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81 Tuesday's Gone - Metallica (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

I like Metallica and all but this one was bad

82 Sound of Silence - Passenger (Simon and Garfunkel)

As much as I don't like the Disturbed cover, at least it's not this. - Zach808

He sounds like a five year old, and a winy one at that

Ehh, Didn't like this version. Disturbed did it much better

83 Somebody to Love - Glee (Queen)
84 Does He Love You - Patti Labelle (Reba McEntire and Linda Davis)
85 Drunk in Love - Icejjfish (Beyoncé)
86 Dancing with Myself - Glee Cast (Billy Idol)
87 Stairway to Heaven - Mary J Blige (Led Zeppelin)

I think it's not too bad

Nothing will live up to the original. - naFrovivuS

88 Come Together - Michael Jackson (Beatles)

While I think technically anything Limp Bizkit touches turns into utter crap. Seriously Michael!? Did you really think that say "Walrus Cracker" was a good idea?

The only reason I voted was to ask... What public? This song on this list? Mj rocked this song.. Being a Beatles fan I think that Mj did it better than them...

Mj butchered this awesome song. Mj is overrated

Both artists are good.

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89 Pictures of Matchstick Men - Camper Van Beethoven (Status Quo)

What? This cover is awesome! - naFrovivuS

90 Gangsta's Paradise - Falling In Reverse (Coolio Ft.L.V.) V 1 Comment
91 Sing - Glee (My Chemical Romance)

I love My Chemical Romance but everything by glee is terrible

My chemical romance sucked anyway.

92 Dancing In the Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight) - Alt-J (Thin Lizzy)

Horrible cover of a great song. Alt-J took out the soul and the oomph in the original and made it bland and boring.

Alt-J sounds the same on every song they make. This song is further proof of it.

93 It's My Life - No Doubt (Talk Talk) V 1 Comment
94 Never Gonna Give You Up - Ashley Tisdale (Rick Astley)

Whoever produced dis piece of junk should no longer be in the music industry

A fate worse than being Rick Roll'd. It exists. - Zach808


95 Zero the Hero - Cannibal Corpse (Black Sabbath)
96 Heroin - Billy Idol (The Velvet Underground)

The words "I think Heroin could be a techno dance hit" should never be uttered by anyone, let alone someone who actually follows along with it and makes a techno song out of it. - ArchAces

This is real?! Heroin is my favorite song ever, and that sounds horrible! - djpenquin999

97 Rolling in the Deep - Aretha Franklin (Adele)

Aretha Franklin is often regarded as the greatest singer of all time, and she definitely has one of the most powerful voices out there. And Adele is generally considered one of the best singer-songwriters of the 21st century, so what could possibly go wrong?
One word: Autotune.

Yes, they actually dared autotuning one of the biggest voices of all time while covering a song that was purposely produced nostalgic and soulful. Also, it is not just any Autotune. It's the most gut wrenching and pitch-destroying Autotune I ever heard. You can hear how Aretha gives a great performances but the Autotune sounds so cheap that the pitch completely breaks off the tune. Look, Autotune in hip hop is over-hated, but please, don't use it where it is the most unfitting. For example when a classic and great soul singer of the 60s and 70s covers a song by a new and shiny soul singer of the 21st century. That's about as far away from Autotune territory as it can get. - Martin_Canine

98 What I Like About You - Lillix (The Romantics)
99 Walk This Way - Run DMC (Aerosmith)

Oh heck no!
1. Made rap mainstream
2. Relaunched Aerosmith's career
3. Propelled Raising Hell to millions of copies sold
4. Landed on frequent "best videos ever" lists

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100 Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore (New Radicals)
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