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Albania is a southeastern European country that is slightly larger than Maryland and near Montenegro, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The capital is a city called Tirana. Some other major cities in Albania are Durrës, Elbasan, Vlorë, and Shkodër. Albania gained its independence in 1912. more.


A country that hates everyone around them and more. They want to have everything around them but when you get in their country you feel that you are in the early 1900. Still have blood vengeance, organ crimes, trafficking drugs and a lot more come from there. Presenting themselves as victim while are the biggest oppressors. Dreaming of Great Albania AND still planing to take parts of Macedonia, Serbia (already did), Greece and Montenegro.

And the mentality of the people is medieval

Indeed the worst Country in Europe, with the worst people!

I've never met an Albanian that I like. They're scum of the Earth and the human race would honestly be a lot better off missing these dickheads from the gene pool. Inbreeding must be a national sport or something over there, I swear to God.

Just a negative country in a nice continent... A very irrelevant country which causes many problems in the region. Uncivilized people with a very colonial and fascistic point of view. Not to mention the most notorious of notorious gangs operate from Albania as they please.

Totally stupid people who thinks that Albania is the most powerful in the world. Actually they hates everyone especially Greeks and Serbians, because they was always Christians with more healthy economy. If you go live in Albania 90% they will steal you. They are stole the watch of American president in front of cameras. Laugh out loud!

Actually Albania is one of the rare countries where exists religion harmony and every Muslim and Christian are friends with each-other so your argument is invaluable. Then Serbia and Greece wanted to take Albanian territories and they hate us too. The American president has too high security for a mere Albanian to steal him. What you are saying doesn't have any proof. Do your research before writing!

The people think they are smart but they are all dumb. The culture and traditions are bull and they have no respect for the women and the parents show no sympathy and love and mercy towards their children. Cold Hearted and rude.

Just plain scum who have no place in europe so they start taking other nations land. They are spreading worse than the romanian gypsys

This country has a extreme rate of Alcoholism. They don't even have a real culture, some claim that the Greeks stole their culture. What culture? They steal from everyone else in Europe.

So dirty and uncivilized. But also, were ever I went in EU there seems to be lot of problems with Albanian mafia. I can't believe that EU let them have Kosovo (it will be joined with Albania eventually). I was in Macedonia last month before I went back to Finland, and Albanians were making so much trouble there. I was surprised not to see anything on T.V. when I got back home. World is blind to see what is this country doing to everybody.

Well everyone just forgets about Albania they don't care what they do, most countries hate Albania. But I Love Albania because that is where I am from and I am proud. - Kiarakola

Never again for holiday, worst time I ever had in my life, ugly people, poor country, killing, someone stolen $300 form me... it sucks!

A disgusting Muslim country filled with dangerous and vile muslims! Muslims never and should never belong in Europe and they cause more trouble and danger! Get these feral creatures out!

I am from Albania, AND I CAN SAY It's THE WORST PLACE ON Europe! PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE, THEIR KIDS ARE BULLIES,they curse a lot too. ESPECIALLY CRIME RATE! Don't get me started, it's such a small country and look at the crime rate, its HIGH! EVEN in the usa I don't think there's a crime rate like this, also they drink alcohol and do drugs. It's quite normal for them,but not for me. There are also kids who murder other kids etc... I don't want to be racist or anything, but Muslims are the most evil here cause I know you all know that Albania is most populated by Muslims which is not good. I think there's barely any nice or kind person left.

Definitely worst country in Europe. People are rude and treat their women like dirt. Disgusting.

Scummy people that multiply like rats!

Albania is considered an underdeveloped country, and it is one of the poorest countries in Europe, but they think they are a great race. They don't have even history to begun with, and critics say there isn't any clear vision of Albania, and don't forget about crime rates in Albania or even the Albanian mafia.

They are jealous of other countries around and being racist, also very much mafia and sadly they go to Greece and spend mafia and there, raping underage girls..

The Albanians are the rudest and the most stupid people I have ever met. People that have immigrants from Albania in their countries know what I'm talking about. The cancer of Europe

Filthy scambugs they don't work only steal, they are bullies uneducated immigrants. The basic income of the country is the money Albanian immigrants send back home go figure...

It's a very conservative society, even for balkan standards. Very homophobic, very sexist, very "virgin until marriage" style. Plus they are crazy patriotic (even for balkans standards) even though everybody wants to leave the country.

The most easily butthurt people I've ever come across and I have experience with almost all Europeans. Sigmund Freud would have been unable to list all their psychological complexes. Making up pseudohistory in a manner which would make an Iranian mullah blush. Not a people with self-distance or modesty that's for sure.

Thinks they are strong and have a gratest army in Balkan, and they don't see how America helps them and how they are.. Stupid.

They stole the heartland (Kosovo) from Serbia
They are ravaging terrorists in the Balkans they think they were first native people but they were actually Turks from the Caucasian region they declared independence in 1912 (very young country) and all they do is terrorize, make trouble and raid lands like Kosovo from Serbia It's THE WORST COUNTRY IN Europe!

The worst highway system in Europe! The weakest tourism also and they have a sea! Pathetic... Mafia!

I'm an Orthodox Albanian and I can say that it's the worst country in Europe: The people are very racist (they call us christians lots of bad names, and its pathetic), people are very poor (they suck), and very homophobic (like they should mind their own business) I wish I lived somewhere else in Europe but not here.

Shut Up. This Absolute Nonsense. You Should Be Ashamed To Say That