Top 10 Worst Cuss Words


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1 The 'F' word

Because it is number one on the list.

More like the best cuss word

Worst word ever! - Officialpen

2 The 'N' word for black

Sense black use to be worthless in this world they still feel not wanted so just to say this is messed up

So racist.


KSI doesn't start with n. Elite world by the way. - Puga

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3 The 'S' word for poop

There are a lot other worse words than this. - zxm

This is not a bad word. It means poop

POOP💩 I pooped just now lol. - Officialpen

4 The 'A' word

How did the name of a donkey became an offensive word? - Catacorn

5 The 'P' word for vagina

I won't start there. - Powerfulgirl10

Eww I hate wee wees! - Officialpen

6 The 'R' word for special needs people

I find it offensive to call these kinds of people "retarded." In fact, some might actually be intelligent. - Powerfulgirl10

7 The 'C' word for poop

I don't really think the word crap fits under the category of profanity. I use that word on this website and admin doesn't censor it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Crap is not even a curse word. - Powerfulgirl10

You'd have to be in lower elementary school if you think "crap" is a swear word. - ItsPisces

Yeah,I am a kid and it is not cursed.I am 9 and I say it

8 The 'H' word for heck

Hell is a place, according to religious people. Not a curse word. And it is way better than the words below it. - anewman

How did "hell" turn from a religious concept of eternal damnation to a mere profane word?

"Hell" isn't a swear word!

Hell isn't bad. - Catacorn

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9 The 'M' word for having fun with your mom

The way it's listed. I can't stop laughing. - cjWriter1997

I am dying the way they say it - SoloPotato

This stands for MommyAndSonPlayTime! - pupcatdog

what - superbuggati

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10 The 'C' word for a woman's genitals

Just the most awful four- letter word to be spoken. Especially if said by a woman. - Britgirl

I'm not even gonna look that one up... - Powerfulgirl10

Now "The C word for poop" isn't all that bad. The 'C' word for a woman's genitals? That's a different story... I bet my parents wouldn't let me hear the end of it if they ever heard me or my sister use that word at least once. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A friend of mine, used this word to give name to the program he was typing -as "class c..."
That's java -if you don't know - Ananya

The Contenders

11 The 'R' word for Native Americans

Wait what? - Jordansalesguy2392

12 The 'C' word for a man whose wife cheats on him

Cuckold? Nope. - CityGuru

13 The 'S' word for Arabs
14 The 'D' Word
15 The 'B' word for a mean woman

Since when did the word for a female dog became an offensive word? - Catacorn

16 The 'B' Word For Calling Someone Mean
17 The 'R' word for Mentally Challenged
18 The 'H' word for disabled people
19 The 'F' word for gay
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