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121 Dancing Queen - Wing (Abba)
122 Everything I Do - Brandy (Bryan Adams)

You killed this song. It's the most beautiful song I would have ever heard, my favourite song. My boyfriend sung it better than she did. brandy, please leave this universe.

123 Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen (Keane)

She just ruined the song

124 You Really Got Me - Van Halen (The Kinks)

Van Halen is awesome! The Kinks did it great, but Van Halen's cover was just as good, if not better!

This cover is still worthy thou, I love both version

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125 Wake Me Up - Avicii

Is this even a cover?

126 Bring Me the Horizon - Eyeless (Slipknot)

Everything Bring Me The Horizon does is absolutely awful, so its not really surprising that this cover sucks goat semen.

127 Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Avril Lavigne (Bob Dylan)
128 Rooster - Three Days Grace (Alice In Chains)

Not really that bad to be honest Five Seconds of Summer's cover of American Idiot was worse. This cover was decent but I've heard better. Not really bad for this list in my opinion. - BoredJeff02

129 All Apologizes - Lorde (Nirvana)

Actually, it's spelled All Apologies. Anyway, there's no emotion. She ruined one of Nirvana's best songs. Her performance is a big joke on a legendary band. Shame on her. - gothictomboy66

To be honest her cover of All Apologies has to be one of the best Nirvana covers I have heard. She has a great voice and although I don't like her music that much she is one of the few popular musicians who deserves to be famous.
Also I find it amusing that whoever added this probably thinks they are such a huge Nirvana fan when they couldn't even spell the name of the song correctly.

This cover was actually one of the better covers of the band. Just because Lorde has shrill songs doesn't mean she can't sing a cover. She's one of the least-fake pop stars these days. - Swellow

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130 Blue Monday - Orgy (New Order) V 1 Comment
131 Feel Like Makin Love - Kid Rock (Bad Company)

This is one of the most dreadful covers I've ever heard. Should be in the top 10, and I'm surprised to not see it on the list.

132 I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany (Tommy James)

There's some good Tommy James covers, such as Joan Jett's "Crimson & Clover" and Billy Idol's "Mony Mony". But Tiffany's cover sucks on every level.

133 Landslide - Miley Cyrus (Fleetwood Mac)

Usually I don't care when good bands get their songs covered by awful artists because it won't be known that much, but this is awful. She ruins the vocals of Stevie and Christie to an extent so bad, not even the instrumentation saves it. - Swellow

134 Happiness Is a Warm Gun - U2 (Beatles)

I think U2 is the better band here, but this was just weird.

135 Your Song - One Direction (Elton John)
136 Teenage Kicks - One Direction (The Undertones)

Way to ruin this and "One Way or Another" in the same song.

137 Sally's Song - Amy Lee (Catherine O'Hara)

She turned a beautiful haunting song into a crappy emo-ballad.
It just sounds lame just like her voice does live.

138 Heart Shaped Box - Evanescence (Nirvana)
139 Thoughtless - Evanescence (Korn)

The worst cover I ever heard. Why does this object always turn great rock/metal songs into lame emo-wailing?

Good cover- but it's not as good as the original. - wrests

140 Fever - Beyonce (Little Willie John)
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