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101 Liechenstein
102 Luxembourg Luxembourg
103 Greenland Greenland Greenland is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Hardly anyone lives here. It's just ice. What could possibly be wrong with it.

It's owned by Denmark and it on a list on country's

It's not a country

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104 Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica, is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Caribbean Sea to the east, and Ecuador to the south of Cocos Island.

Great country's expressly in summer time

105 Ghana Ghana
106 Thailand Thailand Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a country at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula in Mainland Southeast Asia.

They can fly not perfect they can walk not perfect they can build not perfect they can do everything but like a duck

So mny trans there and what language are they speaking? minions?

The people are so dumb!
When you step in the airport of Thailand immigration makes it seem to be a good country.
When the bomb near the Erawan Shrine hapend it took 15 minutes for the police to arrive, the police station was only 100 metres away and that was the "MAIN" police headquarters of BKK.
In Thailand there was a thing called the red shirt protesters VS the yellow shirts. The reds wanted a currupt leader to be the priminister. The yellows wanted a good leader.
The police did nothing to help out to sort the problem of bombs and shooting, all they just did was look and do nothing! By the way the police were on the red shirts side... The police's jackets are brown but underneath the jacket is a red shirt, so the nicknames for the police were "Tomatos".
Foreigners can't buy land but you can rent houses or condos.
They have a ton of mafia in Thailand!
So you shouldn't make the Thai people ANGRY!

107 Estonia Estonia

This country fked up as hell, all I see here is endless source of corruption.

108 Malawi Malawi Malawi, officially the Republic of Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland.
109 Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation whose landscape spans low-lying plains, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. Its busy capital, Phnom Penh, is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum's historical and archaeological exhibits. In ...read more. V 1 Comment
110 Lebanon Lebanon Lebanon was established in 1920 and gained its independence in 1943. For a couple of years it has lacked a president; yet, on October 31st, 2016, it got president Michel Aoun . It is known as the Phoenix of the world since it has sunken under the ocean and has been destroyed by wars 7 times . In advance, ...read more.
111 Moldova Moldova Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. V 1 Comment
112 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, Honduras to the east and El Salvador to the southeast.
113 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is a landlocked country in central South America, bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest.
114 Honduras Honduras Honduras became an independent nation in September 15, 1821. Bordering Countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Capital: Tegucigalpa, FM Population: 8 Million Language: Spanish Major Exports: Coffee, Bananas, Apparel, and Palm Oil. Currency: Lempira

The Murder Capital of the World

115 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, sometimes called Bosnia-Herzegovina or Bosnia & Herzegovina, abbreviated BiH or B&H, and, in short, often known informally as Bosnia, is a country in Southeastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula.
116 Laos Laos Laos, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR), or commonly referred to its colloquial name of Muang Lao is a landlocked country in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula of Mainland Southeast Asia, bordered by Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to ...read more.
117 Libya Libya Libya, officially the State of Libya, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.

Libya is the worst country ever,killing stealing. It is basically the home of Isis and I'm Libyan by the way! Do not visit this country

118 Bahrain Bahrain
119 Djibouti Djibouti

Without a doubt the worst, you shouldn't go here. Go to Norway instead

120 The Gambia
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