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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


The streets are filled with rubbish and it smells everywhere you go

Only the streets you have been to, smells. It might be because of you, I don't know. To tell you the truth only some streets smell and you been to all of them.

Yeah most of the streets stink, and the people just don't mind it, the Japanese clean everything around them, Indians don't cause they don't want to be called garbage collectors by their peers. Also I'm an Indian living in Japan for the past 2 weeks, just 2 weeks and you can see how awesome the Japanese are

The main problems of the country are the overpopulation and the worst system of education. Obviously India has infinite schools and collages. But the system is not correct. In the first 10 years the student have to read everything, that is damn EVERY subject. If you don't do well in all subjects then you are considered a Nothing. After studying for 10 years, you get to choose a stream, mind it not subject. The streams are combination of subjects. You may like the combination or not. And the worst stream is science, not because that it teaches wrong, but because of the damn syllabus. The syllabus is so huge that it is impossible to complete within 2 years, at least for the not so good children. That's the name we are called here. And the most ironic thing is that a part of the syllabus used to form a part of higher studies earlier. The government does exactly nothing to increase the no of university. And most universities are private. 2 of the most hardest exams in the world takes ...more

Yes I would agree that India is not a good country to live in, but as an Indian I can't just go on without answering or at least explaining the TRUE situation in India. I am a Indian and have occasionally lived/visited in countries like Malaysia, Japan, Korea & China. Even though I am patriotic by heart, I would rather like to pose a diplomatic viewpoint to this issue. I will try to enlist all the major key points which other's have also mentioned here

1. Corruption: Yes this is the no. one issue. I agree to it 100% that the corruption level in India is way beyond acceptable level, everyone in India allows or commit simple to major forms of corruption. Some Indians are harassing there position to bend the rules and law in exchange of sum of money (or sometimes other favours). The situation was really getting worse but then, since the past decade, I have seen a sever uprising among the people against corruption. We have one of the most fairest election system (not including the ...more - ndiv221

Being a Indian of Turkish origin I can say it is hole. Its is by far a worst place to live in world where there is no security. People hate each other on basis of caste and religion. Most importantly population which seem be like rat race in breeding. I myself being well educated and decent looking with 6 ft high and fair complexion gets discriminated for being of particular sect. Most men are huge wannabes especially in north India and there is no way you can trust any one. Most of them just want to prove they are special or god gifted. Government win votes on the basis of caste and religion. No planning for development like basic needs of electricity and water are so scare that people que to fill up their pots. Most horrible thing is police they are most corrupt in the world and have no understanding for what civilization is. Police here are controlled by politicians and they too discriminate against minorities. If you get arrested then it is just a night mare. For a common ...more

There is just so much corruption in India

This is such a bad country to be born in and spend your life in. I have hated my every single second in India. And I hate to carry the title of an Indian. The reasons are as follows:

1) Huge population, crowd, Majorly illiterate society. No disposition towards innovation, knowledge or growth. People with backward thinking not fit to live in this day and age. Highly uncouth and uncivilized people. No presence of culture and yet they boast of 5000 year old culture.

2) Corruption, Politics, People etc everything right from 13th century. Then the goons are elected as lawmakers by the majority mentally illiterates.

3) No laws, rules, regulation. Different laws for different people. If you have money the rules don't apply to you. Police are impotent and are merely a tool to be used by the idiot politicians.

4) No enforcement of rules. People often drive on the wrong side. No proper infrastructure. Broken roads, potholes that cause so many accidents and injuries ...more

No population control, most uneducated and stuck in religion which holds them back, filthy ugly cities... Nothing of quality comes out of India... Terrible country...

This country is polluted with overpopulation, bad behavior, poor television movies, over-suspended soap dramas, bureaucracy, poverty, crap public infrastructure, tribalism, classicists, racists, sexists, misogynists, rapists, regular female infanticide, poor hygiene, poor lifestyle, corrupt politicians/authorities, con-artists who rip-off tourists, severe wealth inequality, severe gender inequality, genetically ugly hairy looking people, superficial out-of-touch celebrities (except actor Aamir Khan). India's growing economy only benefits the few and not the majority. This Country deserves to be WIPED OUT COMPLETELY!

I agree with you, india is terrible!

Smelly, dirty, stupid and illeterate people can't breathe here, pollution and stupid religious sort of weirdos worshipping idols yuck this is hell

What we have here is a perpetually growing Pustule that has destroyed itself in the name of caste, religion and ideologies.

Stuck in it's primitive ways, India lacks economic and social growth and should be ranked first when it comes to internal conflicts. No positive measures are being taken to control the population crisis, people make very little to no effort when it comes to public decency and the blatant disregard for the destruction of the environment is highly disconcerting.

You are saying wrong India is a nice and best country in the world :(

Does this need an explanation? Corruption, Rape, Theft, lack of security. No reason you should live in this hell.

