Antarctica is Not So Bad

Personally, I believe that every continent has its merits. Every continent is good and bad in some respects. This post is not to say that Antarctica doesn't belong on top- it's just a reminder that it's not as bad as its positioning on the list might lead you to believe.

First, I will say that one could imagine that Antarctica is arguably the most peaceful continent; when's the last time you heard of any conflict there?

Next, a good deal of scientific research has been done there. More than 14 countries have research stations in Antarctica. These stations help us learn about our world in a way that no other continent can, because it is simply so untouched! You can learn the history of Antarctica just by looking at the ages of frozen ice that has built up over the centuries.

Finally, while it is desolate and very, very cold, some of the most beautiful ice and snow formations on earth exist there, and nowhere else! Just google 'antarctica ice formations' and you can see for yourself how these natural works of art are amazing to behold.

I hope that those who read this list thinking about how Antarctica is so bad are at least a little aware of some of the good things about this continent. It just goes to show that every continent has its perks, even such a terribly cold place as Antarctica.

Oh, and also it's the name of a Men Without Hats song. Apparently, that might make people like it more. :|