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21 South Park: The REAL Pilot

If you watch South Park and you read Creepypasta, then you should know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a Creepypasta on South Park. Especially if it's a lost episode Creepypasta! Go read Suicidemouse.avi guys, because this is just terrible!

22 Sweet Apple Massacre V 3 Comments
23 The Russian Sleep Experiment

This one is overrated. Dislike me all you want, dear hypocrites, but this one isn't very different from Jeff The Killer.

The writer was too lazy to even Google stuff. Yeah, people excuse it with "oh well he's not a professional what do you expect", I expect author treating his story seriously, because if he doesn't care, why should I? And he clearly doesn't care.

"The commanding officer, an ex-KGB" - KGB didn't even exist in the 40s, you dumbass.

"The abdominal organs below the ribcage of all four test subjects had been removed." - then how the heck their digesting tract was still working? That's not possible.

Not to mention that at one point author has the two remaining subjects, and then they suddenly turn into three (and that's not a part of the story, that's just his lack of attention to his own pasta).

The last quote is taken from Twilight Zone.

The ending is just stupid.

In my opinion, this is actually one of the best Creepypastas ever written. I love this story.

This is one of the greatest creepy pastas I ever read. Some people say it's real. They're are even pictures of it. Disturbing stuff right there - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I kinda agree here it's overrated.

I mean, it's not a bad pasta, not even close. But I think it has a bland ending, and in a nutshell it's just "if you don't sleep you become crazy" Oh how scary.

Aside from that, it builds suspense very well, and the atmosphere and realistic touch really ads to the story. But the ending ruined it for me.

V 10 Comments
24 Who Was Phone

This one is actually INTENDED to suck, but if it was serious is COULD be scary.

I once found a story about a guy who was trying to find something out, and when he did, I think he was in another world or something, but trying to tell who phone was

The writer needed to spend more time and do what most authors do... you know... ACTUALLY TRY.

But this is a troll pasta! it was intended to suck. Actually made me laugh, and despite is really too short, I think it mocks many creepys out there.

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25 Sonic.exe 2: Electric Boogaloo

What is it with people and writing Sonic.exe sequels? - AlienKing

26 Normal Porn For Normal People

Hey guys, I know I may be burning a golden calf here, but this story sucks. The premise is a cliche in and of itself to start. Also, nothing about it is even remotely scary. It's just disgusting. - GREATEST

Even if it is real its not scary at all unless you think amputees trying to break dance is

Actually, this one is rather unique and interesting. I enjoyed it a lot.

This is overrated, its not scary, and who the heck came up with the title? - AlienKing

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27 Ticci Toby

Everyone keeps hating on Clockwork, but I this one (by the same author, I believe) is much worse. It's just so cliched, trite and stupid. The protagonist is your typical insane psycho cliche, father character is your typical abusive parent cliche, and mother isn't even enough of a character to talk about her. Also, unnecessary Slenderman appearance.

I like him, but even though is story is well written, it had almost every cliche I could think of for a Creepypasta. But what's worst is what he fangirls did to him. NOBODY would be that happy after that backstory. He shouldn't even trust others that well.

That plot twist though

A boy that can't feel pain gets really angry and kill his dad. He then burns himself and becomes a proxy, yay? That's pretty much the story in a nutshell, it is so shallow and cliché that the author could've taken out all the pointless details and it wouldn't be any different. - AlienKing

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28 Smile Dog

I really like Smile Dog, but the story is poor unfortunately. Too bad.

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29 Aladdin is Dead

This story has no sense of direction.It reads like the author made it up while writing. The plot is nonsensical. Why did the protagonist want to exploit glitches in Alladin in the first place? How can a regular, non-supernatural copy of Alladin summon the devil as long as you activate a glitch?

Also, this line: "now I'm a ginger but without the red hair"

30 Candle Cove
31 The Death of Mac

I was sitting at my computer like, "what.." - Diistortions

"What the heck" was the first thing that came to my mind after reading this...

That should be a YouTube pooop no seriously it's that pathetic

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32 Happy Appy

If you think Squidward's Suicide is horrible, take a look at this one. The beginning is not so bad, but the further the story goes, the more ridiculous and crappy it becomes. It's quite sad someone actually wasted so much of their time to write such garbage.

It was never an ACTUAL television show... The closest thing it ever got to being featured on television was a dumb YouTube series programmed by teens who read the creepypasta... The picture itself is enough for me to applaud it!

I heard about Happy Appy as a kids show and started laughing so hard when the popular results on Google were creepy pastas instead of the actual thing. - IAmNotARobot

Oh, I'm so scared because an apple murdered children. I can only eat Granny Smiths now. - AlienKing

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33 Charlie the Killer

A horrible badly written self insert. It doesn't even feel like a creepypasta, it feels like a terrible romance!

Read this piece of crap for yourselves. - 1337MinerDude94

35 Majour Complex Carnage Project (MCCP)

This... Is... So... Funny... And mainly stupid. Watch Michaelleori's read of it.

36 MaRio II
37 Pokemon.die
38 Birthday at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is a terrible game so this pasta doesn't even come close to being scary. - namcokid47

39 Bored
40 Rouge exe

Practically unreadable schlock.

I hope that whoever wrote this was drunk. Then they would have an excuse.

Proof that the whole "genre" can't be taken seriously anymore. Think about it, even if you think of a genuinely-liked story such as Funnymouth or Candle Cove, you have to remind yourself that it's in the same category of stories as this travesty. Seriously, trollpasta or not, this story killed Creepypasta for me.

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