Horrendously overpopulated, people live in absolute filth and poverty, there are no bins anywhere. People are generally hard-working but a poorly paid, which results in many immigrating to developed nations where they breed like ants. The government is so corrupt, a nuclear war with Pakistan is likely to occur sometime in the future due to territorial claims by both already vastly overpopulated nations. Indian civilians are backward compared to developed nations, being a century behind those of the US and Europe and still pursuing religion vigorously, which only intensifies the threat of an extreme Islamic presence in the region.

First of all population is the biggest problems as the resources are overused. Secondly the government is corrupt and the tradition is the parents give birth and then put education burden on children. Even the education is getting worse. And modernization of course will never come until they leave their stupid thinking.

I'm an Indian citizen. I have lived there as well. To those who say "don't defame your country, what have you done for it? " are those who are deniers of the truth. I have put in a tonne of money as foreign investment, and I have commissioned several clean up jobs for the communities around my area. Every effort made for this nation ends up getting destroyed by the dirty governments (both centre and state).

The deniers will keep defending the country with the crappy logic of "it's not the nation, it's the government". The government DEFINES the nations. That's why nations come and go. If you're talking about the true "meaning" of India, then that was destroyed the day six provinces left it to make Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India is a disgusting country, and only a miracle or a revolution could set it straight.

I have the answer for your question. You are saying that instead of blaming we should try to help in development. Good. But who will give you chance? If you go against government you will be nearly killed saying accident. And people are such a fools that they support the government. So foolishness never supports greatness. Many villages have no electricity at all. There is no power cuts in the villages because they don't have power plant... Such a foolish country this is ACTUALLY THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE COMPARED TO AfricaN COUNTRIES IT SHOULD NOT BE IN Asia

Bunch of nasty people, on top of all my experience says no safety for girls, if you are traveling India go at your own risk

Shame on those stupid low cheap minded people who think India is one of the worst countries in the world. There are so many people who are trying to make India a better country, there are problems in EVERY DAMN COUNTRY, and so there are problems in India. Poverty is all because of British Rule other India was reffered as a 'golden bird'. I know, there is population problem but that is all because of lack of education. And as a matter of fact, the government has changed, India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. There are so many people of various religions who live in harmony. Yes, there are religious issues at times but why don't you people believe that things are changing and so are people...I mean just look at other countries first then then say that India is one of the worst country...

I am Indian but I hate to live here. I want to go to other country and leave India but I can't afford... I smell crap everywhere :@ poor people fighting over everything... I am doing hard work now to leave this hole :/ sorry if I offend someone but this is truth

100% true. India is the worst country on earth.

If all Indians in US go back to India and start working there, US will go bankrupt. Get your facts right before commenting.

You racist guy, Have you even ever lived there! Get your fact right dumbass.

Whoever wrote this should get their facts straight and shut up. RACIST.

I've gone to India and they're so many homeless people and it's just so sad. And it smells like dogs once took over

Well it hurts to see India here, because I am an Indian. But still India had a very unique history. Once there was a time when India knew everything about mathematics, science and almost everything. India had variety of medicines for almost every disease. India also had variety of languages and great poets. But no one will believe it by seeing the condition of India today. It went from bad to worst after the rule of British.

Today 1 British pound equals 100.82 INR. The schools in India gives more importance to their so called 'DISCIPLINE'instead of studies. The students in schools just bunk classes and roam about anywhere.

Forgot to mention about the government system, people here just waste their vote on anybody because the politicians bribes them. The people then complains that the governments does not gives them facilities.

The condition of middle class is worst. Just take an example, If you purchase an Xbox ONE from your monthly salary it will cost you so much ...more

My visit to India was one of the worst experience. As an Arab I went in Chennai with my Tamil friend he told me there shouldn't be any problems. But from my points of view its one of the worst place on the planet. I was accused in many places and was called terrorist laugh out loud. so I think there is a lot to see in India but the peoples over there are racist towards Muslims.

India is going to be costliest everyday & income is lowering

WORST COUNTRY EVER SPECIALLY FOR THE YOUTH. People drive, they insult you, thugs in every corner they honk like their house is on fire and they curse often. Supposedly good education is actually the worst, they don't want you to understand they want you to cram. You wanna become a writer... Nah son it's engineer. Actor? NAH DOCTOR... Bollywood bahaha a joke... No value to customers... Politicians are killing the country... The youth is misguided and evil because we like Metallica and Green Day... Oh and yes being attracted to the opposite sex... Dang that's like eternal punishment in hell... God hates people who get attracted to each other in India... Nobody respects you... All of them are self engrossed curry smelling pieces of crap... No choice in your own life... Oh and the radio stations suck! What that guy is musically gifted? Okay good! How much did he score in 12th only 90% oh he will get nowhere in life. Their News Channels, their singers who describe the girl anatomy line by ...more