Worst "Core" Metal Subgenres


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1 Grindcore

Ironically, Grindcore is slowly been growing on me (at least some of it) A lot of it may be pointless screaming, but there are some good grindcore bands like Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, early Carcass, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and Extreme Noise Terror.

Basically, grindcore aren't my #1 worst anymore - ryanrimmel

This is painfully terrible. People think all metal is just screaming and terrible noise, well they're wrong. However, if they're talking about this, they are absolutely right. - Songsta41

This list is a joke and shouldn't even exist - Sabbath

Grindcore is really good though. - Oliwally

2 Electronicore

Doesn't make sense to me. Why not just call it Industrial Metal. The problem I have with core is that they can take any word, and add 'core' to the end of it and suddenly it's a new genre - ryanrimmel

3 Nintendocore

There is no such thing as Nintendocore or 90% of the made up core genres on here - Sabbath

Dude, you'd be surprised. Nintendocore is a thing, its terrible. But it's a thing - ryanrimmel

I honestly find this subgenre more funny than bad.

Why would somebody dislike Nintendo-core. It sounds like heavy metal boss fights from videogames. Its not as good as metalcore, but it is still pretty good :D - HYDRAflash

4 Crunkcore

Listen to a song by Brokencyde. It is the most excruciating music I've heard - ryanrimmel

5 Easycore

There's a reason why it's called easycore

6 Aliencore

The only band that is considered aliencore is Rings of Saturn, so I don't know if this is even a genre - ryanrimmel

7 Crabcore
8 Rapcore
9 Deathcore
10 Mallcore

The Contenders

11 Thrashcore
12 Mathcore

Sounds like bands of this genre teach algebra.

Umm.. Judging by the name, this sounds like a crappy genre - LizardKing99

Basically mathcore is metalcore with odd time signatures and prog elements. The Dillinger Escape Plan is really good - ryanrimmel

13 Metalcore
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