Top 10 Worst Createrria Games


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1 The Sandy Doom!

I think some people can beat it, but not me (tyson666). I just want this game to be token down. And by the way, At some point, The gems sign say "JUMP! " This is so dumb. - tyson666

2 Sand Castle of Doom V 1 Comment
3 Duck Rollercoaster

I think this is pretty stupid because of the camera zoomed in a lot. It's zoomed in so much that you couldn't even see the sun's face and you can't see what you are even doing! It's pretty stupid that the players couldn't even know the creator's name! And some players couldn't even get past the Flappy Bird and the Pogo! Put this on number 1 right now! - tyson666

4 No Man's Cave

Ugh... this is so worse than The Sandy Doom!... It is 100% impossible like The Sandy Doom! And you can't even get to the flappy! It's like 101% impossible at 4 enemies flying up and down. It is 102% at the spiky plant (2), 103% at the 2 moving saws, 104% at Trampoline and Die, and 105% at Go Down and Die, 106% at spikeball going up and down (3), 107% at saws going up and down (3), 108% at Go Up And Die, you can rarely get to the flappy. - tyson666

5 L' Impossible

I don't think this is impossible at all, the creator, critic, decided to name the game this. And he speaks Spainish! - tyson666

6 Into the Oddlands

So impossible, cirome was an epic fail. Especially near the TNT. Well some players like me can complete. - tyson666

7 Purple City

This is an epic fail. Please try to improve this, at least to 10. And this game always gives me "Game Over". I hate Game Over. Especially everything. this is so worse than The Sandy Doom!... - tyson666

8 Armorplayer's Quest

I hate this game, this is also like No Man's Cave... Especially near those 4 doors that you can't unlock... - tyson666

9 The Monster Caves

Noo! Not The Sandy Doom! And the camera is zoomed in a lot like Duck Rollercoaster, Pogo, Flappy bird, and Createrria game! This is worse than The Sandy Doom! And beware for the monsters there too. Especailly near the 3 beginner spikes! Put this on number 1 right now! And about 50% of The Stuck Adventures live in that Createrria game. - tyson666

10 Daycare of Doom

Horrifiing and dark

The Contenders

11 Skeletor's Dungeon
12 Temple of Doom 2 V 1 Comment
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1. The Sandy Doom!
2. Sand Castle of Doom
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