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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.


They are living financially aside for the fact that they were very indecent, for an instance, if you get bump by a Chinese, there's no sorry, not even a glimpse.

I'm from Hong Kong.

I''m not saying that the government has no flaws, it does.

I just want to say, please stop generalising Chinese people. Not all Chinese people pee or poo on the streets, and not all of them eat dog meat. I, as a matter of fact, think it's disgusting.

No offense to anyone, but Chinese people actually think Western people are 'revealing' (once again, no offense).

So yeah, please stop generalising Chinese people, as there are good people as well. Every country has it's faults. You wouldn't like it if people kept sending hateful comments, such as 'people look down on you like you are cockroaches' or 'go die Chinese people'.

Thanks and no hate please.

This is my first time in this site. I just want to say that the country itself isn't the worst one but I think it's the government. I've never been to China so I think I have no right to say this but the people in their government is just so hateful. Whatever they want they should get. They don't care about the sake of the people living in the country that has the thing that they want. They will make whatever they want like man-made island and this was made in a country in South-East Asia. They are doing that because of oil, money. SO China (the country itself) ISN'T ONE OF THE WORST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN.

Yup. screw the communist. Everyone puts themselves first, on roads cars still drive on red lights. everyone just spits anywhere they should like.

They don't care about anyone else, there is no point in having a que, everyone pushes to the front.

I saw a driver counting money while driving. I swear like 1 in 20 people actually does the road situation properly.

When someone is hit by a car, no one helps, everyone just crowds around to see what is happening.

UGH China

Some Chinese people just drive like this. If there's different culture you have to expect different styles of different stuff. In China, it's just that some people are of lower class (Nearly everyone except their Chairman) and they adapt to their surroundings, most being farmers with no sense of manners, mostly because of occasional fights and disputes in the village. Plus, who isn't curious enough to go see what's going on? - RoamingPerson

Since I was born and raised in China, I am obviously biased. But in my opinion, China is definitely one of the WORST countries to live in. Visit for the history and the "exotic" culture, sure. But to live there is purely torture. Spend the first 17 years of life battling with depression and suicidal thoughts mainly because of the environment, the people around me, the judgements, the ridiculous values and "moral" standards. Glad I finally got out. Lived in the States, Canada, Germany, Hungary since. Anywhere is better. Anywhere but China.

Your perspective is way exaggerated. If you measure carbon footprints and pollution rates per capita, it's actually much better than many other countries that you mentioned, though yes, China indeed pollute a lot compared to other countries. If you're implying that China is a bad place to live, you most likely lived in Beijing or Hong Kong, a place where a room is surely uncomfortable and then I can slightly agree with you... Though never will I ever entirely agree with you. - RoamingPerson

China is actually beautiful... aside from the cities! Some moderately populated places still have some infrastructure and decor that are intriguing and beautiful. Their culture is unique as well. Some people from America will see that not all of China is industrialization and full of pollution - RoamingPerson

It's a communist country with the worst/meanest people in the world. They think they are so "advanced" yet don't realize that they clone most products that are "made in china"

Disgusting country full of clones and uneducated dregs of society. They shout and scream at each other like rabid animals, let their kids piss everywhere and dress themselves like mutton as lamb. The air is toxic, the food is unsafe, people chuck litter everywhere like uncouth vermin. The Chinese lie and cheat and steal for the money that they worship with a straight face and no moral conscience. The country should be sealed off so that no Mainland Chinese can pollute the other parts of the civilized world with their backwards, primitive behavior and underdeveloped ways of thinking. Poor Hong Kong who have to suffer from these backwards country cousins of theirs pouring over the border like locusts. China is an unprecedented hell.

Despite a few flaws in the government system, China is actually a very nice place. Some of these comments are disgusting, using stereotypes to judge the entirety of China. It is a place rich in culture and diversity and people should actually learn about this culture and not say the dumb anything that comes from their minds. You see, this is what the progressive liberals do, vote Donald Trump 2016 and make America great again and keep us away from this Progressive Liberal stereotyping.

China is actually beautiful... aside from the cities! Some moderately populated places still have some infrastructure and decor that are intriguing and beautiful. Their culture is unique as well. Some people from America will see that not all of China is industrialization and full of pollution. - RoamingPerson

Yeah just stop generalizing chinese people china is so big HOW? - MChkflaguard_Yt

China is has bad pollutions, they drink contaminated water, it's illegal to watch anything that involves time travel, reincarnation is forbidden as long as you got permission from the stupid government, millions of babies are abandoned due to the one child policy What's wrong with 2 or 3 kids? What makes me hate China even more is that they treat animals like freakish rubbish. I'm an animal lover myself but I cannot believe that animal cruelty is considered a freakish joke to them

Let's be honest, all of us are currently drinking contaminated / used water. It's all re-processed and used for future use. The "One Child Policy" Is actually for the good of our planet, as our planet is only meant for approximately 5 billion people. Continuation of human growth, simply put, no plant or animal survives. Animal loving, yes. It has been many hundred years ago since dog-eating was in Chinese culture, and it was actually regular. It's pretty much a source of food, especially for the "lower-classes", because cows and pigs were actually very rare in ancient times. Nowadays, animals such as dogs and cats are now considered domestic and very few learn from their parents and adopt cute dogs and cats for social interactions and interests rather than eating them. - RoamingPerson

I am an indian and idont think china should be in top ten
Friends you had forgot its culture

Chinese culture is surely different from others. This doesn't mean it's superior though, so respect and protect your own culture as well! - RoamingPerson

Why is everyone hating on China, all of you are infused with the sterotypes depicted by Americans hoping to turn the world against China. I am not saying China has no faults, I hate the communist government that is in rule currently, but that doesn't mean that the entire population are baby eating, dog sucking poor dirty people. What country doesn't have problems, America isn't much better. Massively in debt, no inter country train system, even though they moved all their factories to other developing countries like China they still manage to polute the second most in the world. A country full of racist pigs that believe that they are superior to all that arn't American. Enthrusting their 'superior' culture upon the rest of the world.

