Worst Computer Animated (CGI) Disney Movies

I know I should let megaSoulhero do this list, but he can still remix it

The Top Ten

1 Planes

I Kind Of Liked It At First, But Now That I've Read Why Everyone Hated,... - VideoGamefan5

I kind of liked this movie, but honestly it seemed redundant to make

2 The Wild

Ripoff of madagascar

This movie is awful enough said - VideoGamefan5

Worst movie ever

3 Mars Needs Moms

This movie was the last movie made by the people who created The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol movies (released in the respective years of 2004 and 2009) before their studio got merged back into a different studio. I can see why the merging had to happen. This movie was a box office, critical, and audience failure. - Anonymousxcxc

Really. Wow. Worse than the Wild which is good and frozen is trash but at least the animation is amazing

Mars Needs A Better Movie - VideoGamefan5

This movie is creepy. I saw it when I was six, and it made no sense.

4 Planes Fire & Rescue

Boring, But I Enjoyed It More Than The First One - VideoGamefan5

Seems lame

5 Chicken Little

This movie Is So Mean Spirited - VideoGamefan5

An ugly looking movie that is more mean spirited than... I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

How terrible

So overrated, worst adaption of this fairy tale ever!

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6 Frozen

Overrated and boring - ikerevievs

Glitchy ass movie - ItzPhantasy

Trash and Overrated - VideoGamefan5


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7 Cars 2

Even though I like cars 1 more, I still like Cars 2, U MAD BRO? , I only put it here because I needed a filler item so I chose cars 2 - VideoGamefan5

8 Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
9 Zootopia

Still better than Wreck-it-Ralph

This Movie Gets Praise For Bad And Awful Reasons - VideoGamefan5

*shakes in rage at comment below*

Awful Trash

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10 Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Why Does This Exist? - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally

Predictable and bland

Disney Jr Movie - VideoGamefan5

12 Strange Magic
13 Brave
14 The Good Dinosaur

It has nice animation, but it was boring. It made my dad regret renting it from Redbox

15 Dinosaur
16 Moana

This movie is good

Overrated! I Never Saw Why People Like This Overrated Peice of Trash! - purpleyoshi98

17 Sofia the First: The Floating Palace
18 Cars

Needs to be lower.

19 Bolt

Get this higher

20 Finding Dory

Even though its good its not as good as finding nemo - VideoGamefan5

21 Monsters University
22 Meet the Robinsons
23 Ralph Breaks the Internet
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