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101 Shenzi (The Lion King) x Krystal (Star Fox)

Let's face it, after playing Star Fox Command and obtaining all the nine endings, and as much as I like the game, I always felt that Krystal's character is the game's biggest flaw and the most controversial topic in it. When I first found out that Krystal has become a temporary member of Star Wolf in some parts of the story, I was worried that people would put Krystal in crossovers with Shenzi or recast her as Shenzi in their spoofs they write in the Scratchpad Wiki or YouTube fan-videos about Star Fox Command's characters as The Lion King and vice versa, and that does not make sense because Krystal is a heroine, whereas Shenzi is a lackey. Putting "Kursed" with Shenzi does not work either. No, just no.

And now, our feature presentation; The worst recast/spoof idea of Star Fox ever.
Fox McCloud as Simba
James McCloud as Mufasa
Lucy Hare as Nala
Falco Lombardi as Zazu
Peppy Hare as Rafiki
Tricky as Timon
Slippy Toad as Pumbaa
Wolf O'Donnell as Scar
Krystal (or Kursed) as Shenzi
Panther Caruso as Banzai
Leon Powalski as Ed
Okay, this is why I dislike this ship and the whole crossover in general, given the fact on how the Star Fox characters have different roles or such than that of The Lion King's characters. (Such as Krystal being a heroine and Fox's love interest, not a lackey like Shenzi.) No matter how much you try, or feel otherwise, it will never work or make sense at all.

102 Jim (Treasure Planet) x Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
103 Sam Puckett (iCarly/Sam & Cat) x Beck Oliver (Victorious)
104 Freddie Benson (iCarly) x Jade West (Victorious)
105 Hans (Frozen) x Rapunzel (Tangled)
106 Eugene (Tangled) x Elsa (Frozen)
107 Hiccup (Dreamworks Dragons: The Defenders of Berk) x Elsa (Frozen)
108 Eugene (Tangled) x Anna (Frozen)
109 Jack (The Rise of the Guardians) x Merida (Brave)
110 Duchess (Aristo-Cats) x Scar (The Lion King)

Don't worry, this ship is never gonna happen. Duchess is already with Thomas O'Malley (I think that's his name) in The Aristocats, whereas Scar has no one and dies in the end of TLK, anyway.

111 Johnny (Hotel Transylvania) x Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6)

Johnny already has Mavis in his own movie. As for Honey Lemon, why not have Hiro?


112 Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) x Janja (The Lion Guard)

There are some fans who ship a pony with the abomination of a character known as Janja. It doesn't make sense. Especially since The Lion Guard itself is a terrible show and... Heck... Any crossover shipping with Janja, Cheezi, or Chungu, or even with Shenzi, Banzai or Ed from the original Lion King film, will not be tolerated.

113 Banzai (The Lion King) x Sylvester (Looney Tunes)

I remember seeing a fanart of this and I was repulsed, I had to press the back button quickly. Did they just have to ruin Looney Tunes, too? It seems that nothing is sacred on the Internet nowadays. :(

114 Blaze the Cat (Sonic) x Ed (The Lion King)

This is a horrible and illegitimate idea for a crossover shipping and I hope no one ships it because I really hate Ed. Seriously, Blaze doesn't deserve to be with that stupid excuse of a hyena and she is better off with Sonic or Silver (or perhaps stay single), anyway.

Ed, along with Shenzi and Banzai, deserves to die!

115 Sonic the Hedgehog x Vanellope von Shweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)

Vanellope is just a child so she isn't suited for romance, and it's bad enough that Sonic made a cameo in a Disney movie already, we just don't want to make it worse. At least Princess Elise from that Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) game is an adult, so at least Sonic with Elise is a better pair than Sonic with Vanellope will ever be.

They barely met, I don't know how this could be considered a couple. She also shows little to no signs of being romantic. - KennyRulz244444

116 Simba (The Lion King) x Ike (Fire Emblem)

I have bad news for you. A DeviantArt user under the name Soraheartsforme made a Death Battle between Simba and Ike which (in my opinion) is a bad idea for a crossover. Not cool, man. (Prays that Ike wins...)

They are not even that similar. Just because they lost a parent
doesn't mean they have to be crossovered or compared to. Many protagonists have lost a loved one many times, so Ike isn't the only one, neither is Simba. They are also more different than similar, too. Ike is a nice
guy and a non-noble whereas Simba is the opposite of that. (a whiny brat
of noble blood)

117 Simba (The Lion King) x Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)

It is not possible because they're different sizes apart, and honestly, I don't think a widow like Mrs. Brisby would get together with a character that's much larger than her. Talk about Hot Skitty On Wailord Action, man. (Except this crossover is much worse! )

118 Mufasa (The Lion King) x The White Wolf (Balto)

You have got to be kidding...

Lion King crossovers in general just suck big time. They never make sense at all. Not everyone is a TLK fan you know.

119 Shenzi (The Lion King) x Wendy O' Koopa or Ludwig Von Koopa (Super Mario Bros.)

It really sucks that so many Koopaling fans are also fans of the hyena trio in The Lion King. I really hope there is no shipping between the two groups together.

120 Zazu (The Lion King) x Falco Lombardi (Star Fox)

This is an illegitimate crossover, to be honest. They're nothing alike except for being avians with blue feathers, that is it.

Falco is nothing like Zazu, people. Besides, if the hyena trio try to put Falco in the "birdy boiler" he would blast them into ashes with his blaster before they dare to try.

I so want to eat Zazu for dinner...

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