBob

4 Squidbillies Squidbillies Squidbillies is an American animated television series on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim.

Pretty much the same review as the Drinky Crow Show. - RalphBob

5 Mr. Pickles Mr. Pickles Mr. Pickles is an American animated television series created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart for Adult Swim. The series revolves around the Goodman family, especially their 6-year-old son named Tommy and the family's border collie, the demonic Mr. Pickles. The series was picked up for 10 quarter-hour more.

Drinky Crow Show and Squidbillies are hated for being inappropriate, but this is ok? - RalphBob

6 Green Screen Adventures

How this got five stars is beyond me. - RalphBob

7 Codename: Kids Next Door Codename: Kids Next Door

They literally rated it 1/5 yet they give Teen Titans Go a 4/5. KND is one of the greatest Cartoon Network shows of all time, how dare they give it a 1/5 - Cartoonfan202

8 Barney & Friends Barney & Friends Barney & Friends is an American children's television series aimed at children from ages 1 to 8, created by Sheryl Leach and produced by HIT Entertainment. It premiered on PBS on April 6, 1992. The series features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic tyrannosaurus rex who conveys educational more.

They gave Barney 4/5 stars, the same as Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. Barney is not as good as Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. Barney does not deserve to get aa 4/5 while Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman totally deserves to get that 4/5 rating. Both shows are/were on PBS Kids. - ethan2226

9 Superjail V 1 Comment
10 Footballers' Wives

Way too high for a show like this. - RalphBob

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11 The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways The Haunted Hathaways is a Nickelodeon sitcom television series that began airing on July 13, 2013 and ended on March 5, 2015. It tells the story of a single mother and her two daughters who move into a home occupied by three ghosts, a single father and his two sons.
12 Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on July 1, 2011.
13 Caillou Caillou Caillou is a Canadian educational children's television series that was first shown on Télétoon and Teletoon, with its first episode airing on the former channel on September 15, 1997; the show later moved to Treehouse TV, with its final episode being shown on that channel on October 3, 2010. The more.

They gave it a 4/5 stars. They gave Spongebob a 3/5 stars. Caillou is not better than Spongebob, and everyone knows that.

14 Scare PewDiePie V 1 Comment
15 Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy & Chum Chum is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Eric Robles for Nickelodeon. It is based on Fanboy, an animated short created by Robles for Nicktoons and Frederator Studios, which was broadcast August 14, 2009 to July 12, 2014 on Random! Cartoons. The series was first more.

You might not like the show, but at least it gave good reasons of why they rated it high. - RalphBob

16 Nella the Princess Knight Nella the Princess Knight
17 The New Adventures of Figaro Pho

I should've put this high because Figaro Pho is a terrible show, but they rated it high. - RalphBob

18 So Random! So Random! So Random! is an American Disney Channel sketch comedy series that premiered on June 5, 2011. It was announced as an independent series after Demi Lovato left the parent series, Sonny with a Chance.
19 MAD
20 Incredible Crew Incredible Crew Incredible Crew is an American sketch comedy television series, created by Nick Cannon for Cartoon Network.
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