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Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.


Russians are weak minded and arrogant. They are easily brainwashed. Case in point: The world view of Russia is in the toilet because of their land grabbing ambitions and nuclear posturing. Except Putin's approval rating is at record levels. Everyone in the world hates Russia right now. The Russian people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Not even the USSR conducted nuclear posturing like Putin. In fact, they did not even come close in comparison. Putin seems to not wish to address the one source economy issues that is plaguing Russia. Instead, he would rather see to it to bring down his neighbors to his level such as Georgia and Ukraine.

Finally... How long will Putin be in power? Seems to me, he is the definition of Despot Dictator.

Worst country in the whole world! Country owned by mafia and criminal tycoons. Suppressing every attempt for free thinking and investing most of money in arming itself while people are starving. Dragging other countries to mud by acting to be their friend with a great help from stupid politicians representing those countries like the ones in Serbia.

By far the most horrid people in in In London... Rude, arrogant, brainwashed and jealous. In holiday destinations, the worst kind of tourist: thugs with lap dancer tarty girlfriends. Hostile and miserable in their own land. Utterly blinded by their own propaganda: do you see Germans still defending Hitler? No. But Russians defend Stalin even though millions of their families died in gulags. They twist everything in history because they are fed utter biased rubbish keeping them ignorant. Corruption in business, sports management, foreign property ownership, people trafficking. Never been to a country where absolutely no-one smiles except the drunks. Made enemies of all their neighbours. Nasty thugs and heartless cold Orwellian minions. - Matosc

These people are arrogant as hell. The Serbs in this country do not give a crap about how anyone else feels. What the hell would this country need to actually be liked by people? Plus, there is lot's of dead empty land. Just like the dead empty hearts of te politicians in this place.

Third world hellhole inhabited by drunken barbarians. Menace to all true (civilized) Europeans. The atrocious FSB (successor of Soviet KGB) rules the land. You can't be entirely sure you'll come back alive if you go there.

Russia would probably fit as one of the worst countries even if it lay in Africa. Russia is all around crap, 25% of every Russians has been in jail and the crime rate is twice as high as the united states. And we don't know how many people get killed behind the scenes. - nonofyall

The most racist country on earth. Especially black people are not welcome in Russian not even diplomats or football player. Exchange students from Africa have been mistreated, and many have quit their studies.

Worlds largest populations of neo Nazis
Mafia run Moscow
Brutish police
Rude people
Savage dogs roam the streets of Moscow
It's super cold
Has too many nuclear weapons

Of all the non third world countries, this is the most like one, with its weak economy, it's irreligion is almost as bad as China, It's military is corrupt as Somalia, it's got Nuclear misses and there absolutely dying to use them on the US, and all Western European countries, Putin is a joke, and they still run their "Federal republic" like a communist state, they take from the poor and give to the rich, and worst of all they believe they are superior despite all of this

Unlike other countries that turn out horrible due to circumstances, Russia has had great opportunities to grow into a decent place, but has given them all up to maintain nationalism and pride along with values that go against progress and even basic human rights.

Reasons to hate/loathe Russia

1) Basically an Orwellian dictatorship.
2) Putin is totally insane and wants to take over other countries in Europe, if not the world.
3) The Mafia controls the cities.
4) Mass starvation, worse than some African countries.
5) Russians hate every country but themselves.
6) 75% of Russians would still vote for Stalin if he was around today (0% of Germans would vote for Hitler)
7) Regularly commits crimes against humanity.
8) Supports Iran, North Korea and Syria, among other dictatorships.
9) Trying to start a real life access of evil against the US with China.
10) Occupied and enslaved half of Europe for 45 years and don't regret anything.
11) Layed the foundations for the war on terror by invading Afghanistan.
12) Food is indigestible.
13) Drunks everywhere.
14) 90% of the country is tundra/
15) They want to commit genocide against gay people.

Reasons to like Russia


Slaves to this day. But they are so ignorant and stupid that they believe that they are the best, most developed people in the world. What a joke. The whole Russian history being taught is a lie. They never were Christians. All this comes out of Moscow. Mongols created Russia, but Moscow took over from them and this horrible non human thing goes on till this day. Moscow defacto is a golden horde. And Putin is a modern day Genghis Khan. Pointless constant expansion is a mongol thing. They even went to space because of that. They steal like Gypsies. Avoid Russians.

Russian outright refuse to speak any other language other than Russian. Asking them to speak anything else is seen almost as an insult and is met with laughter and ridicule. This is a country with a history of poverty, oppression, dictatorship and crimes against humanity, yet it's inhabitants are some of the proudest in the world

I just don't like Russians. Cold, rude, ignorant people. Their women seem like gold-digging control freaks and their men come across as ill-mannered bullies. I just want them to stay in Russia. Yikes.

They are very arrogant and violent

Rude bastards. Russians think they are the best. In the past 1000 years, Russia has been attacking Europeans countless times. I'm Polish and we have defended Poland for many years and proud to defend our nation! I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU RUSSIA!

The Russians I had the misfortune of meeting were rude, aloof, arrogant, ignorant and loud individuals who drank themselves within an inch of death; and all the Russian women that I have met looved money... Their women are ridiculously over-rated too. And they are everywhere like some kind of plague.

The Russians were a much more brutal people then the Nazi regime ever was. Of course Stalin and Putin are in the same vein, and so the world is still not a safe place to be. Their leaders push the buttons of repression, and the average Russian is placed under the huge thumb to crush freedom. Russia needs a revolution for the people to become human.

Very Rude, unpleasant and Impolite people. living here is damn difficult. Very bigoted people, Russians are very proud of their country, but they are not much patriotic. 60-70% of people in Russia want to leave their country. these Russians don't care about the world, environment, very stupid people

Politics of militaristic expansionism, primitive culture laden with Soviet dishonesty and Mongol savagery, woolly 'Slavonic mysticism', the bulk of the population living in grinding poverty, rife with AIDS, widespread alcoholism and drug addiction, no institution works properly and virtually every official is corrupt, etc. , etc.

Russia is the best country ever. Just because you've heard so many lies in the news doesn't mean its true. Russian people are kind and wont dare to be racist as long as I know. They are kind and heart loving. America Just wants Russia to look bad because they know that Russia is in a way higher level that they are. Yes some of them are rude and stuff like that. Yes Russia made mistakes. But "everybody makes Mistakes"

The Russians are proud people. It is a powerful country. The president patriot and good looking. The women are beautiful. I love Russia. From Romania

Its treatment of homosexuality is disgusting.

Nazi-Germany changed into a good country, paid and apologized. When will Russia change and pay for its criminal acts that started 1917 an continue to this day? Do the Russians even realize how hated they are for their ass behavior?

It's either too cold or too hot, depressing, bad food, bad drivers, drunk people, ugly cities, almost everyone lives in apartment blocks from the 60s'-70s', boring - Kast

It's 0.1% true but Russia is a really NICE place of course there are some bad people but mostly good - romania