Top Ten Worst Conversation Starters

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1 "How's the weather?"

This is super common and super annoying. Example: Person 1: so... Person 2:How's the weather? Person 1: Nice. Person 2: Yup. Person 1:Yup Person 2:so...

2 "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

What is wrong with this? Everything. Adults ask you this when you're little. You repeat the same thing over and over again: " I dunno. " Then now you're asked that again. Isn't that annoying? Well to me it is.

3 "Oh hai dere!"
4 "What are you doing?"

Hello? It's called invading my privacy? But in some ways it is a conversation starter... Hmm...

5 (Insert random word)
6 "What's up?"

Usually the answer to this is: "Nothing. "

7 "Sooo...."

Sometimes this leads to: "So... " which goes on and on and on.

8 (Random song)

Nice but sometimes mildly annoying.

9 "How's school?"

Yes agreed so annoyiing this should be higher and I've experinced it first hand so many times I always have 1 answer good we don't do anything to exiting at school what do you expect - aido17

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10 "Anything intresting today?"

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11 Hi sexy
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