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61 Sing

Go watch the I Hate Everything video on Sing. He covers it perfectly.

62 Gladiators of Rome

Oh, what was that about?

63 Shrek the Third

One of the worst sequels to an animated film you could ever construct. Filled with lots of toilet humor, sex jokes, and most of it just feels a little rushed. Don't take your kids to see this movie, or any of the shrek movies for that matter. They're not for kids (just because it's animated does not mean it's for kids! Not all the animation in the world is for kids).

This is were the Shrek series really went south, lame story and lame villain prince Charmin.

I liked it, but out of the 4 movies I will say this one is probably my least favorite. Shrek is love, Shrek is life. - Garythesnail

Worst movie ever

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64 Toy Story 3

This movie rules. My baby sister and my dad love it a lot. My dad annoys me with it. He annoys me ALL THE TIME!

The ending was terrible, but otherwise it was great - Gunner224

And this is the highest grossing animated film of all time I HATE this movie when people say it is their favorite I think I want to explode I cannot stand all the praise it gets!

A disappointing way to end the franchise

65 Over the Hedge

What moron put this on the list. It's awesome and hilarious!

Whoever Put This Here Watch The Nut Job As A Punishment

This movie makes Bruce Willis who played as a raccoon stupid and repulsive.

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66 Chicken Little V 1 Comment
67 Toy Story

That's racist! This movie is good and racism is not funny. Anyway, who the heck is Connie Ellis?! Is she someone who helped make this movie? This guy right here is racist.

Oh the 90s is what started the end of popularity of hand drawn animation.

I hate Connie Ellis because she is black.

Connie Ellis is an ugly black woman that turns into a troll

68 Astroboy

Cheap animation and nobody cares about a 1980s anime based movie what was the point of this movie

69 Open Season 3
70 Open Season
71 How to Train Your Dragon V 3 Comments
72 Open Season 2
73 The Ten Commandments
74 Hoodwinked

It's an OK movie, but it deserves to be added on here because the animation is ATROCIOUS. - Turkeyasylum

75 Planes: Fire & Rescue
76 Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome
77 Tappy Toes V 2 Comments
78 Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
79 Delgo
80 Yogi Bear
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