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81 Rainbow Dash (MLP) x Kovu (The Lion King II)

An outlander lion getting it on with a rainbow horse? I just don't see the connection.

82 Balto x Kiara (The Lion King II)

Whoever came up with this ship has got to be nuts. The whole age gap is creepy if Kiara is in the same age group or generation as Aleu.

I've seen an "Animash" video of this, and it sucks. Especially sucks if there's a huge age gap like I said before.

83 Fox McCloud (Star Fox) x Simba or Nala (The Lion King)

Anyone who thinks that Fox McCloud is a similar character to Simba is in complete denial. Other than being the main protagonist who lost a parent, they're nothing alike at all. Simba is a brat, whereas Fox is a nice hero who helps others. Comparing the two just isn't right and will not be tolerated.
The story of the main hero losing his or her father or mother has been going on in fiction for years, and stupid TLK is not the only one that has this. So why crossover or compare everything with TLK?

84 James McCloud (Star Fox) x Mufasa (The Lion King)

It bothers so much when fans compare these two or put them in the same pic. Just because James McCloud is a father to a main character, doesn't mean he's like Mufasa. (Chances are, poor Fox may have lost both of his parents since his mother is never mentioned in any of the games, whereas Simba still has Sarabi)

85 Foxy (Five Nights At Freddy's) x Nuka (The Lion King II)


It's safe to say that the animatronic characters from FNAF are just robots and probably don't have genitals. Pairing any of them with another series' character, let alone TLK, doesn't make sense. Plus, given the horror nature of FNAF, Foxy would more likely kill Nuka than make out with him.

86 Pit (Kid Icarus) x Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

A crossover ship is one of the many reasons why I don't want to see Sora in Super Smash Bros. If he were to appear, then expect lots of cringe-worthy ships involving him with Pit, Link, Marth, et cetera.

87 Marine the Raccoon (Sonic) x Rocky (Rocky & Bullwinkle)

Someone ships this, sadly enough. Like Tails and Cream, Marine is still a child character in the Sonic game she's in and pairing her doesn't seem right. If I ship Marine with anyone, then it would be with Tails, when they're older of course.

88 Kirby (Kirby) x Jigglypuff (Pokemon)

At least both characters appeared in the Super Smash Bros. games...

Just because they're pink doesn't mean they'd work together. I honestly think Kirby would do better with Ribbon or Adeleine. Heck, even Meta Knight(yes, I said it.) - Garythesnail

89 Adolf Wolf x Von Vulture (from Blitz Wolf and Daffy the Commando respectively)

This is one of the reasons that classic cartoon fanart is more cringy to look at than anime fanart and fanfics. Be warned that it will "ruin your childhood" once you come across them. If you thought that anime "yaoi" and "yuri" were bad, wait until you see a make-out between two villains from two separate animated shorts that both supposed to be WW2 propaganda. It makes me so sick. Even the accidental kiss between Naruto and Sasuke is much more understandable than this. There is nothing 'sexy' about neither Adolf Wolf or Von Vulture, and you're supposed to hate them since they're meant to be the pure evil dictators that are the enemies to our troops, not some "boy toys" that you go goo-goo eyes over.

90 Marlene (Penguins of Madagascar) x Rocket Raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy)
91 Sticks The Badger and Scooby Doo

I mean they are both cowardly animals so yeah

92 Sticks The Badger x Scooby Doo

They are both cowards and they do nothing at all they are dimwitted Idiots who do nothing but hunting ghosts and fighting evil robots and they both eat a lot so do they worry they might get fat no they just sit there and eat until the mystery has all been wrapped up and Eggman has been killed once and for all.

93 Fluttershy (MLP) and Florina (Fire Emblem)

Just because they are both shy doesn't make them a match. What is with people making crossovers with everything with PONIES? I thought demonizing Karel was bad enough, but now fans have to go ruin the other FE characters, too? We live in a weird world, sadly.

94 Isabelle (Animal Crossing) x Bellwether (Zootopia)

I will never understand why people like the idea of seeing Isabelle with Bellwether. I think it may inspire Disney to make a crossover with or even acquire Nintendo which I really don't want happening.

