Top Ten Worst Dance Moms Characters

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1 Cathy

She gives too easy choreography for Vivi Anne

U hate her she's so rude. She doesn't even choreograph her own dances! She'a forcing Vivi to dance when she wants to play baseball.

Why isn't Jojo Siwa on here? She's awful and annoying! She's terrible at dancing, her videos and musically are horrid, and her singing is not good.

She doesn't even choreograph her own dances. Smh. And she's a crazy mom and makes vivi dance when vivi wants to play baseball..

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2 Jill Vertes
3 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

She's terrible. I hate her. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

hate her - RylinB

she suck

She’s so weird and acts like a baby

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4 Leslie

She was so annoying & unneeded

So self righteous and is always starting fights for her bratty kid

5 Peyton

She thinks shes all that

"She towers over this dance studio, she just does not fit in..." jill vertez

She's a mediocre dancer and a brat

Eww... I hate you Peyton... You're a brat...

6 Yolanda Walmsley

Maddie above Yolanda is a joke

She should be aboce maddie she literally choked someone. She ruins everything.

Yolanda Walmsley is such a whiny, messed up BITCH! Pardon my french

7 Anthony
8 Ashlee

She starts the drama but blames it on some one else

9 Brynn

I agree, though she isn't maddie she is a good dance and she is better than somebody like kendall.

She's a brat too

She’s a brat and she thinks she’s better then everyone else

Why she is a fab dancer she didn't do nothing wronh

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10 Maddie Ziegler Maddie Ziegler

I hate her


Maddie is amazing, I've said it before but I'll say it again. She is one of the kindest girls I've ever seen, and is never a sore loser even though she is favoured and used to winning. she shouldn't be here - pjo

What why is maddie even on here she's amazing - pjo

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11 Christy Hunt

She is a crazy drunk pscho bit she cares about Cloe

Before she behaves like a pscho from hell she should think hmmm what would Jesus Christ do. I said that because she's religious.

She is so annoying! I could not believe that some moms were able to deal with her.

12 Tracey
13 Kendall Vertes Kendall Vertes
14 Abby

She should be 1

Abby is a horrible person she’s always yelling at the kids and insulting them and that is not okay she favors Maddie and treats her like she can do no wrong she’s always comparing Maddie and the other dancers all of those girls in their work hard and give 110 percent it’s unacceptable how she treats them like whenever the girls forget their solos and run off stage she gets mad and says that they should stay on stage and continue dancing but Maddie forgot her solo ran off stage and Abby comforts her those girls forgot their solos it was really embarrassing for them and they could have used a dance teacher who cared about them one time Fallon forgot her solo but she improved and continued dancing and Abby gets mad because she changed the choreography but the judges probably didn't know she forgot her solo until Abby squealed on her she wonders why the moms get upset and she doesn't understand that her behavior is exactly why they get mad and when the moms argue with her the kid ...more

15 Sarah
16 Vivi-Anne

She isn't bad as in character, it's just her dancing

17 Nia Sioux Nia Sioux

She seems really kind but her technique sometimes isn't good enough for Abby and for competition

18 Yolanda

hate her.

19 Chole

I feel bad for her. Her mom bits a lot of pressure on her :( like not allowing her and madly to be friends. Amazing performer though. The only thing that’s annoying is her mom

20 Kalani Hilliker Kalani Hilliker

Who added Kalani? what the HELL out of all the people on the team Kalani is the most supportive, kind girl there is. she has never done anything wrong to anyone. Kalani is incredible - pjo

21 Elianna
22 Jeanette


Jeanette is a stalker. Secretly I think she wants to be on the ALDC. Her Daughter is a lovely dancer though. I think Jeanette shouldn't walk in to others people dressing rooms and say "well I think Ava will get Kendall" meaning that Ava is gonna beat Kendall in front of the all the moms, Abby and the kids

23 Melissa
24 Kelly Hyland

Ok are we all going to ignore the fact that she BIT Abby!?! I mean she was ok but MAN that woman has issues!

25 Christy
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