Jeff the Killer

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Jeff the killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner . The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep" .


I read this, and it wasn't scary at all. It's just someone who kills people. I only find it kind of disturbing. And this image isn't scary, just a plain white face with eyes and a smile. This is badly written. Jeff just gets our of control and starts killing everyone for no explainable reason. There is no reason to kill random people. Nothing makes sense. And I can't believe the police hasn't caught him yet. Just gets a damn helicopter and an army, he's just a kid with a knife. You have all the power. He doesn't. Whoever wrote this is LAZY. And to his fangirls who think a fictional character is "hot", I hope you get your brain fixed. Come at me

I'll admit I like the story and jeff himself but the fangirls ruined him for me I liked jeff and his story the way it was but then the fangirls came and ruined everything and made him all girly and less gory first twilight ruined vampires then emo kids ruined metal and now this? And jeff is not attractive in the slightest but he still looks really cool cause he looks really bloody
I don't like the story because jeff is "hot" I like the story because jeff looks very gory and bloody and I love that stuff and he would make a great cannibal corpse album cover - countnightdark13

At first I thought this was generally scary, but then when I got my science classes, I knew immediately that this was...wrong. Wrong in so many ways. He gets burned and bleached, but his skin turns white, lips crisp and red, and his hair black? That wouldn't even fit in biology, let alone science. His carved smile hasn't got infected without medical treatment, since he runs around in the woods and all. His eyes haven't burned up from the sun via not being able to blink, nor has he gone blind in the least. He goes from casual teenager to someone with "weird feels", and then a complete psycho in one chapter. LOGIC. - Diistortions

Overrated as crap

1.How did NO ONE see their fight?
2.The police would have really sent Jeff to Juvy they really are not that dumb.
3. Randy and his gang recover from broken bones and stabs after DAYS.
4.He shouldn't even have hair at all, it should be all burnt off.
5.His skin wouldn't have turned white
6.Jeff should have burned his eyes out while burning his lids.
7.Even if Jeff managed to not burn his eyes he would go blind since dust will get in his eyes.
8.Without medical treatment that smile will get infected.
9.His parents don't call police or ambulance no they just got a SHOT GUN
10. Jeff kills his family for no reason
11.Jeff went insane for no reason. You are either born a psycopath or become one after traumatic events, Jeff was a normal kid.

Want a story that defies all logic? Want a story with lots of tense swaps and some other grammar errors? Want a story in which you don't care about any of the characters and are not scared at any point? I think this one is a good candidate.

I hate this Pasta with a burning passion, even though stories like Clockwork are worse, it's the fact that this abomination is so popular and loved that makes me hate it even more. And as someone who is a big fan of the Slender Man (even though it isn't scary anymore), I roll my eyes whenever I see Jeff and Slender being portrayed as friends. Seriously. Stop it.

If you don't know Jeff has no eyelids, this killed the story for me. So if you have a spare can of pepper spray you could defeat this guy, imagine how much that would hurt

This is a good example of a story that COULD'VE been very good if the writers had thought it through a bit more before writing the final product. There's too many holes in the logic for it to be plausible, and when it becomes implausible, it's a lot less scary.

I really HATE the main creepypastas. I HATE the ones based off of a killer character. I love ones that don't need killing to make a good story. A lot of the things in this story make no sense. It's not well written, or scary. Terrible. And fan girls of the main creepy pasta need to stop. It ruins it for me. My favorite type of creepy pasta is Noend House, 1999, and similar stories.

The fact that this is anywhere near being "popular" is absolutely insane. It is legit stupid, and not well written. While there are some other versions that tell the story better, the original is horrible.

Fangirls ruined him, story is rushed, has bad grammer, it's unrealistic, 'go to sleep' is a HORRIBLE catchphrase and the only thing scary about it is the picture.

I can only really think of two major reasons at the moment as to why I don't like this Creepypasta: One, the fanbase is terrible. Look at all the tribute art and games these people make! They think, "Oh, Jeff had it so hard, we should feel sorry for Jeff guys, he went insane because of [insert fanciful/unrealistic reason(s)]." Dude, I understand that getting your skin bleached is pretty crazy, but that's not really a reason to go and commit mass murder or whatever. Two, the story doesn't make sense. How is one lit on fire and somehow retains all of their hair, additionally charring it to a different color, have bleach become infused into their skin (that also somehow manages to not look burnt or whatever)? Why would those kids stick a knife on Jeff upon their first meeting? Forgive me for not really knowing the story well, but I think these kids are like TWELVE. I thought twelve year olds played Minecraft and Roblox and Call of Duty, not pulling knives on other twelve year olds FOR ...more

This one is just simply retarted. There is too many flaws that include both grammar and the story itself. The spinoffs are typically no better either. Despite that I think it gets to much hate and the other Creepypastas on this list (Tails Doll) should get hated just as much, I defiantly do think it deserves number 1 on this list.

It may not be the best Creepypasta ever written, but I wouldn't call it the worst either. And it can't be that bad if it's this popular. I think it's the face that really scares people, not so much the story. Regardless, even if it's not scary, it's still a good story. I know I enjoy it. People who say it sucks and deserves no credit at all are just haters.

Before I read it, I heard people saying it's the scariest Creepypasta ever. So I read it, and man, was I really disappointed. It's not as scary as I thought it would be. Also, the fans make him WORSE - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

This is a story about an ordinary kid who becomes a serial killer. Like a lot of horror stories. - RiverClanRocks

Even though I didn't like this story before, I could probably take it seriously if fan girls didn't ruin everything like they always do... -.-

Wait, if he's overrated then how come he's the number 1 worst? Considering his popularity I would've expected him to not get so many votes. - scourgeisdabest

OH MY GOD YES! I hate how everyone thinks this is a "great" story, its not, IT IS GARBAGE!

Jeff the killer is a disgusting disgrace to creepypasta a like the showers and ascension.

He thinks he's beautiful but he really is not he is stupid ugly and does he have a nose

It's actually well written and creative but it's not scary. The picture is so unrealistic it's not even funny. What is that thing a potato with teddy bear eyes glued to it?!

When it was discovered that Chuck Norris had beaten Jeff up repeatedly, the writer retired.

Worst creepypasta I have ever heard

I crack up whenever I see people saying this is the best creepypasta they ever read.