Top Ten Worst Corpse Party Characters

This list is about who you think is the WORST character from The CORPSE PARTY series

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21 Tokiko Tsuji
22 Mitsuki Yamamoto

Yeah but why is she hated? Give me a good reason. She's awesome! She gets so mad at Kizami in Hysteric Birthday after he kills Kurosaki and Fukuroi and fights with him. Are you still hating her? - Bubblegum91104

23 Ryosuke Katayama
24 Tomohiro Ohkawa

You can have the no.2 spot (Takamine belongs at number 1). He is so damn annoying, sounds like a sterotypical wimp and should die right of the bat, him and his pervert simulator games. Hope he ends up like Chihaya.

Yeah but he's so kawaii! And did u not see how the girls were acting? Geez, he's really nice too and does anything to save Katayama, proving he is a loyal friend! - Bubblegum91104

25 Frankie Stein Frankie Stein

He's/she's my fave character... Ok, why is Frankienstein/Frankie Stein here for? - Bubblegum91104

26 Ms. Yui

Yeah but she's so kind to all of her students. She sacrificed her life for her students (well, Ayumi, but she would've done it for any of them), so I simply do not understand any reason for her recieving hate. - Bubblegum91104

27 Chihaya Yamase

How is she not in front of Nana, - thunderfox8

Yeah but she's kawaii! - Bubblegum91104

28 Kensuke Kurosaki

Yeah but seriosuly, why would anyone hate him? He's an overall really nice person, he doesn't deserve to be on this list! :3 - Bubblegum91104

29 Sayaka Ooue

Sayaka's a great character and all, and yeah I get that she's lesbian, but she could be a little nicer to Inumaru. He does everything for her no matter how rude she is to him, which is honestly great dedication and nothing anyone else including myself could ever achieve. Even if she doesn't like him back, she should at least be friendly to him. Inumaru means well. I mean, look how sad he was finding Sayaka's body in Blood Drive.

30 Aiko Niwa
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