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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


No. This is the best place to live because there is so much opportunity. You have almost any type of weather depending on which part of the country you go to. The living conditions are so good but so many Americans take it for granted. That's why there are so many protests, useless complaints about racism and sexism (some people have actually been affected by these things, but people take the smallest bit of criticism and blame it on sexism! ), media bias, and hate against anyone from a different political standpoint. Americans who don't understand how lucky they are can only focus on the bad things. Some people are so well off that they hate education. I wish I could only say good things, but every country has it's problems. I am very grateful for being born in the United States and people who hate the United States need to understand that they can leave if it is really that big of a problem. I love the United States and always will no matter who is president. I look on the bright ...more

Has the tendency to isolate and persecute those who are different (taught at an early age by their parents and in some communities in their school (s)), Says that they are a nation of the free when their own government mistrusts their own citizens by spying on their phone calls (NSA), "1 in 5 American's can't find their countries on a map... ", the news media tends to favour more on "reality" television "stars" when their are more pressing matters near and around them that have little to no light in their media, how those who are rich get away with their crimes or receive a lenient punishment compared to those who commit less severe crimes and yet who are poor get more severe punishments. (example: Rick kid spared from Jail time after killing 4 people in a drunk driving stupor because his lawyer claims "he is the victim of "Affluenza"), half and more of the country are not open to the concept that differs from creationism even though their is a staggering proof that speaks otherwise ...more

Clearly the best country in the world. The reason all of these socialist European countries haven't totally imploded, and the reason far worse countries in the Middle East and old soviet union haven't made the whole world their totalitarian nightmare. The last bastion of freedom, capitalism, human rights, and tolerance in the world. If it ever allows itself to fall from that position of protecting civilization from the disgusting aims of totalitarianism (see the root of almost all of Eastern populist ideology for as long as anyone can remember) the world will become a truly dark place to be. Despite our many flaws, we do our best to promote and bankroll the safety and freedom of the world. Show a little gratitude and humility, and think about what your country would be able to accomplish if it held the reins of power. What would people say about you, your every action, even if you managed (as we haven't always, and less so lately) to act in the best of faith to preserve international ...more

Not the worst but they need to stop arresting innocent people and focus on getting the serial killers and rapists. I heard that a boy got arrested for burping in class, and a girl once got arrested for refusing to give up her phone in class, and the worst one: An African-American man got arrested for drinking- iced tea! Racism needs to end in the US., it has gotten way too far, especially considering how ridiculous the reasons are that people get arrested. Then an African-American man got arrested for "trespassing" in a "private" space (He was just leaving from a 7-Eleven that was still open.) They need to stop arresting people for petty things and to start arresting people who actually broke the law. Like if "Don't burp in the classroom" or "Give up your phone immediately in class" or "Don't drink iced tea if you're African-American" were actually in the law book. Otherwise, the country is fine, they just need to start arresting lawbreakers, and using their money more efficiently.

I don't like living here.
The economy is obliterated
The majority of people are thieving, self-obsessed, racist, sexist, idiotic bullies. Especially the rich and famous, they can go on a drug fest and murder people, then the police say "Whatever"
Jobs absolutely suck in America because you work from dusk to dawn, get very little money, and work 5-7 days a week while in other countries, you can actually relax.
The school system in America is messed up because, well, what do politicians care about education?
The government doesn't give a s*** about what happens to the people, as long as they get their next paycheck, the people matter as much as the education system.
Don't live here, it's all lies, there is no freedom here.

This country has easily one of the most corrupt governments in the world. No, it's not worse than South Africa or Zimbabwe or North Korea, but it is corrupt nonetheless. We are obsessed with celeb culture, extremely unhealthy food, sports that promote violence, and the idea that our country is perfect. Guess what? It's not, and Obama has turned this country into a hellhole. I'd rather live in Australia with the giant ass snakes and spiders than to see another Kardashian. If you want freedom and justice, go to Germany. If you want a happy and debt free life, don't come to the land of the free. We have the most college debt and are up to our necks in debt to China.

