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Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.


Afghanistan is my birth country and believe me you don't want to live here. This deserves to be the 2nd worst country to live in after Syria.
Here are the reasons:

1) Extremely sexist country. Women are abused by their husbands and can't get help from the Government since in Afghanistan men have the right to beat up their wives.
2) Have a lot of extremist groups like Taliban, ISIS, Al Mujahiden. Working any job in government is a death sentence for them e.g. being a teacher, police, solider, firefighter etc...
3) No freedom when it comes to religion. As an afghan you have to Muslim. Denying that God exits could get you killed on the road. No time for police to come and execute you in prison.

I am very happy to have left Afghanistan and I feel very sorry for the people who lives there.

I strongly pity all the women in Afghanistan who have to live in such cruel, inhuman ways. What happened to basic human rights? What happened to equality? It's completely disgusting. Never in any culture or country should women be discriminated in such horrific ways. I am not disrespecting the culture, purely just the way women are treated. Females and males are equal to one another and never should be any different. Both genders NEED eachother, so why be treated so differently? Domestic violence isn't okay either. The religion in Afghanistan has caused to much fighting and conflict. Religion is a deeply personal choice, don't judge or kill others for not following...equality means choice and the right to life.

I even wont live here 24 hours for 10,000$ because they dig mines, they also have ak47, p90, ac130 etc...

Terrible standards of living, abysmal literacy rate (about 20% when I checked), incredibly unfair laws, extreme inequality and the invading US armed forces make this underdeveloped, third-world country a country which I believe would be awful to live in.

The US is the worst country to live in if you want to remain a normal human being. Afghanistan is just a backward country, but people there are more human than Western society where everyone is alienated from each other and finds solace in consumerism and computer games.

Poor Afghanistan, it has been in the worst position for so long. It's always been between some very powerful countries: Iran, India, China, Russia, etc. It especially sucks now that the poor citizens have to listen to a bunch of monkeys with guns.

I am going to vote This country due to the fact I have been there the locals are completely illiterate and have the mindset of a 4 year old they only live to be around 42. The place is wasteland littered with mines wo watch were you step. One minute the locals are your friend the next there is bomb planted just for you only money speaks to them.

It's because of the stupid Taliban. There's nothing wrong with Australia and I should know, I'm Australian. - supergeek149

Afghanistan is poor and it has a high crime rate. It also is a bad country to drive in and there is a risk of triggering bombs there. At least it is not as bad as North Korea in my opinion.

The only reasons we didn't nuke here is 1. We're helping the poor citizens with child labour and regulated abuse not killing them 2nd we can't find evidence about osama bin laden and 3rd we agreed to end the nuclear abuse and threats

I agree that Afghanistan is dangerous BUT HEY ranked 2nd? Afghanistan is my birth country and background and I love my country and peoples comments offend me. Yes it has extreme poverty and inhuman acts so what? You accuse all the Afghans for that? It's mainly the Talibans who cause this. I escaped the war from the country and came to live in Australia. I've spent 4 years in Australia now, and I'm 10 ;-;
Don't accuse all the Afghans for this extreme poverty and inhuman acts because we won't the ones started it - AussieAfghanRules

Still living in a dark ages no true government that supports the people lack of education for women absolutely no human rights at all a very backwards country that still lives in the Dark Ages and worst case of all the religion is what brings this country to it's Knees

I feel sorry for this people, after many years of destruction due to religion, now they are destroyed by revenge.

This is the worst country ever. Girls aren't allowed to go to school. They also honor kill, and there is no honor in honor killing. They also approve of pedophillia there. This is also one of the worst countries to be a woman. Women barely get anything, and if a woman is in a burka, you can't tell if she's a 14 year old teenager or a 60 year old grandmother. I am a 13 year old and I am glad I live in the US, because there is no way I'd want to be married to a 50 year old creepy man.

Afghanistan seems like a country that you can get killed in. It's only the gangs and bad guys you should worry about. But someone said that the people are ok!

Why is China on this list?! I'd love to live in China! They're so advanced! But Afghanistan however, is a major crap hole! You can get shot there and the buildings are old and messy! Afghanistan, the third world country with the highest infant mortality rate in the world!

I don't like your opinion. Afganistan is the place of your dreams. you don't believe that but think about Australia. you think people there like to be shot. no they hate it. I don't think you like Australia to be like this do you. I am not being mean or selfish I just want to say this because people there don't say that Australia is the worst place to live or some where else

There is very poor people they could mugg you or annoy you by following you around asking you 4 money where ever you go and if you do not give them any they will kill you for all your monet

Afghanistan does not suck and what do you now have you been there ya it's a awful country but there's lots of good people there and my parents are from Afghanistan I was born in Canada

It's not our fault that people are starting war and getting the country destroyed before it was a beautiful country with the one of the best schools in Asia but Russia destroyed everything

I like countries and flags
The poorest D. R Congo.
The richest is United States of America

I totally disagree Afghanistan is beautiful country it's called the heart of central Asia it shouldn't be here while Somalia and Iraq are the most worst as compared to this country

They currently suffered from the US war. Wait for some years and Afghanistan will become a normal country to live. For your kind information - Afghanistan is not a terrorist nation all the terrorists r from Pakistan.

I have not to talk but I love afghanistan afghanistan is country of lions afghanistan is the best in the world afghanistan is the top best country in the world

Please think about poor peoples