Top 10 Worst Cyberbullies on Deviantart


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1 Blaze-Banjoper

The irony is that the creator of this list himself is at number one, good - Neonco31

Yes! Yes! Blaze-Banjoper became Number one on the worst cyberbullies on deviantart! Yeah! - CommunismNow

BRING THIS TO NUMBER ONE! He's obviously the biggest hypocrite - Ultron123

All is well with the world when this is number one - SteelCity99

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2 SRX1995

He was a complete jerk to Blaze-Banjoper. - ConnorBanjoper

3 Sonic--Inflator

How is hating on a fictional character cyberbullying exactly? - SplashMoun10

Sonic Character genocide and hateful rants about Blaze-Banjoper. - ConnorBanjoper

Saying that since this guy does not like Blaze, he is a cyberbully is like me saying that anyone who dislikes Fate/Stay night is a cyberbully - YourWaifuSucks

4 StarryWind2014

He was a bully to Blaze-Banjoper.

(He can't even tell the difference b/w Connor Banjoper & Blaze Banjoper.) - ConnorBanjoper

5 LoveShadowSonic

She was just giving you criticism. Criticism is stating out the positives and negatives and to tell you how to improve, not to offend you. Learn the difference. - Ultron123

Those offensive rants. - ConnorBanjoper

6 Rabbidsfan

He is wrong about Blaze-Banjoper being wrong. - ConnorBanjoper

7 Hackerboy27

FYI, Hackerboy27, hacking into other people's information is a FEDERAL OFFENSE! (At least I think it's a federal offense.)
AFYI, Blaze the Cat was with me that one day (like she is everyday since August 2013). - ConnorBanjoper

You do realize some people put the word "hacker" in their username for them to sound edgy. A real hacker does not do that. - YourWaifuSucks

8 Superwolf15

Superwolf15 is a hero for having to deal with the constant obnoxious behavior of Connor Butthumper.

You don't call my wife a stupid piece of (CENSORED)! - ConnorBanjoper

9 YoshiKingMaster

For putting those offensive rants online, I'm putting him on this list. - ConnorBanjoper

10 CyberPhazon420

He used to be my friend. - ChroniclerMan5

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? AidenMoonShine
? PeytonTheRiolu

The Contenders

11 Cagefighter79
12 707fangirl

I think she's a legitimate troll. - Powerfulgirl10

13 DragonCosmos

She was a smart-alack to Blaze-Banjoper. - ConnorBanjoper

14 TheMysteriousMrEnter
15 anthonytoney
16 Biogoji
17 DerekAutista54321
18 Hyanna-Natsu

Shame she's a cyberbully. Her chibi arts are cute :( - ChatNoirFan18

19 XxPastel-America-xX
20 TheHyenasSBE
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