Worst Damon Albarn Songs

While Damon Albarn has made good songs with both Gorillaz and Blur he has also created bad songs. So for this list I'll be looking at some of his worst songs from both Blur and Gorillaz respectively.

The Top Ten

1 Sex Murder Party Sex Murder Party

Yep, this song sucks completely - kempokid

My god... this song is godawful and horrible to sit through.

2 She's So High

This song is alright at best, it is quite dull and uninteresting compared to Blur's later stuff

Honestly it's not great at all.

3 On the Way to the Club

Think Tank is probably his worst album ever in all honesty.

4 Crazy Beat

Uninspired and dull.

5 We've Got a File On You

From Blur's worst album which really isn't surprising.

6 Tender

Really kind of obnoxious...

A very good song in my opinion, it's one of my favourites and also my first Blur song

7 Trailerpark

One of Blur's only bad songs.

8 People

A Gorillaz demo that kind of sounds bad in all honesty.

9 Ascension

I can't stand the obnoxious chorus and rapper in this song to be honest.

I like this song. - DCfnaf

10 Ghost Train

It's really bad...

The Contenders

11 O Green World

Even the most diehard of Gorillaz fans hate this song... that really says a lot about it.

12 Go Out

It sounds like a cat screaming

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