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Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a sovereign state situated at the crossroads between Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans.


Why the hell is Serbia the re? It's my favorite European country! I'd love to live there during a year or more! I like their style, the cities are beautiful! Serbian soldiers are strong, they're brave, they've always defended themselves well, even thought they were often getting attacked! for those who think Croatia was better than Serbia, obviously you know nothing. Croatia was Nazi and fascist during WW2, the Croatian soldiers killed tons of Serbs and Jews and other type of people in absolutely disgusting, horrible ways. I'm very glad Serbia fought back- naturally they had to.

I am not Serbian, nor Albanian, nor European. I have many friends in Serbia (most in and around Novi Sad, as well as some in Belgrade, Kikinda, and Nis), and I have visited them several times while they have visited me in my home country as well.

Serbia has a young cultural undercurrent that is fed up with the stagnant, corrupt politics of the country and the destruction this has wrought. One of the main problems for Serbian society is a problem seen elsewhere: a mass cognitive dissonance. The people are raised in this culture that is quite tribal in its worldview, disdaining even its nearest neighbors to some extent, breeding suspicion and keeping alive ancient grudges, while simultaneously inculcating its people with this idea that they are uniquely good among the world's peoples and uniquely victimized. Serbs grow up seeing themselves as the altruistic, peaceful "heavenly" victims of European and west Asian powers - I've often heard an "Asterix and ...more - inexadra

I believe everyone who said Serbians are arrogant, rude, selfish, liars, racist and poor are wrong. Serbia only did the things they did for their freedom, rights, tradition and religion. There is NO crime in Serbia for the time I have been there and everyone was friendly with the tourists. Everyone is kind hearted and wonderful because when my father died they offered their deepest condolences and would never leave us in tears. Serbia may have started wars but that does not mean they are racist it means they stand up for their country. People should just let go of the past.

Serbia is the best country ever! People are very kind, the country is very beautiful and fresh. You must see it! Belgrade is the capital city and it is very beautiful. I travel to Serbia every year because I am Serbian. The food is very good however I can agree there is a bit of crime but not really much. I would recommend you to visit Serbia before you die! Trust me! Its beautiful!

Nice rant you've put on the top, undoubtedly written most likely by an Albanian or Croatian... Hateful stereotyping at it's worse.

I know right? I'm Serbian, and there are all these people who haven't even been there, and are saying it's war driven and cruel. - serbian_sweetie123

Such an awesome country to live in! If you are a Greek you will be treated very good and you will live very well since prices are very very low

Long live Serbia. Nice country, and friendly people. Its situation is bad, because the country was disliked by US and all other its pupets. Its Muslim terrorists, who teared the country apart.

I don't know why people hate Serbia, but I think it's the one of best countries in the world.

Serbian people can't't hate Christians or hate at all because we are truly Christians. We love the Bosnians. None of strangers went and did not try homemade rakia and pork. I think that who ever write it otherwise - you've never been to Serbia, but feel free to come and check it out. From the Heart - Srpkinja 100% - micicici

That's the best country in Europe, come and see that.

Serbia is a nice country. The people are friendly. They have suffered a lot as well as their country, but they're still patriots and trustworthy. If this country is so high on the list, then I guess the propaganda against them is preety strong around the world. I'm not Serbian, but I like them.

Well at least Serbia won't have Donald Trump for president

Too much of Serbian people still dream of a great Serbia, and they attacked almost all of their neighboring countries in an attempt to achieve their dream but have lost in all of those wars they initiated and invaded the neighboring countries. - Plato

You can't trust these people at all. They have no integrity at all. They swear a lot and cultural level is very low and primitive. Last place on earth I would want to visit again.

Serbia is a beautiful country but... If you are from Asia and you have Korean or Chinese or Japanese blood they will call you Chinese why? Because you have small eyes and they make you feel bad for being Asian by saying that Asians are dumb or Asians language are so stupid Asians song are sooo dumb. How I know this? Cause I am Asian I go to school every1 makes fun of me cause I am Asian so I vote that Serbia sucks

I'm not Serbian, but who the hell set up this stupid website?

"Why is Serbia one of the worst countries? ", that is my question. We bravely defended Europe against the Turks about 500-600 years ago. We took numerous casualties in history to keep the rich countries in the west rich. Instead for a reward for that we got only critics and bull saying we are barbarians and uncivilized people. Not many people know but we were pretty civilized back in middle ages. While anyone else in Europe was eating with hands, we had forks and spoons. The WW1 was won not because of American interference in Europe, but for Serbian successes in 1918. We nearly reached the core of the Austria-Hungary back there. And still no thanks.

Instead we got tortured and killed people in WW2 and dead bodies lying under destroyed buildings in Nazi-like bombing of 1999 (NATO is the 4th Reich, N means Nazi, not North). Google all this events above and you will see I'm right.
Despite all of this we are still here. If the fact that we are still here is criminal ...more

Why does everybody think that serbia is a bad country? I know the answer, Serbia has the worst government in the world

I'm from germany and I visited belgrade, I can say it was a little beautiful but the people were so bad their faces...

Another list voted by ignorant blockheads. - Ananya

Serbia has a bad and Good I say bad. I was attacked while giving money to the poor. I lost 250 euros and a liter of blood I hate this country

Serbia is the best country in the world to visit, very nice poeple from what I have seen

Liars, scammers, war criminals, have many primitive complexes, sick ego (claim to be "the chosen one"), the main trouble-source of the whole Balkan. Faked their own history. Pedophilia wide spread etc..

They started the worst two wars in history. Need I say more?

Recent decade made Serbs appreciate their homeland less and less due to the fact capitalism does NOT WORK (as it should) on SERBS. Otherwise they are good people deep down, they wanna drink eat tasty food make friends, have descent life standard and small things make them happy unlike most of us. Would recommend visiting to every one especially Belgrade (Ada Ci-something) or Kopalnic mountain in the Winter. God bless these poor people they suffered enough lies and schemes on their account.