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This virus has infected over 10 million computers since 2000. And what happened you may ask. You get a file named "LOVELETTER". You're computer gets infected. Pretty bad. It doesn't exist anymore. But people have reported it's still out there. If you get a file titled "LOVELETTER". Do not open it. Or you're infected

Thank GOD its not here. But legend has it that people have reported its still out there

If it were still here, this would be a nightmare!

I mean thank god it doesn't exist anymore

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2 Sasser

OH NO, This is bad... Sums it up.

Sasser the assassin!

3 CryptoLocker

Imagine someone barfing all over your xbox,then asking for $500 so they can clean it up LIGHTLY,and then does it again the next day.
That's CryptoLocker for you.

Worst virus ever. It encrypts your computer's data, and demands a ransom of a high price to get it back. And even if you manage to delete the virus from Safe Mode or something, your files WILL STILL BE ENCRYPTED.

This should be number one - SoloPotato

Ransomware in general is the worst - it honestly makes me vie for the days of fake antivirus programs.

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4 Code Red
5 Morris Worm
6 Killbot

This one is actually terrifying... I don't want this on my computer...

This TOTALLY didn't lead to the hands down hardest level (in my opinion) in gd.

A virus that installs itself on your computer and drives the user insane, that can make the user harm himself

This is incredibly dangerous, once is installed, flashes images, and makes everything to make the user commit suicide!

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7 BonziBuddy


EXPAND DONG - Drewman1211

8 Metropolitan Police Virus

Just a cheap way for a scammer to get money.

I accidentally clicked on an image, which was normal fanart of Chica, and I payed the fine.


This virus just the worst. After you watch something disgusting, Listen to music on websites, Or play vloent games. You get a pop up saying you're personal computer has been blocked. And they show screenshots and make you wonder "Wow. My actions can be watched and taken to the police. And it askes you to pay a fine of 200$ (Collect me if I'm wrong) And after it poped up. When you try to log into you're computer. You get the virus page instead of the info. If you get this page. Don't listen to it. It's just made by a homeless guy who trys to get money from you.

What why would this virus be made if your watching porn playing violent games or listening to something rude you get a bill of £150 €200 $250

9 Qvo6

Kills your computer, forever displaying a Nyan Cat...

That was a great stream

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11 CIH Virus

One of the most destructive computer viruses ever

12 System32

WORST virus on this list, look up how to get rid of it as it is infecting your Windows computer right now... Undetectable by antivirus.


13 PGPCoder
14 Stuxnet

Worst virus ever

15 Zeus


16 Spora
17 Melissa

Melisa is the most unforgettable virus - vprf


It will change your search engine and slow your computer down. - aarond09

19 The Flame Worm

It started out for a good purpose but ended up turning against the creators, its code is the longest of any malware with 20megabytes of data

'The most complex malware ever found.' Why is it not higher?


So annoying. You get it by downloading something off of a fake website. It disguises its self as a search engine and will cause ads to be thrown at you all the time when you're looking at pages and things like that. What's more is that it is a spyware thing and automatically changes to the default search engine for every one of your browsers. It tracks everything you type and really likes personal information. - username34

My old computer got this trovi virus. It is so annoying! If you have it, sigh...

I dislike trovi,

21 CIH/Chernobyl/Spacefiller

An old virus that could destroy Windows and the first few sectors (Master Boot Record or Master File Table). Some certain variants can even destroy the BIOS and/or CMOS by overwriting it with random bytes of data - essentially making the computer a paperweight. Patched in BIOSes newer than 2001/2002, this virus is ancient by today's standards. The virus first emerged in 1998 and caused around $1 Billion US in damages, thought to infect over 60 Million machines worldwide. No one needs to worry about this virus these days, considering the fact that it only infects Windows 9x OSes (95, 98/98SE, ME), and is patched in any motherboard manufactured past 2002.

22 Pikachu Virus

Shuts down your computer and ASKS you if you want to delete all your stuff

23 Mydoom

I wonder why this isn't higher on the list... - Hayden_B

Mydoom is most dangerous worm in all computer viruses. Mydoom was first sighted on January 26, 2004. - queenfan91

24 Slammer
25 Storm Worm
26 Navashield

Look it up. Not popular, but if you got it on your computer, you would be screwed.


This Virus killed my computer

28 sysWOW64
29 The FBI virus

SOOO TRUE. - jackintheboxisgross

30 Nimda

I was so scared than I trowed my old pc behind the window.

31 MyPcBackup

Fake antivirus that steals information threaten to delete files if you ads saying mypcbackup or free online backup just don't

32 Fake Zeus Virus Popup

Probably the worst adware there is on the internet. It even has a text to speech saying to call fake tech support. - jackintheboxisgross

33 Newpoptab
34 Rocket Tab
35 MyStart.IncrediBar
36 Magistr
37 Important Security Message

This has to be one of the worst viruses ever! It runs without a person behind it and once your files are incripted, even when the virus is gone, it will just keep coming back until those files are deleted. Rumor has it when you type it in on the internet, it downloads onto your device but it most likely wont.

39 Process Hacker 2
40 Conficker
41 WannaCry WannaCry
42 Abraxas
43 Cerber Cerber
44 Locky
45 TeslaCrypt
46 MacKeeper
47 GorillaPrice

This is one of the most annoying viruses I have ever seen, it will constantly have pop ups when you are online and it slows down your internet as well.
While it isn't as bad as other ones on this list it will make you want to rip your hair out of you're head.

48 You Are an Idiot
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