Worst Conventions


The Top Ten

1 TanaCon
2 K-Expo 2018
3 Power Morphicon
4 1968 Democratic National Convention
5 2016 Republic National Convention
6 1972 Democratic National Convention
7 DashCon
8 VidCon
9 AdultCon
10 San Diego Comic Con

It used to be a masterpiece, but then recently it went downhill.

In this, it’s pretty much a place where you're on your feet much of your day.
That includes walking for miles in it, and the worst facts happen where you have to in line to get in, as well as to buy food, and you’d still have to wait like 2 hours just to go to the restrooms.
Food and drinks are expensive, imagine paying $16 for a bottle of water.

It’s just like a busy day at Disneyland, where you are in crowds, everything is overpriced and you wait hours to go on your favorite rides as well as wait in line to go to the restrooms.

Not to mention the fact that the wait time numbers here are sometimes higher than the real wait times as too with Disney’s Attractions.

Imagine wanting to pee when you have to wait that long just to go. - Gregory

The Contenders

11 New York Comic Con

Just like San Diego, it’s an event that used to be good, but then went downhill.
You wait in line for everything in this, including entering, buying food and water, and using the restrooms.
Everything there is expensive, including food and water. - Gregory

12 KVIE Kidsfest
13 Anime Expo

Highly overpriced hotel staying and conversation entrance for 4 days

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