Top Ten Worst Crimes Committed by the Human Race


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1 Animal Cruelty

There is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING worse than animal cruelty. Animals are treated as slaves and food, and that's it. I once asked a child what they think animals are: they answered pets and food. Is that seriously what we have trained our kids to think?! That they are nothing more than pets and food? That disgusts me! Humans are dying, and that is very sad, but has anyone noticed that animals have to deal with poachers, being eaten, being exploited, being separated from friends and family, and being caged up all their lives? Do most humans have to deal with that? Some, but not all. For all you that think humans are more important than animals - you are only saying that because your human. If you were a sheep, you'd care more about sheep. If you were a tiger, you'd care more about tigers. What you fail to see is that these animals also have FEELINGS! Humans are not even near extinction, while some animals are the last of their kind. People make such a big fuss over someone being ...more

Owning a pet itself is cruelty. You don't want to admit it, but it is. In nature, dogs aren't supposed to act like the act today etc. It is unnatural. We humans have gone so far as to breed for the correct genes for entertainment (that is what pets are in the end - entertainment) and we call anyone who abuses them bad. Owning a pet is just as bad. We should let the animals be free. I hate how animals are treated now.

What are you on about? As long as the pet is happy and well cared for, it's fine to have a pet. Also, it would be dangerous to set them free: they could be knocked down by a vehicle or hunted by another animal. - drdevil

I know it's bad to hurt animals but, 1 lion was killed and everybody freaks out, but Hundreds of Thousands of people are being killed in Iraq and Syria, and Cecil the lion has been getting just as much, if not more attention then whats been going on in Syria and Iraq. Just think about that if you're considering voting for this.
(I don't hate animals, It's just I think there are more important things to worry about.)

Remember when people valued human lives as they do animal lives? because I don't - DatRabidSlushie

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2 Terrorism

Terrorism poses no threat to the planet compared to what the corporate cronies have done. Some corporations have done much more harm to the planet than what ISIS has done.

It is fun you should try is.

Should Be Number 1

Terrorism is bad but animal creulity is worse.

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3 Poaching

Poaching is just as terrible as animal cruelty! This deserves to be number two! The similarities between all the other items in the top ten to poaching is striking!

Animal cruelty - Poaching is a form of animal cruelty.

Genocide - Animals are a group of living things being killed for no reason or because of the stereotype that they're dumber than humans.

Terrorism - Poaching is terrorism for animals.

Discrimination - You're treating animals badly just because they're a different species.

Sadism - You're inflicting pain on animals for your own sick entertainment!

Cheating - Humans are cheating at life. They make machines to help only themselves and not animals.

Racism - You're being speciest (favoring/disliking one species over another), which is almost the same as being racist.

War - We have started a war against animals that will never end. They are fighting for their lives at the moment.

Enslavement - In things like ...more

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4 Genocide

Purposeful killing of a certain ethnic group because of stereotypes is ridiculous, cruel, and by far one of the most stupid things humans have done. Wars are fought, but at least both sides are given the chance to fight. In genocide, people targeted don't stand a chance. All because of stereotypes and prejudices people hold.

Purposefully killing off a group of people because they follow a way of living and you're just a xenophobic ignorant leader who thinks it's alright to gas the Jews. No, it isn't. You're what's wrong with this world, go kill yourself. - Cazaam

Genocide is below animal cruelty? Seriously?! - PetSounds


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5 Discrimination
6 Sadism
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8 Racism

Racism has caused hate in the human race towards one another some people can't see that people are people regardless of race gender height descent age weight etc. and by the way racism is NOT a defense example. I ( insert crime here) bob because he was (insert skin color here) - NintendoFan2047

If you cut open a white man and a black man we have the same beating heart but groups like the kkk thank if some ones not white or Christian they see them as unholy beast we must change this. An prove there is only 1 race the human race.

Racism is a horrible thing a kid in my class criticizes me because I'm white skinned. My friend found me in a corner crying and the kid who was racist got suspended

Racism isn't a crime, but it is indeed horrible.

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9 Abuse Religion
10 Enslavement

I would rather die in war than to be a slave my whole life... It's torture, complete cruelty. Work all day for no pay and get whipped, that's worse than death.

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11 War

War has killed more than anything on this list - llamaboy17

12 Abortion

I strongly oppose the murder of unborn children for the convenience of their parents.

Is it not a crime to kill a life after it has conciousness

Stop being a bunch of stupid, insane, Christian asses please

13 Murder

I sometimes worry it will happen to me. It sucks how people's lives end before they can truly began all because of some horrible person. While it's not always their fault due to insanity or illnesses, still, this is a very big problem. I hope the police know what they're doing.

All of these the victim can live with but they can't live with it if their life itself is gone.

How is killing a human not as bad as harming an animal?

Inventing bras worse than murder? first of all the guys who posted inventing bras here is a pervert. Secound of all murder is just way worse.

14 Inventing Bras

The guy who poster this must be a pervert

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15 The Trail of Tears
16 Being Late

Hows is this a crime

How the hell is this a crime?

How is this higher than child molestation and cannabulism?

17 Sexism

Exactly like racism. I hate that people especially rappers think women are sex machines without no emotion.

It has gotten to the point where being a woman is more dangerous than being a soldier. It's a fact. Look it up.

It's not just men you know. It's women too. But I agree though men are way more sexist.

It should be punishable by death

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19 Cannibalism

Why would you want to eat anyone. And why isn't this higher on this list. People can be sickening sometimes

How is this not higher? You are eating your own kind! - LostDream258

I'm suprised that's even legal! - Dragonj37

Its legal thoe

20 Child Molestation

I know a YouTube user whose dad did it to his half-sister for NINE YEARS for being a loser stepchild and thankfully he is spending the rest of his life in prison.

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