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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.


To be completely frank you can't discuss the quality of life without talking about the economy.

The two main industries in Australia is mining and property (real estate)...the majority of their mining exports is to one country: China. And this lack of industry impacts all areas of life: from boring (paper shuffling) jobs to culturally dead areas of empty shops (thanks to bubble property leading to ludicrous rents) and (leading to) overpriced poor quality products and a stressed/indebted/unhappy populace. If you're a technologically savvy person who likes creativity / innovation /interesting jobs/ a thriving youth culture/ more freedom to do what you want : you MUST stay away from Australia. It will be hell for you. You literally do not want to be in debt for 30 years (or spend 30% of your income just on rent and the rest on overpriced goods and insane taxes) just to live in a cultural environment similar to a retirement village.

In terms of economic complexity Australia ...more

I live in Australia, and I think there is no better country. Yes, Australia may be some Australians are racist - especially to refugees who the country accepts but refugees don't do anything - just sit on the couch and expect good housing and cars, and funding from the government. So we do have a reason of being so racist. But Australia is home to the best animals. Where else will you find kangaroos and koalas, emus and cockatoos roaming the countryside freely. Even though Australia contains the two most deadliest spiders, you don't see them unless you go out at night under buildings or are out in the countryside. And adding to the wildlife, Australia is democratic (I'm saying that to all the countries that aren't). People decide on who is going to rule the country, not some silly stuck-up rich person. Australia is not as dry as you think it is either. Grass is green everywhere you look. True, during droughts the grass starts to go yellow, but that won't harm you. And on the topic of ...more

Australia should be in the best countries to live, not the worst countries to live! I don't even believe that Australia is HERE!
I am living in Australia right now, and it's a hi-tech city. And no spiders (poisonous) are free in the city. Most of spiders are in forests.

Where should I start? Perhaps with the fact that government pulls the wool over citizens eyes and no one cares, something is very wrong with a country that has 4 different leaders in 5 years. The news is nothing but mindless banter about which celebrity has the most every day problems. To actually find any news of interest you must wade through the plethora of junk and renamed, recycled news.

After 20 long years of heat, rain, humidity on repeat it gets old... Then there are the people, yes all places have their good and bad people but the people of Australia ridiculously rude.and that does not even include the bogans(but I will get to them). People would rather look the other way when an elderly man or woman needs help doing the smallest things, or even give up their seat for some one who could really use it.. The mentality is self entitlement.

The bogans do not want to work and what country gives out a "baby bonus"?

For anyone who does not know what the ...more - Aussie-expat

As an Australian I can tell you that most of your facts are completely wrong or on a par with most developed nations. Australia has universal health care which the United States does not have. Things are more expensive but that is mainly because we are a small market in the grand scheme of things not because of taxing off the scale. The extra tax goes to supporting the under privileged, that why Australia has such high standards of living, a lot is taxed but it all comes back. I love the country and don't know where else I could live.

Well I live in Australia and I would not say it is the best or the worst I mean Yah people think we cook shrimp on the BBQ or live with snakes and Kangaroos its not true unless u live in the outback but its not the worst country well it is a bit weak with its punishments of crime and is scared of being called racist but then again we do let in refugees who just want a free house and money and get paid by the government and don't help Australia what so ever so I think we should get rid of anyone that is a refugee and just don't let Labour or the greens in they suck so much and we have Abo's I mean the fully native ones are nice but others what to murder u and take all of your stuff.

Lets see: Oppressive tax on everything, outrageous cost of living, there's no manufacturing left in this country what so ever. Think about it: When was the last time you saw a label "Made in Australia? " Bad service at restaurants and retail shops is pretty much the norm; it's more of a buyer beware culture. Cost of living keeps going up, but salaries rarely do. There's really no decent work to be found anywhere except in Sydney but it's such an expensive city to live in you have to move 2 hours outside of it, then commute every day. I'm not sure if Australians are ether complacent or oblivious to just how bad they are treated by their government and as consumers. I think they are very happy being ripped off at every turn for all types of goods and services. It's the only country in the world where when the bank places a service fee (no matter how great or small), the government taxes it. Oh yeah, there are no Australians anymore. They might as well change the name of the ...more

Total nanny state, you can't even wipe your bum without a license.

Oh Australia IS the most horrible place EVER. I mean where do I start, I went to the hospital the other day for some free medical treatment and they made me wait an hour! AN HOUR! UNBELIEVABLE. Then I had to drive my wife's car (she had mine that day) to the local shopping centre to go grocery shopping. I was literally exploding with rage as I it took 5 WHOLE EXTRA minutes of travel due to the traffic caused by them upgrading the road surface. Then, at the actual shopping centre, there were no free spaces right by the door, so I had to park in one of the many spaces 30 or so feet from the door and WALK to the DOOR. And in the actual supermarket, there's just too much stuff! I could go on, but, as an Australian I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to come here.

