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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


I am Italian. Unfortunately I must admit that most of what has been written here is true, at least from my personal experience. I had to literally flee the country and start a new life abroad, and I mean not to succeed in my life, but barely to survive decently. And that's not the worst. What tourists and visitors see from outside, for how nasty, is just a fraction of what you must see from inside, specially if you had the ill fate to be born there. What goes on within families, schools and various institutions is actually much worse. A cage of madmen, really. I know other people of very different ages who experienced exactly the same. Most of them had to leave for good to find a job, and as soon as they settled abroad, they started to recover a sense of dignity, mental balance, and faith in life. Sad story, really...

In all fairness, Italy would have been a worse-off country, had it not been fortunate to be geographically positioned close to first-world European nations.

Let's be objective for a moment and quote various official survey results: on corruption, Italy made it into the top 3 among all EU member nations; on skills of labour force, Italy's workforce is one of the least-skilled among those of G7 nations.

Now let's address more subjective elements where people who grew up or have lived in first-world countries would notice such differences between theirs and Italy's. Infrastructure - by and large, not customer-focused or not always reliable. Public administration - inefficient and sometimes downright incompetent. Freedom of information - not always transparent or not always consistent. These all come down to a society of Italians which resemble those in the developing world or authoritarian countries: lack of trust both in public and private, where dishonesty is sometimes ...more

I was in Milan for a week because of work. Amazingly (for just a week), I fully recognize all the negative comments posted. Arrogance, disdain to foreigners, poor education, incompetence are traits of the Italian people I met. The infrastructure is poorly taken care of.

Apparently Milan is at the top of Italian cities for doing business. If this is the case, this is a country that is definitely not appropriate for hosting international events.

I will certainly avoid any type of business that could be bring me back to Italy. It goes without saying that I will also avoid spending my vacation there.

I married an Italian. I am Asian.

Men never grow up there. There mother even wash their ass in their 30ss(or better until they are alive. They are gluttons. And let me say this... those church going people will not mind having sex inside the church dark corner when it's empty! This country is poor as hell. They wear the fur coats inside their house to keep themselves warm, as the gas is expensive, and they cannot afford heating! They won't mind if their mothers are prostitutes to make a living for their sons. They will love them. Racists! Uneducated! Ignorant! No talent. No literature anymore! They want only one thing from a woman... her Vagina. And women there want one thing from a man... His testicles(and money too)! Oh and hold on... Italians will be jealous of you, if you speak in English, you are tall, and hardworking/talented, because they don't own these things. They are damn fools. Don't expect them to have common sense! A natural logic will fly over their head. Old ...more

Horrible dirty country with arrogant and xenophobe citizens, full stop.

I did live in Italy yes their people or proud of history and nothing they have in future they are rude and they think they are best. I did see the drivers driving around the city and turning without the indicator sign,

If you plan on driving in Italy: Don't, they are the worst drivers in the world.

I had 7 weeks of being tail gated by aggressive drivers trying to prove they all had bigger dicks by going too fast, tail gating and horn honking.

Entertainments and attractions are equal to zero.

Everything in Italy is overpriced, Italian people are lazy, the country is dirty and they are on strike every other week.

The museums are closed on Monday and other days in the year. We tried a restaurant was closed at lunch time because it was their lunch time. This country is a shame.

Keep your money and spend it somewhere else.

I would say Italy is the worst country I visited in my life (traveled 4 continents), they are so rude to each other, to me, to everyone, so arrogant and stubborn. I try to get simple coffee at McDonald's, they yell at me with hatred (! ), apparently I was on the wrong counter. I've traveled almost complete Europe and lived in Europe for 30y, only in Italy got mugged multiple times. But these are just small things... I am in Italy for work, how non-efficient they are, they are sabotaging themselves and everyone else on all possible ways. Driving - crazy, all cars damaged, they damage there own life and property without thinking twice. I will not even start with organised crime and illegal immigrants... Never coming back if work doesn't bring me (hopefully not).

Italy is a beautiful country it has amazing history, architecture and natural beauty. The food and drinks in this country are some of the best in Europe. I used to dream of living in Italy, until I actually tried it and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. The bureaucracy was horrible, people we judgmental. A lot of Italians were racist and/or resentful of immigrants in general. I speak Italian and I am white, and yet often I was treated as a second-class person because of my country of origin. Needless is to say I left Italy never to comeback.

From my life experience in that country it's very hard to live there and almost impossible to Finnish the month with the poor salaries there, the taxes are incredibly expensive and I think it's the nation with the most taxes in the world... Not to mention everything is super expensive there (food, real estate, cars etc.. ) only if you are very rich or your dad is Steve Jobs you can live there normally..

I hate Italians so much, they are rude, racist, curious, ugly people. They don't respect anybody and are very loud. It's the worse country in Europe, that is for sure. People stare at other people and take care of people's business. It's a waist of time to come to this country. Also, their food sucks, the worst pizza I ever had in my life and pasta. Old places, dirty and falling apart. They just care about appearance. poor people who want to pretend they are rich and buy expensive things to show off and after don't have money to buy food. They prefer to be hungry but buy a channel purse. Ridiculous!