United States is worse than Mexico. Violence is increasing and our government is BEYOND corruption. Our drug war is getting worse than Mexico's. We have more gangsters than any country. I thought Obama was good president but I was wrong. We have a Illegal Immigration that we can't even solve. Illegal immigrants are suffering because they here illegally but that is fair because they re humans just like us, looking for a better life. Our police can't even catch a criminal, it takes them almost a month to catch one. Our country is consider the most racist country on this planet. Most countries, like China and Russia, don't even like us. We own almost a trillion dollars to China.U.S. Congress cuts millions of education funds every day. We can't make law that will benefit us. We can't stay out of war. Immigrants can't even become citizens because the criteria is extremely difficult. We care about ourselves more than anybody else.U.S. taxpayers are paying for secret government experiments ...more

It's miserable here. There is no freedom, the NSA is spying on us. We can't speak out against a the government. And let's no forget how 1 in 5 Americans don't even know where their own country is located, and also the fact how tons of people are rude, racist, homophobic, brainwashed, obese scumbags that nobody likes. These people have even tried to tell other people how much freedom they got, when the rest of the world knows full well that they have no rights. The government is extremely corrupt, driving this country down the toilet. We get into other countries business, since they think that they are so great that they have to be the world's policemen. Education is bad, the poverty levels are higher than that of the Great Depression, and tons of Americans are illiterate. Working there also sucks. We work too much and get paid very little. It's stressful. The crime rate is very high. It seems like that everyday that there's a shooting. But of course, the government doesn't care. And ...more

WHAT?!?! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!?! "All Americans deserve to die"?! YOU deserve to die. We have a strong military and have cured many diseases. And unless you know EVERY American then you have no right to say that. And no, not ALL of us are arrogant. I will agree that we are not the best, but we are NOT the worst. There are many more countries with worse people and worse loving conditions. I mean really, YOU ARE SAYING THAT A WHOLE COUNTRY SHOULD DIE? YOU ARE PROBABLY JUST SOME IDIOT WHO HAS NEVER EVEN SEEN THE United States. I HATE YOU WITH A PASSION. I WOULD KILL YOU IF I COULD. HOW COULD YOU SAY "ALL AmericanS DESERVE TO DIE"?!?!?! MAYBE ALL OF YOUR RACE SHOULD DIE THEN! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?!?!?! - CatCode

This is kind of ridiculous that you can go on and on about why you don't think America isn't a great country. Sure there are many things wrong with it but there are so many things right at the same time. At least every one of us has the right to an education because its more than can be said the same for other countries. Everything else is because of corrupt people and no government can be perfect. Right now there is a girl who is dying of a disease or who spends her whole day getting water so that her family doesn't die. While there are so many things wrong we have come a long way and we have it so much better than you seem to think we do. At the end of the day I am proud to be an American.

America, too bad it become ignorant and started voting liberal. Obama turned this country into a hell hole. America was the most free country in the world, now has dropped out of top ten to mostly free. Corrupt politicians and liars like Obama does what the people don't want. Obama supports Islamic religion but you will see that Islam sponsors more terrorism and wars than any other. Look at list above of countries ruined by Islam. Democrats from past generations have built a country in debt 21 Trillion now and some say 100 trillion. If it wasn't for the hard working Scottish or German ancestry, this country would be a total waste. Democrats have turned cities into stupid placed, such as Detroit, Baltimore, New York City, places in California, Chicago, all dumps because of democrats.

I like America so stop trying to think America is a worst country to live in. - Jordansalesguy2392

This is my country and honestly it is terrible and I'm ashamed to be born in this country. Everyone here don't care about any thing that not about how good the U.S is or not sports related. While most countries called it Football, we are one of the few that calls it Soccer. We butcher the English langrage while other countries use the original English. People might say that this is the land of the free but there some states where the citizens are not free. Their are still racisms, sexisms, homophobia, xenophobia and other humans rights violations. The Americans are a bunch of gun loving fanatics. We far behind other developed countries. Even most Americans don't try to be cultural and many of them don't try to learn about other countries. We think that we have everyone beat but the rest of the world are the real one laughing at us. Obama is the real terrorist of the world.

