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1 Shrek x Shadow

Okay, who the heck came up with this pair?

I know right?... Shrek is married to Fiona for Pete's sake. He will never dump her in order to be with Shadow or anyone else. Also, Shadow/Rouge all the way. (at least as far as Shadow shippings are concerned)

I almost died when I saw this on the Internet. For the millionth time, I am hating my generation.

Somebody Once Told Me shadow shouldn't have shrek - VideoGamefan5

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog x Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony)

Why do fans think they're a couple when they never met, not even in a crossover? Not gonna happen, sorry.

I'm one of those people that think Sonic will never find love. His overall character leads me to believe he rejects the idea of having a girlfriend. This is because his responsibility is to stop Dr. Eggman's plans. Dr. Eggman is a clever bastard as we already know and he would be able to kill Sonic's loved ones in an instant. Sonic doesn't want to be slowed down. Rainbow crap would be a horrible match for the Blue Blur because she is known to have an ego and would want to race Sonic. Too bad for her Sonic would make her eat dirt. Sonic isn't very fond of things trying to outrun him. Look at what he did to his robot fakers and Shadow, he wrecked them. Rainbow Dash can eat Sonic's turf

Seriously, Sonic would be more interested in Amy than this sparkle poo rainbow horse, anyway. Despite the fact that Amy only continues to chase Sonic. (although SonAmy might be canon in Sonic Boom, but that's about it)

Yes! Finally someone understands. Sonic is much more interested in saving the world than getting into a romance with someone from a different series that he never met and does not want to be slowed down.

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3 Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars) X Sci-Twi (My Little Pony)

What the hell?

4 Queen Elsa (Frozen) x Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

Shipping wars are already bad enough with the same series ships, crossover ships are much worse, to be honest.

Why isn't this higher? People only ship these two because they're attractive and they have ice powers

Agreed. Just because they have same powers, doesn't mean they can be a good couple. - ChatNoirFan18

Ugh! So annoying!
Just look this at Deviantart and I'm really sick about this! - ChatNoirFan18

Stupidest crossover pairing and their fanbase is ATROCIOUS!

Please don't make Jelsa canon! - EveLeech

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5 Aku (Samurai Jack) x Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls)

I cannot believe this actually exists... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Dora x Caillou

Somewhere out there, there is somebody making fan art of this.

7 Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) X Preston Stormer (Hero Factory)

Why ship 2 characters from the 2010's? - ChroniclerMan5

8 Tahu X Tyson Granger (Beyblade)

Why ship 2 characters from the 2000"s? - ChroniclerMan5

9 Steven Universe X Preston Stormer (Hero Factory)
10 Dora x Barney The Dinosaur

Do people really ship this? God, I hope not... I think I need a barf bag, now.

Dear god

The Newcomers

? Preston Stormer (Hero Factory) X Tyson Granger (Beyblade)
? Lincoln Loud X Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)

The Contenders

11 Mario x Gumball Watterson
12 Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony) x Thomas the Tank Engine

Who the heck came up with this rather disturbing pair? A pony can't get it on with a train, people.

I blame the Pooh's Adventures videos/wiki for making people ship this.

Pooh's Adventures? The logic just goes further and further away from us. - ExxonWireless

Pony x Train...I'm done. - SamuiNeko

Easily the worst idea for a crossover shipping for Twilight Sparkle ever, next to Simba. It also doesn't help that I don't like Thomas the Tank Engine, either. Pooh's Adventures is just terrible, in my opinion.

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13 Rouge the Bat (Sonic) x Mickey Mouse

In the name of Heaven, JUST NO! This is a bad shipping. It's bad enough that Rouge is a flirt and that she's torn between Shadow, Knuckles and even Sonic himself when it comes to the whole shipping war debate. Mickey is married to Minnie for Pete's sake! (no pun intended) There is no reason for pairing these two together.

I've seen this in the list "Top 10 Fictional Characters Who Should Date Rouge the Bat" and it included non-Sonic characters, Mickey included... That is just wrong. Just because Rouge is a flirt, doesn't mean she flirts with characters from other series.

That Top 10 list is still there, but it still sucks. Besides, Rouge will never date Mickey. He's already taken by Minnie.

Not gonna happen. Mickey already has Minnie.

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14 Spongebob X Tyson Granger (Beyblade)
15 Danny Phantom x Sci-Twi (My Little Pony)
16 Spongebob X Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
17 Dory (Finding Nemo / Finding Dory) x Blooper (Mario)

Okay, this is a bit odd... Why would anyone ship a Blooper with Dory?

18 Mario X Mandy (Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy)
19 Sonic the Hedgehog x Fuli (The Lion Guard)

Thankfully, no one has shipped this yet, but I pray that no one will. TLG is going to be a horrible show that will give children the wrong message on wildlife. If they ever net, Fuli would be just another rival or enemy of Sonic, not a love interest.

This shipping is even worse than Sonic with Rainbow Dash. It doesn't make sense at all. Being the fastest doesn't make them compatible, dang it.

Should be higher on the list. Heck, Fuli is much worse than Rainbow Dash when it comes to shipping with Sonic...

20 Sticks the Badger (Sonic Boom) x Bunga (The Lion Guard)

Much like Sonic/Fuli above, I hope no one ships this. (I dislike both TLG and TLK with a passion) I rather see Sticks with Tails or Knuckles than with Bunga.

Bunga is actually a honey badger, but whatever... It is still wrong to put Bunga and Sticks together.

A badger meeting with a lion it's just dumb and over all I prefer Scooby Doo or Luigi with Sticks.

I hate Bunga. So annoying and does not deserve Sticks or anyone.

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1. Queen Elsa (Frozen) x Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)
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