Top 10 Worst Cyberbullies on Deviantart

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1 Blaze-Banjoper

The irony is that the creator of this list himself is at number one, good - Neonco31

Yes! Yes! Blaze-Banjoper became Number one on the worst cyberbullies on deviantart! Yeah! - CommunismNow

BRING THIS TO NUMBER ONE! He's obviously the biggest hypocrite - Ultron123

All is well with the world when this is number one - SteelCity99

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2 SRX1995
3 Cagefighter79
4 YoshiKingMaster
5 Superwolf15

Superwolf15 is a hero for having to deal with the constant obnoxious behavior of Connor Butthumper.

6 TheMysteriousMrEnter
7 Sonic--Inflator

How is hating on a fictional character cyberbullying exactly? - SplashMoun10

Saying that since this guy does not like Blaze, he is a cyberbully is like me saying that anyone who dislikes Fate/Stay night is a cyberbully - YourWaifuSucks

8 CyberPhazon420

He used to be my friend. - ChroniclerMan5

9 StarryWind2014
10 LoveShadowSonic

She was just giving you criticism. Criticism is stating out the positives and negatives and to tell you how to improve, not to offend you. Learn the difference. - Ultron123

The Contenders

11 Hackerboy27

You do realize some people put the word "hacker" in their username for them to sound edgy. A real hacker does not do that. - YourWaifuSucks

12 Rabbidsfan
13 707fangirl

I think she's a legitimate troll. - Powerfulgirl10

14 anthonytoney
15 DragonCosmos
16 Biogoji
17 DerekAutista54321
18 Hyanna-Natsu

Shame she's a cyberbully. Her chibi arts are cute :( - ChatNoirFan18

19 XxPastel-America-xX
20 TheHyenasSBE
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