An arrogant stupid crap said all Americans deserved to die. Like come on dude sure I'm not too found of the country but saying that it deserves to die? Canada is 100% better though but really saying that every American citizen should die? Shame on that person. He Or She deserves to die. There are a lot of famous celebrities that come from the states. That person is sick. America has a lot of good people. Sure America has terrible education and it's one of the worst in the world but either than that the country has completed a lot. They Americans are great people too just some of them are a little stupid that's all. But saying Americans should die is just so messed up in the head.

Horrible country corrupt political system, unfair low paid jobs, expensive education, high health care costs, high living costs, awful place.

Anyone who voted for this should be ashamed. There are so many countries worse than this and all you people do is wine and complain "U.S. A sucks! ". There are literally countries with extreme political corruption, far worse than ours. There are some countries where a large portion of citizens are starving. You have food, you have shelter, and you have entertainment. I'm not going to say that the U.S. A is the best country, we're far from it, but to say that the U.S. A is one of the worst countries to live in is foolish, laughable, and insensitive to other countries. Wake up complainers. - stat221

I live here, I serve in the US military. I have traveled all over Europe and Asia, all these places are better then the USA. US has uneducated, ignorant, wanna be gangsta people. It's a police country, and people have no freedom at all!

United States of America should be on this list. The government is beyond corrupted and "the People" have become like sheep being led to slaughter! Ruled by Banks hidden under the name of "Federal Reserve".
They cheer those who travel the world dropping bombs on people's homes, churches, synagogues and call them "heroes". They have been programmed by commercials showing soldiers dressed as Marvel comic book heroes. There is a huge difference between defending one's land and pointless war.
The cost of living is ludicrous, the school system sucks, everyone is in debt. But the gov't is too busy with their "war on terror" to fix our homeland.
Our Founding Fathers would spit on this country and leave it, as they left the England years ago... I've already started saving to move away, as this country has broken my heart too many times.

Me being an American myself will admit it is a pretty bad country, most people are blind that how corrupt the government is and how hard it is for the average citizen to make a living. I mean I love america but our government is just screwing this country up more everyday. My advice, its only good for visits if your looking at countries to live try Belgium

He is speaking the truth I'm an American myself and I honestly think that life in the states is a miserable lie. Everything is controlled by the banks and by the government this country was built on arms and now they are trying to take them away from us. OBAMA CARE IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER why must I work my rear end off so that another lazy scum can get the same health care and benefits that I get.

Unnatural foods make people obese and obese.. FORCED vaccines is so horrible make a lot of people dying and sick! Not good! Government are letting greedy big business to get away and messing around with victims (customer and normal people) How sad! It is so true that America forbidden any natural treatments and remedies! How sad again! It make me do not like here America, it had less health freedom for minors and sick people! I experienced that!

The United States has my vote, Americans are the most rude and unfriendly people on Earth. Pollution is high compared to European and Australian standards. Crime is high. Terrorism is quite common. Their cars suck. Their women are unattractive. Their architecture is plain and boring. Money is more important then family and friends to American's. The food is greasy and fattening. They bomb small helpless Countries like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Iraq etc and on and on... You couldn't pay me a million bucks to live in the US!

I'll respect your comment on this, but I have to ask - Why do the cars, women and architecture matter? Your other points I can understand, crime rates, terrorists and the bombing ; those are good points, but some of the others are kinda lacking... also not every American thinks money is more important than family. But I still agree with you, despite some faults in your comment. - ladybug375

It is very good country the peoples are friendly

Shame on all of you. If the U.S. is a horrible place to live then go live in an African where there is no fresh water or food, maybe try Asia, the air is polluted and the governments are very corrupt not to mention the poverty due to overpopulation. There's also South America where the poverty and crime rate is just depressing. Sure the United States has some problems hell a ton of problems. You think you have it bad? Get educated. You guys are ridiculous

I don't know, maybe it's the secret lack of freedom, the monsanto factory to truck to pesticide to grocery store to table food system, the entire public school system, the teenage self harm and killing, the corrupt government, the blood thirsty angry people, the constant spying from computer cameras and voice recorders (not to mention any smart phone in the US) or the hate of not loving this bias country. But for some reason, I don't believe the US is the best place to live or raise a family.