95 Muk or Luk (Balto) x Timon or Pumbaa (The Lion King)

They are nothing alike. Muk and Luk are both polar bear cubs, and are brothers. Unlike Timon and Pumbaa who are unrelated and are different species. (I don't get why fans think they're the same when they're not! ) I'm also glad to hear that Muk and Luk don't burp and fart like Timon and Pumbaa do, and they are not as annoying as they are.

96 Niju (Balto II) x Zira (The Lion King II)

Just because they're the main villains of the second film of Balto and The Lion King respectively, doesn't make them the perfect mach for each other.

97 Shrek x Spongebob

This will be one of the weirdest couples ever. Spongebob and Shrek? I do not think this will work. Shrek in tough while Spongebob is more goofy- AnimeDrawer85

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98 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) x Lyndis (Fire Emblem) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) x Lyndis (Fire Emblem)

While it is nice to have a Final Fantasy representation in Super Smash Bros. through DLC, I just no one pairs up Cloud with Lyndis, just because they came from the seventh installment of their series. Heck, I don't think Final Fantasy VII and Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword are alike; especially the fact is that Karel is one of the allies/heroes and not a villain like Sephiroth is, along with several other differences. The only reason fans compare them together is because they're the seventh game in a series, which a lot of other video game franchises have a seventh title; Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom is also the seventh game in a series, yet no one compares it or crossovers it with Final Fantasy VII as much as they do with Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. Lyn already has a love interest in her series, same with Cloud, there is no reason to pair these two up.

I meant...I just hope no one pairs up... Sorry for the grammar mistake. It is fixed now.

99 Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic) x Karel (Fire Emblem)

Now, this is the main reason why I ship Shadow with Rouge (or Maria in the case of platonic). I do not want Shadow to be like, or compared to, Karel (from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword) of all characters. It is a billion hours long story but Shadow has nothing in common with Karel and he needs to stay far apart from him as much as possible. Especially since there are more differences between those two than similarities. Their roles are different; Karel was never a villain or evil character in any of the games (just an anti-hero), unlike Shadow who was a (playable) villain in Sonic Adventure 2 to now an anti-hero (but still Sonic's rival) in recent games. Shadow is much more like Jaffar than Karel as far as having a parallel in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword is concerned. Unsure which Sonic character is like Karel but definitely not Shadow or any of the antagonists. I wish more people would see that.

They are not similar. As far as comparing a FE character with a Sonic one goes, I say that Karel has more in common with Knuckles, Silver, Blaze or even Sonic himself than with Shadow, whereas Shadow has more in common with Jaffar, Yen'fay or Xander than with Karel. You may argue how they're all different, but it's just that the Sonic series hasn't introduced a heroic character who is a bloodthirsty swordsman yet.

100 Timon (The Lion King) x Gabby (Gulliver's Travels)

I don't know if I should cry or laugh at this, but even the most unloved and unknown animated features are not safe from The Lion King fandom's freakish fanmade crossover fantasies. (The Pooh's Adventures fandom is partially to blame! ) There is no point in crossing The Lion King over with Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels. They're nothing alike. (Well, except maybe the sidekicks are kind of similar. I always felt that Timon and Pumbaa have inherited traits that made Gabby annoying and made them several times worse, more on that later. I also think that the hyenas are ripoffs of Sneak, Snoop and Snitch, pretty much.) Given the logic that Gulliver is not really a "giant" and the rest of the characters are tiny people, the crossover shippings are even more mind boggling. If I wanted to ship big x small, then I would just ship Skitty x Wailord. This is one of the reasons why I could never get into classic cartoons, especially now with the cartoon fandom being more toxic than even the ...more

Heh. I think Gabby has the hots for Snitch, the small spy, pretty much. As for Timon, he already hangs out with Pumbaa as seen many times. So yeah... Like if the crossover's ever gonna happen.

Shipping Shenzi, Banzai and Ed with Sneak, Snoop and Snitch is also awful.

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