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Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and is known as the world's second most beautiful capital city. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second more.


Am unfortunately born a Pakistani, but thanks to god I had the fortune of living most of my life out of that place. Let me summarise why it definitely belongs in this list:

GOVERNMENT: There is barely ever any positive growth or development of any kind any where. They try to make it appear like they are improving things when in fact it's just going backwards in terms of development etc. In this so-called "democracy", the political leaders just keep taking turns to come into power as they wish. Votes, government officers, police and even the law can be bought with money. If you aren't corrupt enough, you usually barely earn enough from 100% honest work/zero corruption to fulfil basic necessities. The "government" miserably fails to provide basic things such as electricity to its people.

SECURITY: Nope. Almost non-existent unless you are a high-profile corrupt politician. A huge number of police men are criminals themselves and at least 90% of them can ...more

Hate my country
I wish my grandparents would not came here at 1947...
Love India

Being Pakistani myself and after visiting every few years, I admit its not the best place to live but no way is it the worst. Yes it is very corrupt, most people have no people skills and short tempers. Its how you behave and who you know that makes a difference, money buys anything you want even police protection. In a country like Pakistan if you have money then you live like a king, you need to adapt with the culture and become very street wise to ensure no one even thinks of doing you over. Every time I visit, I conduct myself in a proper manner and adapt to every situation, I am very well respected. my brain and money earns my respect. In Pakistan, money certainly helps you walk the walk.

I agree in the sense that our government does have several major flaws. However, it most definitely would not be regarded as one the worst places in the world. Several reviews here, are by people who have not even personally visited the country. To claim that that people here are bigoted, ill-mannered, and have an 18th century mentality, is in itself narrow-minded itself. Pakistan consists of 5 major provinces, each with it's own distinct language, rich culture, and society. Yet people in the diverse corners of this country, peacefully co-inside with each other regardless or race, ethnicity, or religion. In concatenation, to assert that Pakistani's have a narrow-minded 18th century mentality would also be false, considering the fact that we were one of the first country's have a female head of state (before many western powers), along with equal civil rights for women, that did not exist in countries like the United States until more than a century after their formation. I agree, that ...more

I was born and raised in Canada, and my background country is Pakistan. I've been to Pakistan 4 years ago, and I'm coming back to Pakistan in about a day. I currently live in Canada. But I have to say that Pakistan is the worst country ever. The food there sucks, it's so hot, electricity can go out for a long time, bad wifi, the houses are so dirty, the people there are rude, ill mannered, and none of them have decency. The roads and shops look old and dirty, too much bugs, the clothes they sell for both women and men are just ridiculous, the people's religious beliefs are taken way too seriously, and there's too much bombings on a daily basis. It's hell. I would suggest you do not go there. I'm going there for a month..

One its people can't do anything... 2 they wont let others do anything... Corrupt and terrorists

The person who made this list I think he or she did everything right but to me Pakistan is very good country. Some areas like Karachi are affected by terrorism and whatever you said but honestly speaking that it is not the fault of people of Pakistan and not the fault of country. It is the fault of government. Pakistan is very beautiful place and every one who likes to visit here I will say that he or she will love it. Swat and Islamabad are beautiful places. I am not saying anything to the people of other countries but the people of Pakistan who said bad about their country I think they should not live in this country anymore. Shame on you guys beside of making your country good you are insulting it. Pakistan will become a successful country if you will do something for it. So please do not make fun of your country and do something for your homeland. So now I do not want to listen anything bad about Pakistan

The worst country.

I've been there & people have the mentality of an Islamic terrorist.

I was slapped for wearing shorts on a road! & the worst part people around me supported the person who slapped me. I felt humiliated.

I won't advise anybody going there.

Worst place to live. It's a living hell. If I would be given a chance to move out of that Godforsaken country than I swear to God that I won't even look back. If you wanna die than yeah come to Pakistan

Pakistan is the worst country in the world because this country has no chance to improve. Everyone over there are like zombies. The light goes out every 4 hours in Karachi. I am not going to Pakistan anymore because there is a very bad war going on over there. In conclusion, Pakistan is the worst place to live in.

