Worst Criminal Minds Characters

The worst characters from the Criminal Minds T.V. show.

The Top Ten

1 Derek Morgan

God I hate him so much. His dumb insult-jokes drop like a dead weight every time he delivers them, and the guy's a crap actor. Annoyed me at first but thought he'd grow on me - opposite happened! Easily the worst character in the entire show by a mile.

Cocky, arrogant, bad attitude, thinks it's alright to shoot the victims. nothing but a punk - bobbythebrony

2 Elle Greenway

Let's get oneing straight Elle the best she not worse she great


3 Aaron Hotchner

Nothing satisfies this moron - bobbythebrony

4 Spencer Reid

Used to like him before he turned into a douchebag - bobbythebrony

5 Emily Prentiss

Thinks she tough when she not - bobbythebrony

6 David Rossi David Rossi David Wade Ross is an American professional baseball catcher for the Chicago Cubs in Major League Baseball.

Only ticked me off one time but still - bobbythebrony

7 Ashley Seaver

She the worst she not good her looks I give her 2 she not good at acting or being profiler her skills are weak I heard she was bout to join charmed reboot but they stopped it from comeing any forward with it she bad at acting

Her character was useless

8 Jason Gideon

Not that bad but kind of a loser - bobbythebrony

9 Jennifer Jareau

JJ the best she helped the team on so many cases from her liaisons days it's not even funny She best sure she not always on the field but she great the JJ now is is hero to all women and guys and she knows hand to hand fighting and she knows how to disarm gun and fight that's crazy character on top of it she's mom that would die for her son and husband if it ever came to the point that her son was gone die or her husband she break the rules

How dare you try and be a hero - bobbythebrony

The worst!

10 Penelope Garcia

Too happy for my taste plus she flirts with that wuss Morgan - bobbythebrony

Dumbest lines, talks too much. Hey character is unrealistic for the show.

The Contenders

11 Maeve Donovan

She was only around for the first half of season eight, but God that storyline with her was so pathetic. Wasn't even sad when she died.

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