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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.


North Korea is terrible. The totalitarian dictatorship, the huge meaningless string of laws in place for the sake of propoganda and to suit "The Great Leader" and his "requirements", the huge clumps of soldiers placed to march, the propoganda posters plastered on every single damn place you can see, the labor camps that proudly boasts one of the worst conditions and torture you can find currently on this planet, the poor, disillusioned people who percieve of their ruthless Dictator as their "God" and the fact that there is no Internet for the citizens of North Korea... These are, just to name a few, the reasons to why North Korea is the worst Country to live in.

North Korea is terrible. And it's their leader's fault completely. I've not once heard any good news come from North Korea. I feel bad for the poor people who have to live their in fear of their crazy dictator. It's disgusting really. I recently heard NK's leader is now giving the men a choice of 5 hair styles that models after their leader. No joke. The fact that they can't even choose how to wear their hair anymore is disturbing and awful. The poor people are starving to death, I can't even imagine how they feel. Propoganda, outrageous laws, starvation, torture, labor camps. It's actually so incredibly ridiculous and almost fictional sounding that it's hard to believe. People think this kind of crap only happens in books like Hunger Games, but it happens right in North Korea. I feel so sorry for them, I greatly hope there will be some sort of turn around in the future for them. - dragonfly99

North Korea is the definition of hell, eternal suffering with no hope of reprieve. There is no hope here, but only fanatical delusion and reverence of Kim John II.

Things you can be murdered for in North Korea:1. Folding a newspaper so the corner covers the Dear Leader's face.2. Stealing rice from your neighbor.3. Speaking poorly about the regime. (Don't trust ANYONE)4. Conspiring to overthrow the government.5. Your grandparents, parents or children committing a crime.6. Attempting to leave the country.7. Being caught with a bible.8. Being caught with anything that came from South Korea.9. Being caught with illegal goods.10. Helping someone hide from the law.11. Helping someone escape or plan to escape.12. Bribing. (Yes, even though you can bribe security guards in the DPRK, you can get in serious trouble if they don't accept it.)13. Not snitching on someone who plans to leave the country.Most of the country is starving to death and being sent to work in concentration camps to work until they die or until they can escape (if they're the lucky one that manages to every decade or so).It is, by FAR, the worst place in the world to live.

Kim Jong Un has ruled for many months and has brain washed the great people of North Korea. AN the dictators before hi

To the guy asking us if we've ever been to North Korea, don't be so stupid. North Korea's not a communist country, it's a totalitarian dictatorship with the most pervasive personality cult ever constructed. Oh, and a crippling lack of food because of the ridiculous military first Juche system. Democracy may be flawed, but you're a complete moron if you'd rather live in the DPRK.

N= not for you, don't go!
O= oh its so bad!
R=raiding country, stop talking about it!
T= terrible!

K= koalas don't live there = (
O= ouch! It hurts
R= one of the worst in my opinion!
E= EOUCH! It hurts a lot...
A= a terrible place to live!
I just decoded north korea. BYE!

The absolute worst. They starve, brainwash and murder their people, and sometimes I just want to push "Supreme Ruler" off a cliff. Not to mention that their children are fed a steady stream of hateful propaganda (for instance, they play games where they are encouraged to take fake GUNS to the heads of cutout cartoon American soldiers. Being American, that gives me chills.) And I feel so sorry for them. In another life, those citizens might be the most accepting, loving people. But their leader spends all of his time twisting them to hate so many others and idolize all the wrong things. Darn you, Supreme Ruler of Propaganda.

Global citizens voting for this country are such idiots. How can you blindly believe the American propaganda of North Korea popularized by its European NATO followers(countries). And the reason are even more stupid:

1. Hunger: a lot of countries suffer poverty. It's not unique to them.

2. Leadership: Is evil dictatorship new to this world? Mussolini anybody?

3. Nuclear "missions": When a country as powerful and influential as USA is at your back trying to eat you up with constant threats along with their South Korean allies do you think you can sit silently and listen to K-Pop? And just give a thought, do you a country like USA posses any threats from a tiny, poverty ridden country like North Korea?

Some other reasons listed like fake Viagra, heroine are baseless.

by the way I've voted for Somalia because it's problems like wars, poverty are real you do not need USA to tell that.

Be sceptic and just do not read and watch mainstream media. - ibaruah

All countries are hungry and starving for a reason. North Korea is starving for no reason at all. Only reason is because Kim Jong Un wants everything for himself. - njalabi63989

North Korea is so isolated. The worst country ever in my opinion. Literally every single thing that we do in the USA or Canada, is extremely restricted even worse, banned in North Korea. Kim Jong Un is brainwashing every single person that lives in this horrible country. Getting punished for the stupidest reasons. Living there is like living in a prison for your whole life. Citizens there are taught to honour the leader and failing to do that will lead to horrible consequences. By far the worst country in the world.

It's terrible there. Kim Jong Un doesn't give a care in the world for his citizens, and more than 1/3 of the population is undernourished and starving. 40% of the children there are starving, the place is isolated, and don't forget about the concentration camps! If you or you family commits a crime, you and everyone you love goes to a concentration camp, where you are starved, tortured, and worked every second. Only your great great grandchildren get out of there, and it is madness. Probably #1 on the worst places to go.

