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1 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

The fact that so many people are calling this "well-written" is honestly insulting to legitimate writers. The plot is incredibly contrived and unrealistic, every character is flat with no personality (especially Jeff, who flips from perfectly normal with occasional "strange feelings" to a homicidal sociopath in a second), and 99% of Jeff's injuries are ridiculous (after being lit on fire, his skin turned white, lips red, and hair black? How scientific! Not to mention how Jeff hasn't gone blind from dust and bacteria after burning his eyelids off, and how his cliche knife-carved "smile" hasn't gotten infected without medical treatment). The scariest thing about this story is its picture, which, after a couple years, has become very dated and obviously photoshopped (also, isn't Jeff supposed to be in, like, high school? The picture is clearly a grown man).

The popularity of garbage stories like this makes it impossible to have any faith in humanity. It's physically painful to see people praising such a poorly written, nonsensical piece of trash when there are so many other good stories/authors out there that get little to no attention at all. Cattle mentality at its finest.

This kid has no excuse for his attitude, his strength, or his amount if FANGIRLS. FANGIRLS need to get their heads outta his ass and actually act like a normal creepy pasta fan and not go goo goo for any creepy pasta with a homicidal guy. My favorite creepy pasta is The Stairs. (Read it so you can actually get a decent taste of what a good story is.) One second is a normal emo teen that has too much of a drama issue. The next, he's a serial killer? What, just because of some bleach. BLEACH. And might I add that in this story, he's 13? he's 13 AND CAN DODGE ALL THE POLICE'S BULLETS, KILL HIS ENTIRE FAMILY, AND BE A "Badass"?!?! NO! The writer did change this later on but the story was still a pathetic waste of time. To recap;

1. FANGIRLS need to read some good creepy pasta like an actual fan would and not write fan fics of Jeff, or any creepypasta. Respect the website. You are supposed to get scared, not have a orgasm.

2. The story is poorly written and very ...more - Peculiar

This cp giving sucks

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2 Sonic.exe

"The animal was bleeding... WITH HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD" actual line in the story, not kidding, read it

I hyper realistically saw the hyper realistic story, with my hyper realistic eyes. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

You all should see what the creator said after this story was removed!

Still not as scary as sonic '06

It was scary but the Sunky game made it ten times funnier seeing that the characters are partying

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3 Clockwork: Your Time is Up

This story is stupidity incarnate. At first I couldn't stop laughing. Then I found the original on Wattpad. It make me sick to my stomach. It made me so mad that I looked up the author of said story. When I wrote then, they told me that all of what happened to Natalie, happened to them. Now, don't get me wrong. It's very possible that something like this Could happen. But then they went on to say that they wanted to educate people of the problem... Then I got upset. You don't educate people of Serious issues, through a Creepypasta story. A story primarily made for popularity.

The plot twist was horrible in my opinion. Removing your own eye, which she probably didn't have any problems sight wise, and replacing it with a clock? This seems more like torture porn than anything else.

The grammar was so horrible that I could not stand it. Natalie is a ridiculous Jeff The Killer ripoff, and the whole story just sucks. It's filled with pointless gore and has no real plot- the entire point of it is to serve as a fangirl fantasy of what it would be like to be Jeff. Now I'm just wondering why I even bothered to read it.

The giraffe had more personality then anyone else in the story

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4 Nina the Killer

This story is just awful plain and simple. For a troll pasta it would be AMAZING, but its that key word 'creepy' that ruins it. Before I read it I knew it was going to be terrible, but it was even worse than I thought. It is a rip off of Jeff the killer which isn't even a good story to begin with, she is too sexualized, the most cliche character ever, and to top it off: she is a jeff FAN GIRL. -_- I don't even like Jeff but this is really stupid.

How the hell is this not first? Jeff's story is overrated, but at least it was unique and well written. This story is clearly a huge ripoff of Jeff the killer. Even her catchphrase is Go To Sleep, ending with My Prince. Weren't creepy pastas meant to be scary? This is a ripoff, and her design makes her a Mary Sue. I mean, how does her hair suddenly get a purple streak in it? And why is her skirt so short? I hate this story.

This one really disappointed me. It sounds like a cheap remake of Jeff the Killer, only with a female character. The whole story sounds so similar to Jeff the Killer and she even has the same catch phrase as Jeff, only it ends with "my prince." So far, this is the only one I've heard that I don't care for.

