Top 10 Worst Computer Animated Movies of the 2000s

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1 Doogal

The Magic Roundabout didn't have conflict, it was cute, unusual and peaceful.

1. The movie was made by a pervert.
2. Dougal not Doogal.
3. Dougal just ate sugar not candy.
4. The original was peaceful Zebedee didn't have an evil twin.
5. What the hell happened to Robbie Williams.
6. Zebeebad can join Frozen.
7. What's with the pop culture and farting what is this a preschool version of Family Guy?
8. Americans probably don't get the original the jack-in-a-box character.
9. Most of the cast changed.
10. The television show from the 60s-70s had a narrator, even the French show had a theme song but the narrator in this I heard was really annoying.

The original story from when it first aired in 1965 was Mr Rusty owned a roundabout. He was sad because the local children no longer came to use his roundabout. He missed the children having fun while he played music on his barrel organ. One day a package arrived for him. Inside he found Zebedee a magical Jack-in-The-Box, who promised that the children would return the next day. Zebedee was no longer in his box though and used his moustache to use his magic to bring the roundabout back to life for the children. Doogal is really called Dougal who loves to eat sugar. Dylan was a hippy rabbit because of the decades the show was made in duh.

I remember years ago. Hey remember The Magic Roundabout two pop stars are going to do it! Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue! So what is Doogal why is there an American version with a name change and completely different.

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2 Shrek the Third

This is the worst of the Shreks. Everyone says that because the movie is not funny and the jokes are bad.

I'm so glad that I didn't see this movie when it came out. It should've been called

Thank god this is at number 1. Such an awful, awful movie.

3 Bee Movie

This is the worst. - lizard302

I hate this movie, though it is popular.

I love Bee Movie

This is the best, put Bolt up here.

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4 Over the Hedge

This movie is the bomb


5 Foodfight!

How the heck is Foodfight! Below Bee Movie and Over the Hedge? At least Bee Movie and Over the Hedge won't give me nightmares! It's a joke that it was made with 65,000,000 dollars. Did Wikipedia mistake it for SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS? The CGI in this movie is the worst I've ever witnessed. I've seen more creative beauty in gum stuck on a sidewalk. The characters are just cardboard stereotypes, especially the chipmunk/squirrel that follows the main character, Dogtective around, and the Italian moose. I truly believe this movie drove Charlie Sheen (he played Dogtective) insane. If you had to come back to a horrible script, terrible characters, horrifying CGI, and a cash cow for eleven years, you'd probably go crazy too.

This was actually released in 2012, so it shouldn't be on here. Having said this, critics unanimously agree that this is the worst animated movie EVER, and possibly the worst ever period.

Shouldn't be on here. This came out in 2012.

6 Bolt

But it's an underrated classic

7 Open Season 2
8 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I adored this movie

It was SO GOOD. But then it became a captin planet movie

9 Chicken Little



10 Monsters vs. Aliens

Once agian your joking right?

The Contenders

11 Planet 51
12 Delgo
13 The Little Panda Fighter
14 Fly Me to the Moon

Okay, let's put a bunch of amazing movies on here like Meatballs, Bee movie and Bolt
Yeah sounds great - MoldySock

Er, MoldySock, if you were claiming that all of those movies were good, then you are wrong: Bee Movie SUUUCKS. - LordofGeek

15 Space Chimps
16 Ratatoing
17 Ice Age: The Meltdown
18 Cars
19 Shark Tale
20 The Wild

Never heard of it... I wonder why... - Harri666

I don't see why Madagascar is higher than this, it was a brilliant movie! But this is an utter rip off, in fact it never made it to T.V. ! - metaldude8

21 Everyone's Hero
22 Igor

I loved every movie on the list except for this, fly me to moon, and doogal -

Beware of this movie. Also beware of Connie Ellis, she is an evil witch.

23 The Reef

Wrong picture.

24 Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!
25 Disney's a Christmas Carol
26 Cars 2

That's 2010s, not 2000s.

27 Frozen

That's 2010's not 2000's

28 The Lego Movie

Same with Frozen and Cars 2 (2013/2011). Just commenting. I do like all 3 though, just mentioning that.

This came out in 2014. It doesn't count.

29 Little Princess School

Wait, that's not a computer animated movie!

30 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Very bad 3D animation

31 Madagascar
32 Dinosaur

Why is this movie bad? This movie was really good! - DinoLover4242

33 Flushed Away
34 A Car's Life
35 Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom
36 The Little Cars in the Big Race
37 Barbie in the Nutcracker
38 Care Bears: Big Wish Movie
39 Barbie as the Island Princess
40 Bratz Kidz Fairy Tales
41 Bratz Genie Magic
42 Bratz: Fashion Pixiez
43 Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie
44 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
45 Barnyard
46 Bratz: Super Babyz
47 Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends: The Prince, the Princess, and the Bee
48 Santa vs. the Snowman 3D
49 Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
50 Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
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