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Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.


One of the worst ideas in modern human history is undoubtedly the German nation. The German nation has done nothing but plunge Europe into one war after another, each one worse than the previous. It all started from the very beginning with Bismarck, the first and last German leader with a sense of geopolitical insight, who through his scheming managed to get the idiot French emperor to declare a war, which Germany swiftly won. But starting the French German war was hardly Bismarck's greatest mistake, That was the creation of the German nation. But even so, let's not blame Bismarck, like Hitler's mom, he did not realize what he had created.

Some people argue that World War I was the result of a chain of unexpected events, where one could not really blame this or that nation. They're wrong. World War I was started by Wilhelm II, a tantrum throwing child in a mans body who though it was a grand idea to have a war costing the lives of tens of millions because he would have liked ...more

A lot of German people think they are better then other which makes them arrogant and rude.

German language... German women... Tragedy.

Germans are very arrogant people. They hate foreigners and think they are much smarter than the others, but if you check real numbers, GDP per capita in USA is 50% higher than in Germany. Americans are 50% MORE productive than Germans. Taxes are also extremely high and you will pay 2x more comparing to other countries - welcome to communism.

They think they're great, talented, intelligent FALSE! Is the most selfish country I even heard. I feel sorry for foreigners working there.

Country of hateful & arrogant people, who think they are better than anyone else. They are too blind to see everyone despises them.

It seems that Germans are still hoping to achieve what Hitler did not even though they trying hardly to hide it.

People here are delusional and arrogant. They truly believe that they are not racists. Sure they are. The rest of the world is second class for them. They know everything better. Very disgusting.

Reading at least half of your comments, I can tell most of you haven't even been there. Because I have, and I have to say, the people are kind, the food is delicious, and the city sightseeing (especially in Berlin) is very good. I wish some people could speak about things when they already know something about it. - redhawk766

I must admit that there are many Germans which are extremely nice and good people and there States in Germany which I really like, like Bavaria. Sadly there are many, particularity the swabs, who are really really snobbish, rude, and demonstrating supremacy over you. Everything else like the robotic, cold culture and the nationalistic social policy of some states is something you can adapt to. I had there a really hard time, but I'm trying to forgive those people and move on for the sake of all good Germans I know.

The only thing wrong with Germany is that it's run by morons.

The only thing that makes Germany bad is that 1/3 of it belongs to Poland and Russia. It should be bigger.

Bad infrastructure, trains always delayed, rude & lazy people, closed-minded people, they are stucked with everything

Germany is a great country and I am Polish!

The people are so rude and not nice. It's the opposite of a very good country. I don't like it. When you go to the neighbours they are more friendly and nice. In France, Netherlands, all the other countrys know what it means to be nice. The only good thing with this country is that all the other countrys in the world appeal more and more better to you. So there is no country where the people are more unfreidnly, rude and arrogant than in dumb Germany.

One of the worst problems in this country is that so many people are envious. They don't want others to have more or better things like they have. It is horrible. To describe this country with a few words hate, arrogance and envy are perfect for this.

If you are living here you learn to estimathe all the other countrys.

Sure not everything is bad but the most. For me.

The worst country ever. I was born and raised their. It is worse than any other country in the world. The German women go after black men.
Germans are racist against everything that is not Black, German or Spanish.
If you are a Black American I invite you to Germany. You will love it there. Germans hate Muslims. Everyone who has dark hair and a Southern European or a Middle EasterN look should not go to Germany.

Germany because I am German and I do not want Foreigners here so I vote up that people don't want to go here!

They invented Nazis and still have many neo Nazis doing mean Nazi things today.

This should be the worst country to live in.

Most stupid nation in the whole world.

This country has a lot of beautiful small old towns, it is clean and silent, people work hard. Germans are strong and tall in general and have nice facial features. They did a big effort after WWII to prove that they are good people and helpfull to others. They feel guilty for WWII and they want to repair all those things which some of their ancestors did... Sometimes too much. They are internatiinal society however they still want to be German and embrace their culture and it is nothing wrong.
Bad thing is their Left wing government which does not care about their own citisens but prefer everyone foreign even if that person should receive help because he/she doesn not love this country at all.
I love Germany also because I know a few Germans and they are positive, helpfull, educated, nice people.

Germans are responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, World War I and World War II. They have got to be the most warmongering country in history.

Um World War 1 and World War 2. Thank Germany for the 100 million dead.

German "people" should be send to Africa for first and second world war. They doesn't deserved to be in Europe. Mental nation with lots of pedophile and other worst kind of people.

The Germans act like the own Europe.. Looks like they already forgot or pretend to have forgotten their tragic recent history (I'm not talking only about ww2, also the division off west and ddr and economic destruction). Germans are closeminded, cold and unfriednly even to their own neighbors. (I'm belgian).