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Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) and Lithuania to the north .


Definitely a global hotbed for bad vibes and negativity. As an actual Pole on this board wrote; 'they are pretty much hateful towards anyone, especially other Poles'. Well said. I know I've never experienced a more profoundly miserable people. It can be worth a visit for some site-seeing and interesting cuisine, then I'd recommend leaving before the crushingly bad energy sends you into a depressive coma.

Good at fighting for freedom and independence for themselves and other nations, too bad their politicians can't sustain it... Kind of a paradox

I don't know how you can say that... Yes, polish are leaving our country but you can't tell to us it's the worst country in Europe. We are just weak and we don't have good politics. This country is poor and we was helping to Greece when they need that. We sent our money when we really need it too :(

None of you gave Greece money that's a German political joke... kid

Eh what? My mother is from Poland but I'm born in Sweden and we live in Sweden now. Poland is not a poor country.. what

The situation in terms of air pollution is really bad. It would be perfectly correct to say that we are the China of Europe regarding this issue. Also, I just want to say that it's not the best neither the worst place to live in. It is just boring for most of the time. There isn't much to see in our country. Just cold sea in the north and some medium-class mountains on the south. But 90 % of terrain is flat and boring. Really, nothing to see there. It is also because the fact that most of our cultural heritage was destroyed or robbed during wars, especially ww2. In terms of people also nothing special. There are some gems, but mostly people are depressed and lack of enthusiasm and creativity. They are just robots focused on making a living. Girls are overpriced for most part. Plus food is also boring, mainly some pork meat coated with breadcrumbs and potatoes with. The only good things are that it is quite safe there and free education for citizens. And maybe Pierogi. That's all I ...more

Racist as hell, ignorant, arrogant, rude, regressive.. you name it!

I've never been around more miserable, closed minded & bizarrely arrogant people.

I hate this country because of its hypocrisy. My grandmother says "A Pole holds a Christian cross in his hand and a knife in the other hand hiding bahind his back".

Basically, this country should never exist.

Well I am a person who lives in the Poland for 4.5 years. I am a Muslim. My experience in Poland it was not so bad. I had master here and working.I have family in Poland.The biggest problem what I see in the Poland is Money and Young people are racist for others. They can't accept to have anyone in their country while millions of the poles working in the abroad. Life is same expensive as in Germany but income is 4 times even 5 times lover then Germany or UK. Limited social help for 6 months. Poland is gate for West for people like me, Well educated and has a lot skills. What I see that even many Poles are criticize to be in Poland due to on income they are not so strong to be in abroad. In the abroad I have heard DRUNK POLE. It makes me sad. I know that Poles can achieve many things and make Poland much better then now. But their narrow mind and no respect to others makes the country worse. I hope that one day things will be chance here. But I don t think that it will happen within 5 ...more

Poles are some of the most miserable, complaining, arrogant, ignorant, petty, xenophobic, dishonest people you'll find anywhere. I lived there and met hundreds of them. Mist are also 'experts' on every imaginable topic - especially when they have no idea what they're talking about. With some exceptions the above is generally true, and objectively honest Polish people (a rarity) know it is. My god, they don't even like or trust each other let alone most other cultures, nations, or people.

I live in Poland and I can say the people here are one of the most narrow minded I've ever seen in my life.

Unfortunately Poland is not ruled how Poles would like it to be ruled. Post soviet elite grabbed the power and makes deals with world corporations, taking money under the table. Ordinary Poles are being used by the elites and not much can be done as no one wants a bloodshed. The latest (2014) elections had about 20% votes that were classified as invalid by the election committee. Opposition parties in Poland and many individual pressure groups have protested to change the voting system as Polish voting system was constructed ins way that makes it very fragile to manipulation in favour of the ruling party. Since 1989 90% of time postcomunists were ruling. Make up your answers yourself why Poland is on this list.

Should be higher on this list. The people alone make it easily one of the top five worst countries in Europe.

Never been there but must be rubbish as most of the population appears to be in Englang swaggering about like they own the place, driving down wages and generally getting on everyone's nerves. I'm off to Poland, it might be trash but must be empty by now!

Poland is an amazing place, and having some knowledge about other countries Poland can't be the worst. Yet, it has its ups and downs but every place has those, some less and some more, and Poland I think is in the middle, not the best but also not worse.

Poland is a bucket of urine to drown rats in.

When I went to Poland it was beautiful and if you try the polish sausage you will not want to eat any thing else.

Poland is awesome, I came there for the first time 4 years ago and enjoyed it so much I return each summer. Poland is clean, the people are very friendly the food excellent and the beer even better.

France on the other hand really sucks, France is the rectum of Europe.

Poland sucks ass. I left this country as soon as I had the chance.

What do you call a person with integrity in Poland? A foreigner.

I am Irish and I don't like the Polish people, they are all scumbags. Never trust a Polish person in business. They are risky chancers, opportunist scum. They will stab you in the back once you give them any sort of power. They are known to be bad with money and stealing. They often do drug dealing in foreign nations out of Poland. And are on the dole.

Gangs of criminals, they spread all the Europe with cheap workforce, criminality and prostitutes. Not even Europeans!

Gdansk is beautiful and one of the best city's I have ever been to!

You want to know what I thin as an America from the South? I have French ancestry. And if it's not Albania, Italy, Spain or even France that sucks the most in Europe; it is Poland. This is the absolute worst country in Europe. Cold people, have no sense of humor; are brainless. (even though people say they are smart), they hate themselves and other people are often violent. What kind of migrants for the USA do we want? Not this lot. We already have a Mexican, Indian (from India) and a Black people problem. Polish, just cause you're white, don't even think about it.

This country is not that bad. This country just doesn't have luck when it comes to people. People there in majority are dumb, narrow-minded frustrated racists, all the time depressed, rude, dirty and uneducated.