Top 10 Worst Creepypastas

These short horror stories are TERRIBLE in my opinion.

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41 Birthday at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's is a terrible game so this pasta doesn't even come close to being scary. - namcokid47

42 The Haunting Melody

I have been learning dark magic from YouTube videos

Actual line in the story

43 Nurse Joy
44 Jeff the Killer vs. Michael Myers

This is so bad it's hilarious

45 Giantess Toriel X Asriel
46 Giantess Lammy X Parappa

"Gosh, Lammy, this sure is an awfully nice, soft and delicate little BRAIN you've got in here! It sure would be an awful CRYING shame if someing were to HAPPEN to it, now wouldn't it?! " - Parappa - xandermartin98

47 Robin's Death

Robin dies from teen titans go that's not creepy that's awesome


48 Evil Snow White and Prince
49 The Kill Waker

It has the potential to spawn a new variety of creepypastas, clichepastas. Get a sketchy copy of wind waker "seems legit" creepy stuff kill everyone die in real life. It's just bad.

50 Thomas the Tank Engine: Shed 17

This was... I don't even know

51 You

Me - Officialpen

I don't know

52 Time Travel Journal

This is the crappiest thing I ever read. If you write something in which the grammar is so bad, it's physically painful to read, you done goofed. - GREATEST

53 Sonic 3 & Knuckles: The Final Story

It has very much blood

The graphic was awesome
Actual line in the story

54 The new killer
55 Frozen Lost Clip

So than I got out a baseball bat and destroyed my T.V. and I destroyed almost everything in my house I also threw away everything related to Frozen in my house and I cut my own arm off
Me: why did you cut your arm off?

56 666.exe

To my amazement, it didn't seem like anything to do with 666 at all, instead there was a red background with dark red letters saying '666'.
Actual line in the story

57 The Woman in the Theater
58 Pokemon Broken Gold
59 The Truth About My Death
60 Google Chrome Creepypasta: The Risking Search

This one is short but terrible. Read it now. - ThatoneMetalhead

This is just another cliché deep web story. - AlienKing

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