After finding about Nina, I actually started to feel sorry for Jeff...

I was once incapable of feeling pity for other human beings, but Nina has showed me that I should really feel sorry for poor Jeff.

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5 Tails Doll

This creepypasta is horrible. Its badly written, and just not scary at all. the concept is really bad too. I have no idea why this one is so popular.

Would be scary if they didn't just pick a random character and turn them evil.

This Creepypasta is the product of poor writing, and pure stupidity - AlienKing

It's so bad. TAILS DOLL BREAKS THE FOURTH WALL, AND INCLUDES GORE FOR THE SAKE OF IT! (Breaking the fourth wall like Sonic.exe because he jumps out of a T.V..)

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6 Slenderman Slenderman The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

Slenderman actually is a Creepypasta, and personally I like him. He's mysterious and supernatural, which is half the reason he's so interesting. Plus, anyone who sees him comes up missing without a trace and are never seen or heard from again, which is probably the scariest part. I love Slenderman!

This is in fact one of the better creepypastas, and an original story that makes you scared to go near any forest or woods in general. Personally, I think is a very good story in general.

The Creepypasta makes him much more powerful, and makes him unbelievable. Teleportation? Really? When he was stalking children, or depicted as the operator in Marble Hornets, he was much better. It's sad to see such a great concept be ruined. - GREATEST

Slender man is not a dumb creepypasta. He is probably one of the most best creepypastas. He's mysterious and there is a lot of mystery about him. Unlike most creepypastas that focus on humans all of a sudden turning into psychopaths. Slender is different as he was never human and he is his own kind. I completely disagree that slender man is a dumb creepypasta.

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7 Squidward's Suicide

Like the Abandoned Disney Theme Park piece, this starts out beautifully, very suspenseful and atmospheric. Then it remembers "oh yeah, I'm a horror story," and the shock effects start piling up until everything that was good about it disappears.

This story is a swirling storm of angry flaming cliches, and it includes gore and dead children only for shock factor. They are not a major part of the story, however they are the main attraction. Because pointless violence totally makes everything scary, right guys? - GREATEST

I'll agree with these statements because it was not all that scary and the accompanying videos are not at scary

Yeah you totally right

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8 Sally.exe

This is just a pathetic version of Sonic. Exe - HELLADERE120

Never read it, but I can tell by the title that it's garbage.

The moral of the story is to get your candy ass out of here.

Disgrace to Sonic.exe - BorisRule

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9 Luna Platformer

Is this like Luna Game? If so, jump scares and that's it.

You play the game. You see a jump scare. THE END!

Not really that scary

Boring and not scary, me and popplio were snoring on our desks within 12 second. And the jumpscares, don't get me started on those. Boring and tedious and only a sonic.exe clone. But tikal.exe is pure garbage and so is littleeinsteins.exe. LITTLE EINSTEINS?! REALLY?! -PopplioLover05

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10 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

Let's check out the flaws of this story, shall we?

-The main character, Mitch, is not only blander than sandpaper and not interesting or likable in the slightest, but also somehow manages to function and walk perfectly WITHOUT A KIDNEY. Heck, he barely even notices it until the doctor tells him about it!

-When spotting Jack on the second night, Mitch takes a photo of him, instead of, I don't know, hitting him with something heavy, fighting back, calling the cops. And hell, why did he sleep at his brother's house the SECOND time around AFTER he had something REMOVE HIS KIDNEY at night? How about staying in the hospital? Or getting some police escort?

-Jack isn't scary. He really isn't. His appearance isn't particularly unsettling, his Modus Operandi is ludicrous and unrealistic, and we are just not given enough to actually become afraid of this character!

In conclusion, the ridiculous amount of cliches, hilariously dumb character decisions, and the plain ...more

Warning: this story includes a Mary-sue. Mitch, is so stupid! First of all, how does he not realize there's a cut on his face? Second of all, how do not wake up while someone is taking your kidney out? Third, why did Mitch think the most logical thing to do was take a picture of the thing instead of maybe, I don't know, screaming? And lastly, how come the guys body was still there even though the police knew about his death? Honestly, the worst story I've ever read.

Eh, one of the few Creepypastas that are actually scary. Not the scariest, but better than many Creepypastas - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

The story made no sense whatsoever even the author admitted it was bad. It can be described in a sentence: A cult which appeared out of no where made a boy go blind p.s don't forget the cannibalism. There now since you know it don't read the story. - XxembermasterxX

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? Jana the Killer

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11 Laughing Jack

The sins of this one include:

-It's laughably (no pun intended) overrated.

