Top 10 Worst Cuphead Bosses


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1 Dr Kahl's Robot Dr Kahl's Robot

This is the hardest boss I've ever faced. - Myname2

It's also frustratingly unfair - Myname2

No way, this one is awesome! - BenBricky

While the 1st and 2nd phase are good, the third phase ruined the fight for me

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2 Rumor Honeybottoms Rumor Honeybottoms

I had to ask a friend defeat her for me, devil was easier.

I can't keep myself on the screen! -Magicat

Grim Matchstick did autoscrolling better. - GreninjaGuy

3 Goopy Le Grande Goopy Le Grande

I absolutely HATE when he trys to put his BOTTOM on you. He even stole Ariana Grande's last name! This boi needs to STOP!

I would like him, I just wish the part where you parry was spread out throughout the fight and done differently. I feel like people are underrating it because it was straight after the Root Pack, one of the game's best bosses.

I don't hate this boss, it's just my least favorite. - Justmakinganame


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4 Baroness Von Bon Bon Baroness Von Bon Bon

2nd worst is goopy as he repeats his first stage. He should take a pill to shoot or something unique

5 Phantom Express Phantom Express

It is so frustrating to fight, I'm fine with the 1st phase but I hate everything else! F THIS BOSS SO MUCH!

A boss rush in a game that's a boss rush. And unlike King Dice, there is NO room to relax. - GreninjaGuy

6 Grim Matchstick

The only boss completely without enjoyment

I like Grim Matchstick! - ArcticWolf

I'm fighting him right now, he's so annoying

He is the hardest. From what iv'e heard, he is the reason a lot of people quit. He almost caused me too. In 2nd I would have to put Cala Maria or Beppi the clown, both of who also almost made me quit.

7 Beppi The Clown Beppi The Clown

His 2nd Phase transition scared the living hell out of me. - TSLMasterYT

That dang donkey! - GreninjaGuy

8 Djimmi The Great Djimmi The Great

I like cats but he is unfair - ArcticWolf

This guy is way too unfair - Myname2

I can't speak for others, but I really struggled against him. All of his moves are just annoying and glitchy; I could barley get past the first stage most of the time

How is he not no. 1? Do you know how unfair Djimmi is? Let me explain. First of all. The firs of Djimmi is fine, swords are easy to dodge, but when it becomes to cats. It becomes your nightmare. Second is also fine. 3rd is a bit unfair. There are also glitches. 4rth is also fine. But nothing is worse than Djimmi’s last scene. You have to dodge pyramids’s lasers, and the invincible things, and pyramids, but why I think he is unfair? BECAUSE ALL OF HIS ATTACKS MOVES THE SAME TIME! that's WHY!

9 Wally Warbles Wally Warbles

His feathers can be annoying. - GreninjaGuy


10 Sally Stageplay Sally Stageplay

Really bad

Ruins what a boss should be.

Ugh, she's annoying & vain!

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11 Hilda Berg Hilda Berg

Basically the entire boss being RNG ruins the experience for her. You need to be lucky to not die when she throws at you two green zepelins and her tornado at the same time

Too much stuff happening in the final stage

12 Ribby and Croaks Ribby and Croaks

My dad struggles with these guys, I have to give advice to him!

Attacks can be frustrating to avoid. - GreninjaGuy

13 Cala Maria Cala Maria

Well I see nothing hot or cool about her. and I hate how call her medusa.
She is just this ugly lady who were's an ugly octopus wig,

She should be on number 1. she's so hideously ugly and I cannot believe that people think that she's cute and pretty. betty boop will always be better than this freak.

But she’s hot so how is she bad?

I hate it when people call her hot. It’s gross to be honest. She’s a ANIMATION FOR CRIPES SAKE" The only reason why people like her are for her looks. I like her because I think it’s cool how she can turn into a Medusa. I also love her little dance she does when she is a Medusa. I wish people would look past her physical features...

14 Cagney Carnation Cagney Carnation
15 The Devil

This is much much harder than dr.khals robot

I don't hate any of the bosses but this one was definitely the hardest for me. - BenBricky

That glitch where you get hit on the side for no reason. The rest of the fight is awesome though. - GreninjaGuy

16 Werner Werman Werner Werman

I actually like this boss. He's a nice break from all the other chaotic bosses in Inkwell Isle 3. I just ran out of room on this list. - GreninjaGuy

17 Captain Brineybeard

Really annoying boss

18 King Dice

Very hard

19 Pirouletta
20 The Root Pack The Root Pack

Completely impossible to beat!

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