Top 10 Worst Creepypasta Plot Twists

Creepypastas are laughably bad now and some of the plot twists are JUST BAD. Ranging from insultingly bad to laughably bad. Some creepypasta plot twists have been good but these plot twists are just awful.

The Top Ten

1 Sally's uncle  is a rapist - Play With Me

This is just used for a cheap shock ending...

2 Predictating 9/11 - Happy Appy Predictating 9/11 - Happy Appy

Yet another forced plot twist.

3 The main character kills himself - Blood Whistle

A terrible Mario creepypasta with a cliche and predictable plot twist.

4 A breakup causes the main protagonist to go insane - Clockwork: Your Time is Up

*Facepalm* Another example of a forced Creepypasta plot twist.

5 Cole was skyping in a alternate dimension - Sonic.exe Round 2

Tops the first one's dumb plot twist in all honesty.

6 The dog is murdered - Laughing Jack

FORCED just downright FORCED.

7 Jack steals one of Mitch's kidneys - Eyeless Jack

Do I need to explain why for this one?

8 Seeing dead children - Squidward's Suicide

This overall was a rather weak plot twist to be honest.

9 Jeff's parents want to kill Jeff - Jeff the Killer

This story man it's bad... but this plot twist is so predictable and only makes the terrible story worse.

10 Sonic turns into a plushie - Sonic.exe Sonic turns into a plushie - Sonic.exe

This is deemed scary? You've got to be joking...

*sigh* Why? Just why? - GreninjaGuy

Aww. I wish I had my own Sonic.exe plushie. :( (Nah, jk, lol)

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