-Instead of showing us some actual chemistry between James and Jack, maybe letting the mother see them interact more, we are introduced to, wait for it, GORE! Because that's what makes a good story. Gore. Unnecessary, overly detailed gore and torture, ESPECIALLY relating to a dog and a FIVE YEAR-OLD.

-When finally meeting Jack face-to-face, the mother suddenly turns into a damn ninja.

-Yet another 'AND DEN I DYED/WANT INSANE' ending. That, and the painful overabundance of unneeded cliches such as creepy children, a nightmare sequence that has no purpose but to showcase some more gore, and the dog in the story has no purpose but to get killed. NONE.

-People actually defend this one like their only child. Really? Fangirls are that stupid?

No character development to the Jack himself or even his victims, poor writing, a lot of cliche's, unnecessary over detailed gore and tortures and why he had bunch of fangirls? He is just a clown from the box!

If the author is gonna add serious subjects such as harassment and child abuse at least handle it properly. - XxembermasterxX

Like him as a character/ his design, not his story.

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12 666

Never heard of it but it sounds like it sucks.

Yes it's a YouTube CreepyPasta that sucks

Is this even a story?

Actually this pasta was debunked by a Youtuber.

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13 Jane The Killer: The Real Story

I love Jane, but the story could've been written better. At least her appearance was closer to realistic than Jeff's after a fire. People think her skin is white and her hair black, but that's the mask and wig. She is really bald. At least, in the version I heard.

Crappy Jeff ripoff, all you need to know - TwilightKitsune

I really found her super bland and a Mary-sue. Jeff was bad but was interesting, but this was just Boring and she even looks like a Jeff ripoff.

Jane seems like a pretty good rival for Jeff (maybe even better) but this story isn't good.

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14 Sweet Apple Massacre

NO. This story has clichés and over-used gore everywhere!

Oh Jesus. Why. Ugh. Ok, so the main plot line is torture, rape, eating puke and body parts, and...wait for it... GORE AND DEATH! so scary. Also why did the guy kill the three kids?

You see, we get tired of ponies brutally murdering other ponies, just for the sake of murdering ponies! I like to call these Creepypastas, "pony-pastas" because that's basically what they are. And this Creepypasta doesn't really help that title. It basically revolves around some sort of MLP character murdering little girls for no reason. The story just basically goes into detail on how he tortured and raped them to death. There is nothing scary about this what so ever, and stuff like "Cupcakes" and "Rainbow Factory" are no better. I hate MLP anyway so, I couldn't care less about ponies being murderd. - AlienKing

15 Nightmare Ned
16 Cupcakes

This was just a gore fest and nothing but a gore fest. I could barely get through a quarter of it, because all the gore in it just got really boring and some of it unintentionally funny. Also it was painfully slow, Pinkie doesn't even have a reason to kill Rainbow Dash or any other ponies for that matter. And I don't even like MLP but this story was still awful.

Absolutely no point. It's a torture porn and nothing else. It has nothing to do with the show and the writer should be ashamed of this because this is an absolute terrible concept.

The only reason I sort of like this pasta is it introduced me to Muffins and Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Just awful. I have seen an animation of this, and if the animation was just like the story, one word, terrible, All Pinke pie does was killing rainbow dash for no good or even a bit good reason. And her scary word called “Life Is A Party” is awful. Seriously? Oh well. at least Rainbow Factory is better than Cupcakes.

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17 Voicebox

I'm not kidding, this is probably the worst Creepypasta (or fanfiction in general) I have ever had the displeasure of reading. It is cliché beyond belief, doesn't make any sense, almost every character is either to corny to comprehend or is just 1 dimensional. The plot is the typical cliché romance drama, only its trying to add as much blood, raping, and killing as possible. Did I even mention its about a emo character meeting Creepypasta characters and befriending them, and marrying the Creepypasta character Ticci Toby? - AlienKing

18 Sonic.exe Round 2

Okay story, but darkest struggles for the win - BorisRule

19 Come Play With ME (Sally)

Eh it wasn't really on the scary side - diehardfan

Her creator ruined her

Horribly handled rape.

20 Ed, Edd, and Eddy Lost Episode

Ugh. Lost episodes. - AdamDestructorJr.

21 Homicidal Liu Homicidal Liu

I like him, but maybe something could change, but I don't know what.