Australia is perfectly fine, its just there's more then you living here, so you might have to wait and not all of Australia has bad traffic, Canberra doesn't and it depends on the time you decide to drive in the major cities like Brisbane and Sydney and Melbourne, etc.

No offense, but your reasons are just first world problems... So you sound whiny

Try to live in Brazil where you have to spend 8 HOURS to get free public medical treatment or 3 hours for paid medical treatment in private institutions.

Why is Australia on here. There is some racist people but every country has some. I live here in Australia. At least we don't give guns to two year olds (cough cough America) and nearly every person in Australia respects the Aboriginals and the Australians never took over them. It was the British. Half the people saying its bad don't live here. It's not dirty. You are over exaggerating. I love Australia. Who cares if there is spiders. At least it's not traditional to put bullet ants on your hands or eat a lamb eye (cough cough Hamish and Andy) and if you don't know who Hamish and Andy are You are not a Aussie mate. Australia SHOULD NOT BE HERE!

The people bagging Australia make no sense, and sounds like they've lived in Sydney for a while, and then think they've seen the whole thing. We made the best out of what little we had and have. 40% of the country's population growth come from immigration so I don't know what you're talking about with immigrants, we take on a huge amount of immigrants relative to our tiny population. I do agree we have no culture and a backwards government though. Also how dare you pull the convict card, those people probably make up less than 10% of the population. I'm from SA and I don't have a single drop convict blood in me. I do however have Dutch, Welsh, and Arabic, plus an SS officer. Oh and shut up New Zealand, you're accent makes me glad we didn't let you into the federation and honestly nobody cares about you now Tolkien is done with you.

Being one who lives in Australia, I can personally say its great. The wildlife and natural beauty are unparalleled, and although you can come across the occasional Bogan, the people are great. This country definitely does not deserve to be on this list and myself, who is of British origin, am insulted that you think my family flew across the globe to start a life in what you say is one of the worst countries in the world.

Australia should be one of the best country in the world. yes there are spiders but please Brazil rains spiders. we might have bad taxes but there is worst taxes in other places. and at least we don't allow people to have guns, just work it out look at places with wars and things like that Australia might have fights and stuff like that so does everywhere else. so if you don't like Australia than don't but 99% of people will say it's the best

Brillant. I left Australia 10 years ago when it was a marvel. Now, it's an egotist drone culture - For GOD'S sake, Don't have an opinion - it might offend someone. I have enough money to buy an apartment in Paris, but can't get an outdoor toilet in Australia, unless I choose to live in the desert. The leading news stories are about US T.V. personalities, whilst the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from irresponsible government just sucking it up. And no, either parties (left or right) are as bad as each other. It's a disgrace, what a fall from potential.

Born there. Used to live there. Emphasis on used too. Would never go back. Miserable place.

I've lived here my whole life and I can't stand the bloody place. Too hot, there could be a lethal spider right on your shoulder at all times, the people are anti-intellectual immature rednecks, and the government treats us like stupid little children. I've enjoyed literally EVERY country overseas more.

Try living in some of those countries and you will soon learn why Australia is great. - Christo

Over regulated and complete nanny state. Can't wait to get out of here.

Horrible choice to put Australia here I live here every day and hardly see a spider or homeless person in Brisbane. Although there are lots of life threatening animals here you hardly ever see them. Australia also has lots of wealth and it has the best cities to live in. Even with the storms and hurricanes you will still have shelter and fun because of the theme parks here. We also are a sporty country with the socceroos, Cricket Australia, Rugby league and other famous sports.

Well, Australia has ups and downs. No need to be afraid of spiders. The nature is awesome! Secondly, people. You know some people are really nice! But some for example, kids stream so loud! You can't spend time in the mall without a kid screaming

Great because they have the ability to think wide and brave to elect an atheist prime minister, but on many other levels still suffering a convict mentality. Racist and controlled by gangsters and a few people with money. Look at Fox news to see the essence of Australian mentality spewed upon a world audience. Unaware or in denial of world opinion, ungracious and self inflated... but who really cares... oh maybe the Australians do?

Arrogant people. Worst place to live

Australia is not bad at all and it might have dangerous animals but doesn't all countries, it is fun there is no war and every where you turn there is something fun to do, I have been in Australia for 13 years and haven't wanted to move Australia is my home and I haven't seen anything bad yet.

Of course people who made this list don't live in Australia. Australia is one of the best countries to live in. You rarely ever see any venomous spiders or snakes. Australia isn't covered in desert like everyone thinks. We have some of the best cities and beautiful climate. With rarely anyone during from venomous spiders or snakes. and I bet whoever made this list has never even been to Australia or all these other countries.

Australia has no export trade! The Government imports everything and sold out every major company. I've torn up my birth certificate and would rather call myself a Persian than Australian!

Maybe it is here because of Australians... well known unfortunately for being the most racist people in the world! I'm not surprise Australia is here, in this position... We vote taking into account everything, not only the economic status!