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I would also like to add to be careful with the Dutch. Like I said their hatred for colored people is deep. Some Dutch are honest and will give you the opportunity to work with them but you will always have a lot of other Dutch people who then get jealous. They will first act friendly but do this to get more information about you. They will do things like harass you via the telephone with an anonymous numbers, gang up with other Dutch and constantly make negative remarks and find ways to intrude in your life and make it a hell. I've even heard a story of one foreigners company getting burned down because they couldn't stand his success. Be careful they put up a good front but can be very evil.

Netherlands is a horrible country. The Dutch people are so arrogant and rude. Extremely racist! They're also non-tolerant of other countries and obviously have no filter on what they say. Horrid people and horrid culture. The Dutch are way too proud and have no respect for others. Defintely shouldn't be seen as an "open minded" country. Every Dutch person I've encountered complain about other people and make rude remarks especially to blacks. They're history is horrible and the Netherlands is defintely one of the worst countries ever.

I live here, I hate it, everyone is so grumpy and mean, when people bump in to you they don't say sorry, they get in front of you in lines, they are so extremely selfish.. They are racist. They have a political party against Muslims for crying out loud. (I'm not a Muslim). I just hate it here, can't wait to get out.

Yes, I totally agree - generally the Dutch (with some exceptions as always) are selfish, rude, don't want open discourse - they just want to win, win win, because they need to feel superior. They're extremely envious, or perhaps that shows a deep insecurity, so that they always try to find fault with you even though you are doing good work - to put it politely they are exasperating, to put it truthfully these traits make them appear to be rather nasty, kind of bullies really. They are ALWAYS right, even if you are telling them something about your own country, they will argue with you - yes, you got it they know better than you know about your own country - that is how far their arrogance goes. I have to say when I first came across a Dutch person like this, I assumed it was personality traits specific to that person, but now that I have met many more, and have read all your experiences of Dutch people, it seems these very negative traits are within the national psyche.

As someone who was born and raised in the Netherlands, I feel like this country leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, it's a safe country with good social services and financial safety nets. For all intents and purposes, it's an excellent country to raise a family. But that's all it is.

There's next to no natural beauty to be had. It's a cramped and almost entirely urbanized country. Some pastures and the odd heather are about all you're gonna find here.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part: the people. We are a soulless nation full of people obsessed with status, material gain, and ruthless business-like efficiency. It's just a horrible culture overall. There is little to no room for spontaneity.

Everyone lives by their day planner (you'll come to hate the Dutch word "agenda").

We are stingy. It's a nation of self-styled entrepreneurs. Everyone is obsessed with making money, and not spending any of it when they do. And the big cities in the Randstad ...more

I honestly just want to leave this country. Let me begin with the weather. It has horrible weather, if it is not raining it is freezing, if it isn't freezing its raining. Barely any sun, almost always extreme wind. The people are extremely arrogant, cocky, full of themselves and racist. I have met plenty of good Dutch people, but 70-80% matches my description. Everything is extremely expensive, especially the houses. In order to get a house with a big garden, you almost certainly have to be a billionaire. Other than that, this country has no shopping malls whatsoever, the shops close at 5:00 and I'd say that the staff is almost always arrogant.
The country is a nightmare, trust me on this. All I want is to leave this country and never come back. Don't even think about living here. Unless you wanna get high and party, don't even visit Holland. The only place you could possibly be visitng is Amsterdam, and Amsterdam isn't particularly pretty either.

If it weren't for the ...more

I live here and it feels like I'm in prison, there are a lot of laws/rules and the country is ugly, the weather is bad. People here just seem to accept it, because they don't know any different.

I really don't understand the statistics that the citizens are the most happiest in Europe. The country is REALLY overcrowded, you don't have any privacy in you're own house, especially in the garden. All the houses are overpriced for whats it offers, people are subdued arrogant and only cares about status and material possessions. Also the Dutch people are quite domb because of the media influences and VERYVERY low gifted Dutch T.V.. The Education system is really bad; has absolutely no connection to the labor market.

The worst is; NO NATURE only pastures, and ugly coastlines. And THE COUNTRY IS FULL OF STRESS. You can't find any private spot for enjoying the weather or surroundings.