Most cliche Creepypasta I have EVER read. - AlienKing

He is cool but is very cliche

I can't stand this creepypasta. Like, really, Jeff the Killer was already a horrible story, but this contradicts every small thing of that Creepypasta. Next to that there is Pedophila in it, and it is so cliche. They want us to care about their relathionship, but they spend extremly little time on it, causing it to be boring AND creepy. That being said, it is better than most (if not all) of the " --- the killer " creepypastas, since at least the author tries to make it diffrente, and it doesn't have that silly second name thing.

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22 Lavender Town Syndrome

Just not scary. How am I supposed to be scared of a SONG! Ben drowned wasn't really scary, but at least it was entertaining to read ( and watch. ) Lavender town has a creepy song, but writing a full creepy pasta on a SONG? Just doesn't cut it for me.

How do you get a song that kills people on a gameboy cart you can't even fit graphics more advanced than blobs of pixels on those

It's so boring I mean my cousin who is 4 wasn't even scared

The whole thing was written based on one song, still, I expected more.

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23 Rouge exe

I hope that whoever wrote this was drunk. Then they would have an excuse.

Practically unreadable schlock.

All these exe creepypastas. Damn preteens. - AdamDestructorJr.

I wish.exe creepypastas are better. - BorisRule

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24 South Park: The REAL Pilot

If you watch South Park and you read Creepypasta, then you should know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a Creepypasta on South Park. Especially if it's a lost episode Creepypasta! Go read Suicidemouse.avi guys, because this is just terrible!

... I uhmmm.. well, it kind of looks like something that could happen in the actual cartoon, I mean, cartman killing all south park, it actually can be an eric's fantasy jajajajaaj... this ones crappy.

Really. You guys? This lost episode is obviously a fake vhs bootleg. Even if it did exist, it doesn't have the same characterror animation. Good day.


¡¡¡¡HAHAAHAHAAHAHA! oh... it's so cute to see how they are trying to make the most satiricly funny show on comedy central an actual creepypasta.

25 Blood Whistle

This story is the product of stupidity, hyper realism, and poor writing. They include a topic that most likely wouldn't happen to a person. The main character does the most stupid, thing you could possibly do kill yourself over a video game. Put it down and move on with your life! Seriously!

Oh noo, there's blood so it's obviously scary! Seriously, this story is terrible. Too many cliches, bad story, and the character seriously kills himself over a ROM hack... No, I'm 100% serious there.

This deserves to be a lot higher. The main character is just so STUPID!

The pasta was so bad, someone copied the entire thing but replaced "blood" with "poop", and "red" with "brown". that should convince you how bad this is. - UnlawfulMatron

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26 BEN Drowned

This story was actually decent. Which is a surprise since the "Gaming" and "Lost Episode" genera have had such a bad reputation. The writing in this one was AMAZING to the point were I felt like I was reading a Stephen King book rather than a Creepypasta. However, it doesn't do well when it comes to the scare factor. It pretty much does this pattern of stuff like "game glitches" and Ben Drowned communicating to Jusible through the game. Overall its entertaining, but not scary. - AlienKing

Unlike other stories on this list, this one is really well written, except if just isn't scary

I actually liked this one as a story.

Not a SCARY story, though.

This isn't a bad creepypasta, this is one of my favorite creepypastas ever, I am serious about this because it was really well written, the fact that it's an ARG is fun because ARGs are pretty good! But this story, man, this got me scared when I was around 9 years old, but now, I look at it as a classic.

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27 The Russian Sleep Experiment

This one is overrated. Dislike me all you want, dear hypocrites, but this one isn't very different from Jeff The Killer.

The writer was too lazy to even Google stuff. Yeah, people excuse it with "oh well he's not a professional what do you expect", I expect author treating his story seriously, because if he doesn't care, why should I? And he clearly doesn't care.

"The commanding officer, an ex-KGB" - KGB didn't even exist in the 40s, you dumbass.

"The abdominal organs below the ribcage of all four test subjects had been removed." - then how the heck their digesting tract was still working? That's not possible.

Not to mention that at one point author has the two remaining subjects, and then they suddenly turn into three (and that's not a part of the story, that's just his lack of attention to his own pasta).

The last quote is taken from Twilight Zone.

The ending is just stupid.

In my opinion, this is actually one of the best Creepypastas ever written. I love this story.

