Top 10 Worst Computer Viruses

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21 Mydoom

Mydoom is most dangerous worm in all computer viruses. Mydoom was first sighted on January 26, 2004. - queenfan91

22 Slammer
23 Storm Worm
24 Navashield

Look it up. Not popular, but if you got it on your computer, you would be screwed.


This Virus killed my computer

26 sysWOW64
27 The FBI virus V 1 Comment
28 Nimda
29 MyPcBackup

Fake antivirus that steals information threaten to delete files if you ads saying mypcbackup or free online backup just don't

30 Fake Zeus Virus Popup

Probably the worst adware there is on the internet. It even has a text to speech saying to call fake tech support. - jackintheboxisgross

31 Newpoptab
32 Rocket Tab
33 MyStart.IncrediBar
34 Magistr
35 Important Security Message

This has to be one of the worst viruses ever! It runs without a person behind it and once your files are incripted, even when the virus is gone, it will just keep coming back until those files are deleted. Rumor has it when you type it in on the internet, it downloads onto your device but it most likely wont.

37 Process Hacker 2
38 Conficker
39 WannaCry WannaCry
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