Positive things are; the social safety net. Most of the uneducated people receive benefits from the government and disabled people getting paid for basic necessities and housing. However it is getting worst because of the Economic crisis. I think Austria and Czech Republic are the best ...more

The Netherlands is one of the best countries to live, but unfortunately there are many racists here. If you visit Holland don't be fooled about their "hospitality" many of them are hypocrites...

Most racist with double standards. It looks nice. If you go under the skin, it really sucks, I mean the people sucks. The privacy notes are correct. Can't understand why they don't use windows cover on the washrooms. The forced protestantism must be a horrible experience. Once I gave the Dutch chance to practically confirm what they talk about. They failed with sort of cowardish excuses. Have to tell, actually in those times, the Germans were nicer.

I missed mountains a lot when I lived here. The people here are mostly dead on the inside. Very very hard to make friends. There are a minority of truly liberal open-minded people (some are well traveled), but other than that its bitter, rude, grumpy, double faced, racist, nationalist, highly entitled people. Its hard to find good food here. Service in restaurants mostly sucks. This is one "first world" country I couldn't wait to get out of.

Yes, they are racist and to cowardly too admit it! 1, be carefull with these snakes

Dutch people the most racist in Europe

Some great, super great things about the Netherlands but the Dutch suffer from a majorly acute case of the racists. Yes, the Dutch ARE racist. They also justify it, like that makes it ok. Never seen anything like it. That said, the Muslim population here is also super racist. It's getting hard to live here.

I've been through everything from being denied work based on my skin color or country of origin (excuse: "company policy"), to being accused of theft even if my shopping bag was empty (excuse: "if we think someone's stealing we'll accuse them" -! ), to having the police decline to help me (excuse: "oh, we'll never find the perpetrator" - the white Dutch man whose complete information I had just given them).

These are just some examples but yeah, the Dutch are racist, which gets them my vote in this list.

Racist, rude, terrible health-care, no customer service, terrible food, low salaries, terrible tax regime, exorbitant road tax and traffic fines. A social scrapyard optimized for average loser from eastern europe.

It is damn boring and dutch is difficult so be prepared if you think of coming to Netherlands

Looks nice in the first place but it is actually the WORST country in the world! With no any soul. Lot of hatred especially against male foreigners and with 0,0% self-reflection. Makes you feel you did some horribly terrible things all the time..

Dutch people 'think' they know everything better, which just makes them little 'know-it-alls'. They're actually just jerks. Think they're better than everyone else, even other dutchmen. Always arguing and trying to prove a point. They're just annoying...

First, the quality of the housing is terrible there, in every house I've been there were problem with the water, of I could hear my neigbours or it was so tiny it was not leavable and it's really expensive.
Second, people are just unintresting. Most of them have no personality whatsoever, when you get to speak with them, they tell you some platitudes you feel you've hear a hundred time before, but if they were just unintresting, that woudn't be that bad, but they are also very arrogant, passive agressive and rude. What they love is saying some little stingy derogatory comments about yourself or your country. Honnestly I had a hard time with people there, even if I speak they language pretty good. After a couple of years there, I had the feeling they had no soul. I now live in Germany and people will say what they want, but here I have the feeling there are real humans beings. - Constrastian

I have been here for 8 months and I am so happy to leave. Horrible weather, no nature, you cannot enjoy outdoor activities. People usually commute a lot to work, almost every day there is a traffic jam and the trains are not working. Plus my mother-in-law lives jere. I still cannot understand the family relationship in this country.

No nature, way too many foreigners and fat people, arrogant and feminazi girls, worst country of europe, period.

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe. It has a high income, equality, nice people and great food. Although the politics could be better, it's a great place. People should not judge countries that they do not live in...

I am ashamed the land of my ancestors are
Not friendly towards Americans or Dutch Americans.The Dutch displayed such hostile behavior we left the country early.

I want to thank the Netherlands for not letting Romania into Schengen! If we were in it we would have been invaded by illegal immigrants just like West Europe! - IvaAstra

Keep crying about racism. Its easy to say when you dobt have to deal with the issues that occur when minority populations come into your country like an invasive species and leech off of your social programs and disrespect your country and your values and your culture on your homeland. Keep crying and watch what you get. You obviously don't learn from France or england or Italy. But when crime skyrockets and neighborhoods get trashed then the lightbulb will go off and youll get it.