This is one of the greatest creepy pastas I ever read. Some people say it's real. They're are even pictures of it. Disturbing stuff right there - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is actually scary in my opinion

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28 Rayman 4
29 Sonic.exe 2: Electric Boogaloo

What is it with people and writing Sonic.exe sequels? - AlienKing

30 Who Was Phone

This one is actually INTENDED to suck, but if it was serious is COULD be scary.

I once found a story about a guy who was trying to find something out, and when he did, I think he was in another world or something, but trying to tell who phone was

The writer needed to spend more time and do what most authors do... you know... ACTUALLY TRY.

But this is a troll pasta! it was intended to suck. Actually made me laugh, and despite is really too short, I think it mocks many creepys out there.

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31 Normal Porn For Normal People

Hey guys, I know I may be burning a golden calf here, but this story sucks. The premise is a cliche in and of itself to start. Also, nothing about it is even remotely scary. It's just disgusting. - GREATEST

Even if it is real its not scary at all unless you think amputees trying to break dance is

Actually, this one is rather unique and interesting. I enjoyed it a lot.

This is overrated, its not scary, and who the heck came up with the title? - AlienKing

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32 Ticci Toby

Everyone keeps hating on Clockwork, but I this one (by the same author, I believe) is much worse. It's just so cliched, trite and stupid. The protagonist is your typical insane psycho cliche, father character is your typical abusive parent cliche, and mother isn't even enough of a character to talk about her. Also, unnecessary Slenderman appearance.

I like him, but even though is story is well written, it had almost every cliche I could think of for a Creepypasta. But what's worst is what he fangirls did to him. NOBODY would be that happy after that backstory. He shouldn't even trust others that well.

That plot twist though

This is good had a believable motivation for the least part - diehardfan

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33 Smile Dog Smile Dog

I really like Smile Dog, but the story is poor unfortunately. Too bad.

Smile dog has an ok concept, its just not a very well written.

I loved the meaning,but poorly written.

34 Origin of Laughing Jack
35 Robin's Death

Robin dies from teen titans go that's not creepy that's awesome

People do you realise this is from the original titans right?


Robin from TTG dead! YAY!

36 Aladdin is Dead

This story has no sense of direction.It reads like the author made it up while writing. The plot is nonsensical. Why did the protagonist want to exploit glitches in Alladin in the first place? How can a regular, non-supernatural copy of Alladin summon the devil as long as you activate a glitch?

Also, this line: "now I'm a ginger but without the red hair"

37 Candle Cove

I like this one.

38 Happy Appy

If you think Squidward's Suicide is horrible, take a look at this one. The beginning is not so bad, but the further the story goes, the more ridiculous and crappy it becomes. It's quite sad someone actually wasted so much of their time to write such garbage.

It was never an ACTUAL television show... The closest thing it ever got to being featured on television was a dumb YouTube series programmed by teens who read the creepypasta... The picture itself is enough for me to applaud it!

(Here's a quote from the story) Kid: "Happy Appy, why are people running and falling from the towers? "

Me: Because the towers are on fire right in front of your face, you dingus.

Oh, I'm so scared because an apple murdered children. I can only eat Granny Smiths now. - AlienKing

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39 Such Words

Why is this so darn low?

The grammar is TERRIBLE; it's like it was written by a 6 year old! The plot is all over the place and it makes absolutely no sense. Just listen to the following phrase from the fanfic itself: "The knife sounded like it had no reason." what? If anyone READS this creepypasta, make sure you bring bleach with you. Okay? Okay?

41 SpongecryII.avi
42 The Death of Mac

I was sitting at my computer like, "what.." - Diistortions

"What the heck" was the first thing that came to my mind after reading this...

Of a BIG Mac? Lol get it?

That should be a YouTube pooop no seriously it's that pathetic

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43 You

Me - Officialpen

I don't know

44 Charlie the Killer

Read this piece of crap for yourselves. - 1337MinerDude94

Never read it, but by the name having "the killer" I can already tell that it is going to be a big box a cliches. - diehardfan

A horrible badly written self insert. It doesn't even feel like a creepypasta, it feels like a terrible romance!

45 Bored
47 Majour Complex Carnage Project (MCCP)

This... Is... So... Funny... And mainly stupid. Watch Michaelleori's read of it.

48 MaRio II
49 Pokemon.die
50 Thomas the Tank Engine: Shed 17

This was... I don't even know

A Thomas the tank engine horror movie? uh oh...

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