Cigarettes and dog poop is all you see in Florence - FreddyGodzilla

Studying abroad here... Worst decision ever made! People here are so rude and DUMB! I swear the university is for retards! Nothing is organized and everyone is lazy as HELL.
Dirty disgusting place low sanitation. Nothing here is worth seeing and I am sad I learned this the hard way. Most pointless 9 months of my entire life. I would rather eat 10 plates of dog crap than spend another day on this middle age backwards joke.

Italian People are so extremely arrogant, they refuse to learn any other language.
And I was in Italy a few years ago when I was 11 years old, and they hated me because I'm German.
And I couldn't speak Italian, only a bit English and they didn't stop talking Italian and start talking English to me.
So in my opinion Italy is the worst country in the world.

Gay right is HUMAN right! Which does not exist in Italy..

Incredibly RUDE and suspicious people without a logic reason. I was simply sitting at a table in a restaurant with my wife and kids and I "felt" eyes staring at me like I was a member of a rival clan. Good bye Italy

Oh dear, I wonder why it has been given the honour of the fifth position...
I had been living in this country for 18 years of my life and the only things I had back as an Italian citizen were institutional abuses and dissatisfactions. The only things that work in the "Bel Paese" are Hypocrisy and disorganisation. A country made of a bunch of racist, criminal, violent, mafious, selfish, close-minded, homofobic, impulsive, ignorant, lousy and impatient scumbags. When they can't spill their hate against a foreigner, they do it against each others. When they see you they have nothing positive to think, they are just trying to find a way to compare you to themselves, finding a way to feel superior and therefore better (Since the fall of the Roman Empire Italian people have always suffered from a grave inferiority paranoia). The politic? corrupted. Respect for the environment? What is that?. Human rights? No way. Education? one of the lowest. I'm not saying Italy is the worst country on ...more - Darkcloud

I was born in Italy and still I live there. The Italian system gave me an high level of education (up to the university degree) and a full health assistance, everything almost for free (or, if you want, paid by the country overall economics). I think that people that integrate into this system can enjoy and appreciate it. There are troubles not yet solved and Italians have the attitude to leave the problems becoming too big. This is true. About rudeness, racism, unpoliteness, crime, I encountered them in any country were I staid for a while: Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia. I learned that the good feelings depend for the most by ourselves and a little by the "others", although the "others' mis-behaviour" may impact seriously in a negative way. I can't believe that the people who so explicitly hate Italy never found a positive aspect of my beloved country, expecially the ones who have lived here for a long time.

These people are arrogant as hell. The foreigners in this country do not give a crap about how anyone else feels. What the hell would this country need to actually be liked by people? Plus, there is lot's of dead empty land. Just like the dead empty hearts of the politicians in this place. Ugly people, jerking girls looking like prostitutes, no education, young boys nasty ans believing they are the best, but they are so arrogant and rednecks.

Noisy, arrogant, can't accept other culture, probably the only country in the world who gives the whether news oly about italy(never seen something like this before)uneducated and russist, there is impossible to have a nice conversation with them-the scream and arque like diavols and hate parts of their oun country, the north hates the south... There is a list with no end

This is not true that they are all arrogant, rude, selfish and just over-complicate things for no reason at all.

It's just the majority I guess. I speak a good Italian, and yet they still laugh in my face, even if they don't know me. If I make a mistake or fail to remember a word correctly or say it in German. You cannot get a job here easily as a foreigner even if you are better than them, and that's easy.

What I found the most debilitating is the fact that they consider it normal and are very relaxed about how slow things move around there. It's easy to live in Italy if you are Italian or looks like (Arabs, Albanians etc..). Even if you stay 25 years you are always considered as a foreigner. Italian people are so lazy and proud of nothing, that makes a real pitty to see how much people appreciate them...

Ill-mannered, bad-tempered, arrogant people. You cannot deny there is an aura to them though. I think, they are the best looking in Europe.

I like Italy but it has its problems.

In the north people work more and the infrastructure is better than in the south and it's much richer than the south, but most people are racist there.

In the south the people are friendlier than in the north, but the infrastructure is worse and the people are lazier

The Italian government has to be one of the worst in the world.

The best part of Italy is probably Trentino-Alto Adige in the far north at the border with Austria. There is good food, fantastic landscape, friendly people and cozy small hotels with friendly staff, but that part of Italy is more German/Austrian than Italian. They don't even want to be a part of Italy up there. - Kast

I'm really getting sick and tired of people calling an entire country or state "racist" because they didn't have a good time there. Guess what? EVERY country has racist people living in it, but as terrible as racism is, that's no excuse to hate the entire country for, unless it is so deeply embedded in the local culture that it has become recognized as a part of life, which, for Italy, is not the case. Even in Russia, racism is only endorsed by a small minority of people.

Considered as a so called modern country, actually its not true, only the aspect about diversity of peoples of the world, close to absolute zero. Example in advertising (both written and televised) you seen only white and Italian people, never a black, Asian, Arab or else, what's a shame.