I just want to shoot Kim jong un in the face. Those poor innocent citizens are starving to death and its because jong un is crazy and is making the country a million times worse then it was before. Not to mention he's trying to start another war

I feel so bad for the people who live there. If they want to leave they have to literally escape themselves, and not get caught! Oh, and when the current leader dies everyone has to go on the streets and cry the eyes out! If they think you're "too happy" they will literally execute you! Whole families and even entire neighborhoods get punished for one person's doing! They basically execute you if you don't praise the leader! Definitely the worst country to live in!

North Korea is getting "better" by one thing: Killing Americans with the help of Russia with a atomic bomb so they can get their revenge on us for beating them in the Korean war in the 1950s. Also, it doesn't help that Kim Jong Un likes to party all night and not do anything else, which explains why he is self explanatory. I hope he doesn't try to kill me or anyone else in America, since all it will do really is trigger a long, deadly war just like the 9-11 attacks did--14 years and counting. Lets all hope none of the things I said above EVER happen. Ever... Ok just kidding. I have more to say actually.

I know they have a bad history with Japan, but they really need to let it go. It was 70 years ago, which is a long time. They also need to stop threatening their neighbors (poor South Korea! ) and be a bit nicer? I am sick of seeing news on North Korea threatening us and telling us where terrible and white Devils (what Japan and Russia called Americans around 1940s-1960s.. I ...more

What can we expect from a leader who is ready to kill his uncle. North Korea have money to perform 5 nuclear tests but their citizens are starving to death. The most bizzare rules eg. You will be jailed for not crying properly when leader dies, you will be executed for watching South Korean channels and no internet. They don't allow citizens to use internet cause they teach them lies that "North Korea is the greatest country, South is suffering, U.S. lost war against them. But internet will show all the truth. Kim Jong Un is so fat that the whole nation of North korea don't eat the amount of food he eats in a single day. And whats more? A big rocket hotel is built between the decaying buildings in Pyongyang, thank god I am an Indian,

The citizens there don't have to go to hell. they are already in it. I feel AWFUL for them. I always smile when I see stuff like pictures of kim jong un being tortured.
Anyway, to the facts, North Korea is terrible. they kill people for doing stuff, like bringing up world war 2, the person who said they whip people for not bowing to leaders IS true. I can't believe what's happened. there should be a petition to assassinate kim jong un. whether this kills me, I hope he gets tortured 24//7 sometime

No human rights... no freedom of speech, no freedom of movement, clothing is restricted... *yawn* I could go on all day on how stupid the government is... they are pompous deceitful scumbags who only care about keeping their 'oh dear "leader" fatty KILL JONG NOW'! You probably can't even walk 10 metres down the street without being arrested and having an unfair interrogation and trial when innocent. God please help these people.

Was there ever any doubt? The government treats their own people like animals! Not to mention that Kim Jong Un might be the most evil man on earth right now. I mean, can't he just take a look at South Korea and see how happy they are and maybe think, "hmm, maybe if we were like them our internal and international situation will improve by a hundred times." Not to mention that he plays with nuclear weapons like a four old boy plays with cars

1) North Korea - definition of hell. Kim Jong Un is a sadistic fool with a god disorder and millions of people starve there every year. Even China hates them.
2) Somalia - no government, run by warlords, pirates and radial Islamic groups. Everyone starves there.
3) Syria - civil war between "president" Assad and his brutal autocratic government and ISIS, who enslave women and burnt a man alive on T.V..
4) Sudan - torture and murder Christians for they're religion. Constant war and huge loss of life.

I hate this country. Millions of innocent people in this country starve while their scumbag leader laughs and counts his money that he gets from illegal drug dealing. One of the worst things about this country is that everyone is brainwashed into loving their leader. If you say anything negative about him, you either get sent to a nasty labor camp or get executed. This truly is the worst county in the world.

The citizens are brainwashed into thinking that Kim Jong un is a god and I'm not lying look up blind people being cured in North Korea praising Kim Jong un. They are completely controlled like they are prisoners and the government can do anything and kill anyone anytime they want and get away with it.

You are guaranteed that you will die of starvation over there. Right now, all I see is that North Korea is using its money to make nuclear weapons. What is that country trying to prove with weapons and starving people?! I feel bad for the people living their who are suffering:(

I think That North Korea has one of the worst political systems in the world. I mean they still adopt the idea of communism. And People are taught from the very start not to question the government. I pray for someone to kill Kim Jon UN and establish a system to fix the huge mess that the Kim Jon dynasty has made.

All I can say is I met a 32 year old woman who escaped from there and she showed me the whips on her back. The police whipped her simply for not bowing down to that huge statue of Kim Il-Sung while she was late for school. She even showed me her passport because not many people believe her and I know how insulting it is to go through an ordeal and have no one believe. I feel really bad for her.

People are fed propaganda news and taught to hate and rat out on each other. Prison camps are the worst and anything outside of Pyongyang is still a very much third world country. Leader spends millions and millions of dollars on not improving the country but building fake towns no one lives in, massive roads with barely any cars to show. And of course building a massive army and military might when there's no one interested in invading that country. All this so that mr potato head can look good.