Worst Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel Episodes

Here are all of the episodes from Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel. Two of Cartoon Network's most repulsive Cartoon Cartoons.

The Top Ten

1 Cow's Toys

He said "Made in Hong Kong", Crabs! NOT "MAIDEN Hong Kong'! Cow's Toys must be so stupid.

Toy stroy rip,off

2 I Scream Man

This episode is so horrible.

3 Desert Island

Stranded on a sugary island?! Lame.

4 I.R. Role Model

I felt bad for Weasel in this episode. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I.R. Baboon is now a role model. Seriously. I Am Weasel sucks.

5 The Cow with Four Eyes!

Glasses don't make you smart! Learning does. Chicken knows nothing!

6 The King and Queen of Cheese

The King and Queen of Cheese is just ONE STUPID PERSON!

7 I.R.'s Phantom Foot

What the hell is a phantom foot?!

8 I. Architect

This episode wasn't bad. In fact, what's surprising is that it managed to avoid the cliche of using the same voices in different bodies. Instead, they had the voice actors imitate their opposing character. For some reason that's just funny to me. - regularponyfan09

Weasel and Baboon switch brains?!

9 Happy Meat

Cow and Chicken eat pig butts. That is just gross, and really not funny.

10 Duck, Duck, Chicken

ARE YOU INSANE?! Chicken doesn't look anything like a duck, because he's NOT A DUCK! HE'S A CHICKEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

The Contenders

11 Enemy Camp

What kind of camp is this?

12 I.R. Gladiator
13 Journey to the Center of Cow
14 Fluffy the Anaconda


15 Buffalo Gals
16 A Troo Storee

I. R. has LITERALLY turned everyone into himself. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Um, no. Everyone was already stupid. Did you even watch the whole thing? - regularponyfan09

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