Definitely the worst country in the world, should be number 1 in this list.

You know what's the largest and fastest growing industry in Pakistan? Terrorism... Their home grown terrorism is killing their own people.

What do you expect from a country that was part of India but divided itself due to religous reasons which was the most pathetic thing ever done. They cannot self govern. The landowners which was mostly looted from Indians who had to leave their land and property and run for their lives across the Indian side so they and their families escaped slaughter. The Pakistanis have killed off or converted nearly all minorities. Now they seem to have nobody to kill or maim they have started killing each other. It is a country run by tin pot politicians who have no concern for Pakistan. Pakistan has always been run by their army. They hang onto India like lecherous leeches as they have nothing to offer themselves or the world.

Ahhh just shut up, just shut the hell up! those of you who say that they are Pakistani and that this is the worst country, you guys are just imbeciles. I bet you just traveled to abroad once in your and now you think your sooo high and mighty, well the fact is that your not, so come down to earth. No matter where you go you will forever stay a Pakistani, so stop insulting yourself by insulting your country. It isn't funnycool, so stop. The thing is that I can't take it, I want my country to be the best, I want the poverty, the corruption, the pain of the people in my country to just vanish! But people like you, THEY JUST MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL. If you don't like Pakistan just get the hell out from it, nobody want's you here. Oh, and the people of Pakistan, they are not what you say they are, only you are that. The people even though they are poor, their heart... their hearts are still purer then your's, so before commenting on them please look at yourself! If in the future Pakistan ...more

Being Pakistani myself, I'm ashamed to have even the slightest relation with these people. They're rude, incredibly judgmental, and practically barbaric, as seen by some of the laws of the land. Add in the mass of pedophiles, kidnappers, killers, etc., and you start to see why extreme religious concentration is never good for the population. I've met fellow Muslims in Pakistan who can't hold a candle in terms of humane characteristics to some American Muslims I know.

There are good & bad people in every country. And the people in a country is what makes a country livable or unlivable. Let's not talk about the terrorist government of Pakistan, lets not talk about that Pakistan's major export is terrorist, lets not talk about the fact that more terrorist have emerged & thrived in Pakistan than any other country in the world, let's not talk about how they killed 3 million Bangladeshi people in 1971, The NORMAL people of that country are rude, small minded, extreme in their thoughts, petty, cheap bastards. I have never talked to a Pakistani that has some what of a moderate view of the world and has some decency in his or her behavior. I wish I had met some that would change my mind but up till now I haven't.

I live here and it really sucks. There are outages every day! They are so long! Don't get me started on slaves! Because they can be children trying to get food! It's like every minute some homless person is at your door asking for money. This places should not even be a country

I curse allah for making me a Pakistani. I can' stand the ignorance, sheer stupidity, hate, and the killings... The killings are the worst. Every day a new one. Mass killings, religious killings, mob killings, bomb blasts, crime killing... It never ends. I wish I could escape this hell.

Terror terror everywhere.
Home of all the osamas and dons.
Offensive people

A disastrous country as it has only Muslims who believe that Terrorism is born in humans by birth and that there is Terrorism where there is man.

There is high probability that you may be killed in a bomb blast in Pakistan

Worst country I ever see in my life I don't know how the Pakistani people can live there mostly the people of Pakistan is uneducated and I also visit India but India is totally different from Pakistan infrastructure of India is 100 time better than Pakistan and they compare themselves with India they don't know India is fastest growing economy in the world India will become the best country in the world people who vizit Pakistan is crying after visit Pakistan

Pakistan is Center of Global Terrorism and was home of Osama Bin Laden. Today, Many dangerous Terrorist Groups operate their dangerous mission from Pakistan. And Pakistan Governor also support them from behind.

I went back to pakistan a year ago and lets just say I'm never going back. You can't have a nice debate with someone there because you simply cannot reason with them or expect an intelligent response in return. Instead they always respond with violence like barbaric animals since they don't like being challenged or quickly being beaten with intelligence.

If I will be the president or pm first I will drop a huge bomb on Taliban. Then I think it will be good for all.