Top 10 Worst Creepypastas

These short horror stories are TERRIBLE in my opinion.

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61 Super Mario World: The Lost World
62 Lumpy's Truth
63 SpongeBob, You're Fired (bootleg)
64 Nightmares In Dreamworld

Everything SomeOrdinaryGamers reads is crap! - HybridX989

65 John's Journal
66 It Will Get Worse

The image frightened me so much, I couldn't move. After 5 minutes I was able to touch me

Actual line from the story, spooky stuff right there

That was the least scary sentence I have ever read. If you're gonna write a horror story, make it scary! - RiverClanRocks

Just listen to Bad Creepypasta's narration of the story. It. is. hilarious!

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67 Sarah

Personally, I don't see how Shara Chroine was a Mary-Sue, or a terrible pasta. In total, she never interacts with any of the family within her story, which almost everyone does. She was a black haired African American, pixie cut and brown eyes, which nobody ever sees. She wears a very original outfit. A classic pale maroon jacket, fuzz hood and a black tshirt with a simply white dot. Red shoes and jeans. It's pretty simple.

She was born a schizo, and when she was 7, they got the final diagnosis. Her father was a wealthy buisiness man, who never fell from power. And her family stayed nice and wealthy. No fall into poverty, anything tragic. Plus, I did some research, and they usually wait until their 7 or 9 to diagnose them with Schizophrenia. Accurate information..a good reason for her insanity, etc.

The reason she killed her family was because she constantly had a deep ringing in her ear. Her grandmother, who we know as Nana Jean, had the ringing in her ear when she was ...more - Diistortions

68 1999

This one is simply annoying and overrated. From beginning to end it was boring and the parts were it was scary felt like a flat out copy of stuff like, Squwidward's Suicide, The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving, Edd Ed and Eddy: The lost Episode, only those stories did the scare factor better. The only thing that kind of disturbed me was "the scissors and hand" scene. Still, almost everyone is regarding it as the best lost episode Creepypastas, and I don't really see why. Overall its boring, but passible. However, it does not deserve all this praise. - AlienKing

It's incredibly boring! Numerous children are murdered for no other reason, than for shock. The disturbing imagery really got to me, but other than that, it was was painfully average.

What 19999999999 is awesome okay maybe its just good

I liked it. It's good,and the fact that it's close to reality makes it that much better.

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69 Suicidemouse.avi

This is my favourite lost episode Creepypasta, it's the fourth father of lost episodes for a reason! - AlienKing

Not precisely bad but just "meh". Maybe in it's begining was something fresh, but it got old really quickly.

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70 Supermariobros.EXE

Just like Sonic.EXE, crap - NeevaDash


71 Super Mario: The Haunted Save

What is this crap?

72 Godzilla Monster of Monsters

What! This is the best and well written! How dare you put this there! Take it off right now!

"Good, but too long"


This is just another cliché gaming Creepypasta. Not the worst, but a good way to end this list. - AlienKing

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73 Ghost Train: The Untold Story of Timothy
74 I Saw Paul

Point of advice. DON'T make creepypastas involving the Beatles.

75 Rayman 4
76 The Heart Ripper
77 Sonic.aiv
78 Kill Guy
79 Sonic gen.exe
80 Sonic the hellhog (unfinished)
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