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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, also known since ancient times as Hellas is a country located in southeastern Europe.


Definitely the worst country in Europe, potentially on the planet, a drain on the EU where the people feel they are all 'victims'. Government doesn't know how to run a country, people retiring on full pensions at age 25 (well maybe 55). Men think they are something special, even though they are in their 30's working as waiters and women are just lazy and rude. Food is like slop but they greedily gorge constantly which is why they have one of the fattest populations in the world.

People almost have a sense of entitlement here and loathe tourists even though tourism is probably the only thing that funds and props the country up. The economy was clearly going to collapse but no one seemed to care until it did, when they came begging Europe with the hands out.

Should have kicked them out the EU and left them to rot and their pool of hummus and poorly planned pensions schemes.

Not sure why Eastern European countries are on here they are great, only left communism in ...more

I love Greece. Real people lives there.

I have to agree with the people who commented about ancient Greece. Ancient Greece was great, democracy civilization, science, philosophy, we owe a lot to Greece. On the other hand though Greece nowadays is going downhill. If you have visited Greece you'll probably disagree and say ; Greece is great, people are really kind, the food awesome, the weather is awesome and the beaches are beautiful. And I'll agree with you, Greece is great but only for holidays. Try actually living there for 6 months and you'll understand. The people are not as kind as you think, in reality they are rude, racist and lazy. Food is great but that is if you have money to eat, as the economy of the country is destroyed. But the main reason I believe Greece is an awful country to live at is that in this country you can't have dreams. Whatever dream you have is going to crumble on the floor as this country can not support it. That's why anyone who has dreams, wants a future, wants to be someone gets out here, ...more

Greece doesn't deserve to be on this list, other than the economic crisis I find it hard to name something wrong with the wonderful Greek people

I'm Greek and even thought it has natural beauty but people are racist, unpolite, have a bad sense of art and a bad way of spending their free time. The educational system sucks as most of the systems in this country. Believe me, Greece is good just for holidays. It's the worst place for people with dreams, because this country can't support them. That's why most Greeks have no dreams and the only dreamers leave the country to lie abroad. MODERN Greece SUCKS.

I just came back from holidays in Greece. People are so rude there! Even hotel staff treated me like I'm something worse and they are bosses. I really can't believe I paid for this. Girl in the car rental agency shouted at me and in other office when I sat down man told me that he didn't let me sit on that chair though it was for customers! Worse ever holiday experience. Sometimes weather is not enough to enjoy.

I have been to Greece and visited several seal ports and cities. I must say Greece has since earned my respect. Regardless of its economic problems, Greece is a great nation and proud people.

It's really only nice if you're coming to visit out country I don't really see the point in living here we moved to Canada when I was a kid because we lived in poverty and we were very poor but the people are genuinely kind and giving for what they have not to mention its extremely hot in the summers here

Greece is the worst country in Europe. Their economy gets worse each day the banks can't pay off their debts and the European Union gave them an offer but Greece wouldn't cooperate and then they wonder why they went broke. They're also very arrogant that is why they always blame the most powerful countries in Europe (in this case Germany) instead of thinking what they did wrong. Their history is amazing and their beaches but that doesn't change the fact that they can't take the following consequences of their actions.

Greece needs to exit the European Union and possibly the country can prosper once again with its old currency. I urge the greeks to vote for a party that represents nationalism, its own people and not the European Union.

Beautiful country with terrible economy

I hate Greece because some annoying girl I know brags about it like it's heaven. She's the reason I'm so salty towards Greece and it's crisis it's going through. Yeah, Greece is now my least favorite country. Go Norway! (By the way I like Norway because it's awesome and beautiful unlike Greece) P.S. Greece is pretty beautiful now that I think about it. Still, Norway's more beautiful.

, the Greek girls are so hot, like damn!

It's economy is a complete failure, has too many debts it can't pay, a large amount of gypsies and many ignorant people.

Greece does not deserve to be on this list! Lots of love to Greece rom Romania! - IvaAstra

Greece isn't actually a bad country. I agree with the top comment - Kast

Extremely rude people with arrogant attitudes even though they are technically bankrupt

Gipsy country With economic and president. Each day they're getting even more. No one works, except who sell prostitutes. Siestas? Whole working day in Greece... Good People? If you don't speak English, just like in France, they'll start hitting you since they don't know how to talk like humans. Even Albanians were more kind when I visited their Country, at least they talk like People and talk English as well.

I'm greek (unfortunately) and I hate it here. I wish I was a Swedish person instead.

I wonder which Asian/Middle Eastern country THEY stole ideas from. After all, European countries are great at stealing ideas from others and claiming them as their own. :-)

Well, I love the myths and the food is GREAT

It's a beautiful country, but the people are very lazy there - Kast

It's all fun and games until you hear the word "food". Then, run for your life! The food is HORRIBLY DISGUSTING. I tried the salad, and I found a worm in a tomato. Eew! I payed for it, even though I didn't eat there, and I went to another restaurant, a deluxe one. Looks like I escaped from the demons and got to their leader. I ordered their "special salad" that cost a lot but there were only like, three leaves of salad, a few cucumbers and an olive. Oh and some sauce. Wow. And then, the fried potatoes were so undercooked! And the steak had blood coming out of it. I was disgusted of this crap they call "food"!

I am Greek and I'm here with my friend too tell to you WHY DID YOU PUT US 10TH WE NEED TO BE LAST because WE HAVE beautiful beaches,buautiful land mountains and forests I love my county and I admit it we don't have good economy but we are kind.

Just because Greece has a horrible economy, it doesn't mean that it is one of the worst countries. Normal, everyday people are paying beacause of the mistakes of some bad, useless politicians. People there are very friendly. They are not racist (people who call them lazy racists are racists) They are very good people who are bored of the politicians who run their country. It has beautiful beaches and delicious food! <3 Greece