You can be right... I'm not saying that China is just so bad... But all of the people here had bad experience with them... They are just so rude, racist, judge mental, and their city... UH horrible. Their pollution is destroying our planet. Also they pick their nose, they spit everywhere, they take photos of you even if they don't know you. In my opinion, that's bad manners. If they want to live in other countries, they need to have a good behavior. But so far, they don't have a good behavior.

I hate the Chinese government. They are the only government in the world that supports North Korea. They are so sexist and they're baby killing policy is specifically designed to target why girls, whom they believe will do nothing for society. There are no civil rights in China and although there is a (very) limited capitalist market, it is still a dictatorship that is somehow able to convince a few people that it is a democracy. They also bully "lesser" Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam basically becoming the Russia of the region. Also, they absolutely hate all western countries, even more than Russia does, calling Americans fat pigs and thinking of us as Indian killers and genocidal imperialists. If they are becoming the worlds next superpower, god help us.

Terrible in prejudice and ill will. China is under a dictatorial regime that imposes tougher laws; the standards of conduct impose a harsher scale of punishments for anti-social behavior The long history and traditions makes their people more cohesive and cooperative. Their complex language(s) separates the average Chinese person from the learned scholar who requires years of study to attain mastery. Chinese are industrious, intelligent and have responded to Western Art and science with enthusiasm generally appreciating it as much as, or more, than the average Westerner.

Why is China Here? I get that they have a ton of pollution and have a huge population but the government is trying their hardest to get the population down. The only reason why you guys rated this for being the worst is if you think they eat dogs and if you think they have small eyes all people who voted this especially all the English Speaking countries are racist!

China is awesome! It is far from being the worst country. In fact, the standard of living in China is extremely high for a communist nation, and people have a lot a personal freedoms (most notably freedom of religion). In comparision to every other nation, the standard of living is above average. Just because China's communist doesn't mean people should hate it. In some ways, it is even better than countries like Saudi Arabia. China is not corrupt anymore, and people are happy.

China is my home country and I love the country. I wish it'd be the best place in the world. However, It has so many problems and I think the worst part is the moral standard totally ruined there. People worship power and money, not God. There are no trust among people. Lies and cheating are so common that people don't even feel shameful about it. I wish the government can give people true freedom on religion and speech. Hatred won't change the country. Let's pray for China if you wish it'll change to the good direction. Because only God is in control, not the sinful human being.

Many contradictions about China. Every country has areas of contradiction but so much about China is mixed and muddy when it comes to their motivations and - many of their people have no understanding of the values of true love and forgiveness and they certainly can smile on the outside politely but very judgmental about anything and everything.

China is like so awesome. There are such good things there such as the view, the food and the culture. It's better than most countries. It could take on a whole list of countries and not even lose any major army forces. That's right, keep insulting China and they'll frigin take you on and wreck you. Before you know it, they'll smack some Chinese Handcuffs on you. SO GET WRECKED YOU RACIST PEOPLE OUT THERE OR THE Chinese WILL DEAL WITH YOU! - Riptide64

Well, but if we screw people just because they are racist to us, we are racist as well - MChkflaguard_Yt

It's nice to have China in this list, because China is too crowded for foreigners to live. If you don't have the kind of enough money, Beijing and Shanghai closed their door, because they are more expensive than in New York and London. China is safe. True, it is safer than living in any places in the US, except in US prisons, maybe. It is foolish not to live in China.

Some people are seriously underrating China. Just because it is a communist country does not mean it's bad. In fact, China is actually better than nations like India. China is now above average in terms of standard of living. I hate the people who are offending those who live there and the nation itself. Chinese people are awesome (but I'm not Chinese).

Honestly, Chinese government is one of the worst governments in the world. Like really, I hate Chinese Government because it actually is very cruel..But Chinese people aren't all rude. I mean there is nothing wrong in being Chinese. Its very very rude to say that Chinese people are torturers. They AREN'T People don't really have much to do with the government. There can be so many amazinng out there and here some stupid people are thinking that 'All Chinese are rude'. But yes as far as you talk of the government, Chinese government is yucky...

There are many good tourist attractions in China that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. It will be more safe and the trip will be more pleasant if you travel in groups. Because the staff will help you with better meals and better hotels. If you want to travel alone, you need to learn some Chinese language.

I doubt the government is bad either. We all know that Mao Zedong was one most evil people in the entire history, but things have changed drastically after he died. The government is a lot better now, and in the best cases, China could slowly make its way from a communist into a democracy.

China should not be on this list.

Just because the government is bad doesn't mean the people living in it is bad! It's not the people's fault!