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1 Africa

Each continent is beautiful and unique in its own way. Europe, although it has a terrible and evil history, is today a beacon of democracy and civilization, with many diverse cultures, languages and almost all developed countries. North America (my home) is a beautiful landscape, home to the two greatest nations on earth, the USA and Canada. And while Mexico and parts of Central America are dirt poor and corrupt, the landscape there is beautiful and the beaches are like heaven. South America has some of the largest and most breathtaking jungles and rain forests on earth, and once you get past all of the drug trafficking and stuff, the people there are really friendly ( and some countries like Uruguay are actually really democratic). Asia is where the birth of civilization occurred. While the traditions and values and cultures of Asian nations like China and India can be very foreign to us at times, they were still very advanced societies for they're time, and they invented things like ...more

Africa is beautiful and unique in it's own away. Enough with the stereotypes. Yes, maybe there are countries that are very poor in Africa but, our tourism is higher than any other continent. We have diverse cultures, succulent food and marvellous people. And if you think that Africa has the most terrorism, what about ISIS? And all the bombings in America (even though I'm living there). Stop underestimating Africa. - davakoh

Africa is a beautiful continent I've been to Egypt and it was beautiful but there are so many problems happening due to a lot of developing countries but if it became more developed it would be perfectly nice.


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2 Antarctica

What are you talking about, Antarctica is the BEST continent in the world. There are penguins there, which should be enough to convince you that it's the best. If that isn't enough...it's the continent with the least people. No people are native there. People are the source of most of the worlds problems. Not a certain group of people or anything like that, just people. Therefore, less people, less problems.

Antarctica seems serene and tranquil, HOWEVER, humanity will find a way to destroy it.

It's so cold how would you live there

Could u imagine the vegetation if the ice was melted? It would go from worst to best over night.

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3 North America

This is coming from idiot Americans who are complaining trying to say that North America is greatest because their stupid country is from that place. Canada greatest country in North America second greatest in the world behind Germany. A European country.

How dare you south America is the best because people live in the usa. But now I kind of don't like it because Mcdonald trumpet had to be president and putting all of us in danger and making less jobs.

North America is the best I live here nothing is wrong

Why is everyone obssesed with insulting Americans? can't you look at other Canadian countries? Canada, the best country that exists, Mexico, beautiful culture... Every Canadian provinces has beauty, Ontario has Toronto, Québec has the Europe feel with Montréal, British Columbia, Vancouver and so on. Cuba has great beaches, Guatemala is quite nice too... Although we have Jamaica and Honduras with bad life conditions, this continent rocks, it's the most liveable

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4 South America

The place has been a disgraceful shambles for centuries.

Its just a bad place to live, unless you like jungles

5 Asia

How could you generalize Asia into one giant group. It has MANY cultures and countries, and it is the biggest continent in the world. It has the roots of some really peaceful religions such as Sikh, Hinduism, Toaism, Zoroastrianism, and many more. Russia, India, China, Japan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Korea, Iran, and others have VERY different cultures. Next time, don't pull random assumptions out of your butt. Think before you say something.

I am supporting this detail only because Syria, Philippines, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, and Palestine are the real losers here again sorry for the great asian countries like Japan or Singapore its just that you have terrible and evil neighbours who have extreme disregard for everyone only because they have a crappy policy and just blame superpowers like America for unfortunate events or just mock those like Canada, Australia, UK, France, USA again, and Denmark and unlike most Africans, Asians from those particular countries especially China is marked some of the most rude travellers out there

You are incorrect. I read the majority of the Quran, and it promotes peace, not violence. Some people just decided to become terrorists. - Alpha101

Asia has many many cool and awesome countries but it has a small bunch of very corrupt governments and very offensive ideologies in Modern Times (I’m referring to some countries in the Middle East) where some people clash with some of their own countrymen and other countries where it’s like a contest for who can stabilize who, “and I know we westerners governments are involved and we really hate it, but they should stop fighting each other’s constantly even if they want the same thing, I think we all just want peace down there and they also want it. But I still really think most of north south West and especially East is cool, we are all with you in spirit here in the north west and west, and we all hope it will become better in the Middle East and Asia in the future.. ✌️

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6 Australia

Wrong Australia is not the continent its called Oceania - britainrocks123

Good country, bad continent full of critters and snakes which can and will kill you with their deadly venom. - Cazaam

What the heck who made this list? Australia isn't a continent dumb person whoever made this.

Death at every corner. Flying spiders. Everything can kill or hurt you. Flying spiders.

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7 Europe

Yes, it had a very crappy history, but its modern condition is pretty good compared to most other parts of the world. And this is coming from a person without any European ancestry.

The spawn of greed and oppression..

Terrible governments and poor security. Too many terror attacks and one of the highest threats of terrorism in the world! Crumbling in debt, unemployment (highest rates in world). Also many dirty countries and lots of poverty. Europe is also overrun by leftist dictatorships (fake 'democracies') with barely any freedom of speech. EU = 4th reich.

Europe is cool

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8 Zelandia

Yes is worst continent because that continent is under the sea

It's under the sea

8 continents now - TeamRocket747

Best continent! but this is down the sea.

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