Top 10 Worst Cuss Words


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1 The 'F' word

Because it is number one on the list.

Worst word ever! - Officialpen

2 The 'N' word for black

So racist.


I find this word, well, you know.😏 - Officialpen

KSI doesn't start with n. Elite world by the way. - Puga

3 The 'S' word for poop

There are a lot other worse words than this. - zxm

This is not a bad word. It means poop

POOP💩 I pooped just now lol. - Officialpen

4 The 'A' word

How did the name of a donkey became an offensive word? - Catacorn

5 The 'P' word for vagina

I won't start there. - Powerfulgirl10

Eww I hate wee wees! - Officialpen

6 The 'R' word for special needs people

I find it offensive to call these kinds of people "retarded." In fact, some might actually be intelligent. - Powerfulgirl10

7 The 'C' word for poop

I don't really think the word crap fits under the category of profanity. I use that word on this website and admin doesn't censor it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You'd have to be in lower elementary school if you think "crap" is a swear word. - ItsPisces

Crap is not even a curse word. - Powerfulgirl10

Yeah,I am a kid and it is not cursed.I am 9 and I say it

8 The 'H' word for heck

Hell is a place, according to religious people. Not a curse word. And it is way better than the words below it. - anewman

How did "hell" turn from a religious concept of eternal damnation to a mere profane word?

"Hell" isn't a swear word!

Hell isn't bad. - Catacorn

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9 The 'M' word for having fun with your mom

The way it's listed. I can't stop laughing. - cjWriter1997

I am dying the way they say it - SoloPotato

This stands for MommyAndSonPlayTime! - pupcatdog

what - superbuggati

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10 The 'C' word for a woman's genitals

Just the most awful four- letter word to be spoken. Especially if said by a woman. - Britgirl

I'm not even gonna look that one up... - Powerfulgirl10

Now "The C word for poop" isn't all that bad. The 'C' word for a woman's genitals? That's a different story... I bet my parents wouldn't let me hear the end of it if they ever heard me or my sister use that word at least once. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

A friend of mine, used this word to give name to the program he was typing -as "class c..."
That's java -if you don't know - Ananya

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11 The 'R' word for Native Americans

Wait what? - Jordansalesguy2392

12 The 'C' word for a man whose wife cheats on him

Cuckold? Nope. - CityGuru

13 The 'S' word for Arabs
14 The 'D' Word
15 The 'B' word for a mean woman

Since when did the word for a female dog became an offensive word? - Catacorn

16 The 'B' Word For Calling Someone Mean
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